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Best way to meet actors

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How to Find Actors for Your Independent Film

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Many people agree that it's an awful feeling to meet a celebrity you look up to and realize they are a horrible person.

We've all read about some of us even met celebrities who are rude to everyone and full of themselves, despite trying to look nice on the media. Rephrasing the words of Charles Bukowski, though some of the famous celebrities might seem like the worst people on earth, we should feel sorry for them, as the stars might not even know who they are themselves anymore after their many roles on screen.

It might be true, but it still isn't a reason to act like an a-hole. Fortunately, it seems that the vast majority of famous people are really nice people and treats those who surround them with respect.

Don't believe us? Check the stories about Jim Carrey refilling someone's gas tank, Bryan Cranston reenacting his Heisenberg role for a devoted fan and the many instances Bill Murray was, well, Bill Murray. Scroll below to read a list of stories compiled by Bored Panda about the nicest celebrities who are just as real people as we are. This post may include affiliate links.

I said, "How you doin' Mr. He was absolutely delightful. Such a fond memory. I wept when I heard he died. Tom Hanks at Best Buy. He was in line in front of me with a cart full, all by himself. I told him I was a huge fan of Ace Ventura and I could mimic his laugh from the movie. Then we both had our heads out the window cackling away. He bought my gas and drove me back to my car. One of the greatest moments in my life.

Granadafan Report. I remember seeing him while walking through New York a long time ago when I was a young, probably very annoying pre-teen. I yelled out, "Yo, Neo! He looked back at me, laughed, and mirrored the same move in acknowledgement.

It's such a great memory because I feel like anyone would have been justified in getting annoyed and shrugging this stupid kid off, but instead he was a good sport and humored me. I'll never forget it. MrMandu Report. She didn't want to bother him, so she just did her job, but at the end of the night she told him how much she had enjoyed seeing him in a production of Hamlet that year , and that she hoped he was planning to do more theater in the US.

My sister was prepared to leave it at that, but apparently, he was so thrilled at someone who wanted to talk about his theater work as opposed to Star Trek , that he ended up talking to my sister for a while about his experiences on stage.

Just a really nice guy who loves acting. Verklemptomaniac Report. We approached him and introduced ourselves and he immediately cleared a space for us to sit and chat with him. I was pretty young at the time, so he spent most of the time trying to make me laugh by doing voices. I may have been too young to truly appreciate it at the time, but looking back I can easily say it's one of the greatest moments of my life and Robin has always had a special spot in my heart because of it.

Devmic Report. When i got down i noticed this guy watching me, and i realized it was Bruce Willis. Cardboardkittens Report. One day he helped a man push his truck onto our lot and then gave the guy a twenty for gas. He talks to everyone like he's known them forever, drives a big pick-up truck, and he's always smiling. Another story about him- one day while driving home my mom stopped to help an old man who had fallen out of his wheelchair at the end of his driveway.

She's tiny and was struggling. Steve pulls up, hops out of his truck, helps her, they high-five, and he gets back in his truck and leaves. I like to think Steve Zahn is just cruising around all day looking for people to help. He always plays such naturally likeable character. I guess he works with what he knows. I greeted him and his wife, led them to their reserved table, said my lines and left.

When they were leaving he leaned towards me and thanked me for treating him like a normal person. He knew I knew who he was because Linda had said that she loved my necklace. It was a yellow submarine from the Beatles album. Qlily Report. I was a bit fanboyish and blurted Nice guy really. Then he left a huge tip. PyroGirl93 Report. She had 3 kids in tow, dressed in yoga pants and a tshirt.. I messed up twice on her order and she honestly couldn't have been nicer about it "Oh no problem, just bring it when you can, etc etc" Still went out of her way to make small talk..

I only found out who she was when I went to run her credit card and it said "R K Zellweger". Kids all thanked me after the meal and she gave me a hug on the way out and an amazing tip for subpar service.

It was a total dream". What was subpar service for you was complete freedom of being in the spotlight for her. It can't be easy to always be recognized. The line for him was out the building and around the corner. Everyone was being told that Tim wasn't going to be able to see everyone. I was lucky, I was near the front. We were also told that we could only get an autograph and picture then had to move on.

Tim was amazingly nice, and constantly had to be reminded not to shake people's hands and talk with them because he had limited time. He also ended up being late for a private showing of one of his movies I can't remember which one.

He was late because he made sure he saw every single person in line. He was just overall a kind and humble man and very sweet. He even looked over my aspiring animator friend's portfolio and gave her his email, asking her to send him her progress as she improved. A truly great guy. MentallyPsycho Report. My grandma met Adam Sandler in an elevator in Mexico.

She was delighted, she loves his movies. Gogosfx Report. The owner and I were the only ones there. Murray had his son pick up her feet and he picked her up under her shoulders and they rocked her back and forth while Murray crooned "happy birthday He's nowhere near as scary in person as his persona or stage character.

He's actually very sweet and somewhat shy. He really didn't know how to handle a young girl absolutely bawling tears of joy just from his presence, haha. He also picked up my sister for a picture because we couldn't get both him roughly 6'2" and my sister roughly 4"10" together in frame. Overall he's a really chill guy! Met him in Sydney way back, always liked him and was ultra stoked to find he was just as thoughtful, articulate and refreshing in person.

Even though I was so excited, played it cool and was rewarded with an easy conversation. Saw him a number of times over that party weekend and often he would come over to ask whether the club was any good or too hot etc. Felt stoked he felt comfortable with my friend and I.

Happy memories Since Im an artist, I made a painting of him in the hopes I might get him to sign it. After the small show, people line up to take pics with him. When I get up to him, he is genuinely nice and immediately starts signing it when his manager comes over and says "No autographs, just pictures! She fuckin painted shit" and he finished signing it. MariaCovington Report. Back when he was a huge underdog in the election, he came to my city for a town hall meeting.

Showed genuine interest in people's concerns and shook hands with everyone he could. Class act. I work at a restaurant in NYC, first time I served here I treated her like a normal person, didn't acknowledge that she was famous or anything like that although she is probably my number one crush of all time.

I was really nervous to even talk to her to be quiet honest.

How To Meet The “Celebrity Crush” Of Your Dreams

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So, you want to help your organization reach a wider audience of potential donors , or boost the funding of your worthy projects? Reaching out to celebrities can be one way to do this. At Look to the Stars, we receive thousands of emails from people who work with non-profits, are looking for support for a charity auction or event, or are putting together philanthropic TV shows, radio programs, books or news stories.

Your best chance of spotting your favourite Bollywood star is not outside their homes. For a glimpse or even a selfie with these celebrities, head to where the stars hang out. Now who's the Boss? Bhaijaan PhotoCredit : rohankhatau. This place has some serious Bollywood history.

Where to spot Salman Khan and other Bollywood stars in Mumbai

Victoria McNally. This weekend is San Diego Comic-Con, and if you're one of the lucky thousands of people who get to attend this year, you know what that means: get ready to spot all kinds of celebrities everywhere. From A-list movie stars to YouTube sensations to even just comic book artists you're obsessed with, everyone who is everyone is at SDCC. But remember, the artists, writers, directors, actors, and creators who you love from afar, no matter how famous or beloved they are, are still just people — and as much as their livelihoods often depend on their fans, being around so many strangers who feel various degrees of entitlement over your work has got to be an exhausting experience. It doesn't matter whether you're planning to hit up your favorite actor's autograph booth at a convention or you've just spotted them on the street: it's still important to make sure you're as respectful and chill as you can be, which is hard when it's your favorite person. Here are some tips and suggestions to help your almost-inevitable celebrity encounter go as smoothly as possible:. At photo ops, it's sometimes considered rude to try to talk to the celebrity for too long because other people are waiting to do the same thing.

What NOT to do when you meet your favorite celebrity

By Frank Costa. Actually, scratch that. I have no trouble telling you how to meet celebrities. It is simple if you are willing to leave your dorm and actually explore New York City.

Lights Online Film School recently connected with Veronika Lee Daddona, the Supervising Casting Editor and Casting Specialist at Backstage , a preeminent casting resource that started as a print publication more than 50 years ago.

During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities.

50 People That Were Surprised At How Nice These Celebrities Were In Real Life

Your network is everything! Being surrounded by an uplifting, motivating network of people who believe in you and support you is crucial to your success in the film industry. In addition to training at a top acting studio, it is very important to know how to network in the film industry.

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We strive to maintain a level of integrity, honesty and a commitment to the needs and success of the individual that is unique to any other service of its kind. We offer a variety of classes and programs where o ur actors always leave with a. It usually consists of a. It can span from 2 to 4 weeks depending on the guest. When multiple guests are scheduled for the same night,.

7 Tips for Networking in the Film Industry, According to an L.A. Acting Coach

Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. Many people agree that it's an awful feeling to meet a celebrity you look up to and realize they are a horrible person. We've all read about some of us even met celebrities who are rude to everyone and full of themselves, despite trying to look nice on the media.

In , Simpson met Tony Vaughn (Tyler Perry's “Meet the Browns”) in a grocery store. If you're the best actor in the room, you're in the wrong place.

The book is terrific. I have suggested it to my students as a great contemporary guide for the young professional actor, Kevin Jackson, acting tutor, NIDA A phenomenal job, no stone has been left unturned with reference to the topics discussed and I strongly believe it is something every person aspiring to enter the industry should own, Fotini Yamas, Talent Agent An excellent resource for all Australian actors, highly recommended, Helen Edwards, Dare 2 Audition. Account Options Sign in.

How to Contact Celebrities: What You Need to Know

Bloomsbury Publishing Amazon. Jane Drake Brody. Bloomsbury Publishing , The Actor's Business Plan is a self-directed practical guide for actors graduating from formal training programs, as well as for those already in the business whose careers need to move ahead more successfully.

Painfully Uncomfortable Celebrity Meet And Greet Photos

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