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How to get a jaded girl

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I recently saw a very lively Facebook thread started by a popular dating coach. He got the conversation going by asking who wanted to get married and why. The replies were fascinating. It was astounding how many women do not desire marriage and seem to be extremely jaded.

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Understanding and Healing a Jaded Heart

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Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. What's new New articles New article comments. Photo Gallery New photos New comments Search gallery. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. So is anyone else as jaded as I am.

Thread starter rooster Start date Aug 26, Joined Sep 25, Messages Location san francisco, ca. Cause I'm so sick of these shitty little girls who just rip ya heart out and let u fester in resentment and self loathing and don't even apologise but instead they feel like they've gained something. So fuck romance I got a dog now who's way cooler than any of those dirty skanks I used to know and one dencent young lady. But there's one thing my dog can't supply that I could use on a regular basis: physical intimacy beyond friendly cuddling anything beyond that with a dog and you're green lighted imo.

So it's fuck em and see ya later from now on I guess, and it feels good knowing I won't put myself in a position to get hurt again. If jaded, let your misery from from your withered sense of self and bring some closure into your life ya miserable fuck. Deleted member I deleted myself. Well hey, coming from a "Shitty little girl" I have a question for you: Am I allowed to think someone is an awesome human being and still have no desire to fuck them?

Like, is platonic friendship a privilege that only straight men are allowed to achieve? Why do you think that just doing the bare minimum And probably not even that entitles you to whoever you've chosen's body and time?

We are not fucking things. We are not "Little girls" who can't make up our own minds. Trust me, we're not playing hard to get, you're being hard to want. And look at you, here you are being so obsessed with how "unfair" you think you're life is, have you once thought about what it's like to be a traveling chick?

You know how many of us have been raped, sexually assaulted, touched in our fucking sleep? By dudes who are just so convinced that twenty "Nos" and ten "Leave me alones" somehow means "I want you. It's not hard to get laid, you just have to hide the fact that you're a piece of shit for a night. So I'm a piece of shit for my opinions based on the experiences I've had with women in my life.

That may be a fact but u think I am too wide ranging when I only mention the women I have encountered, and too specific when u say "traveling chicks".

I never mentioned once that any of them traveled or the circumstances under wich they broke my heart and all of a sudden I'm some masoganistic excuse my horrid spelling fuck face who can't differentiate between a human and a vagina. I love women, I couldn't be a man without one, but romance can just eat a dick is what I'm trying to say. If it keeps happening then you probably keep doing something wrong. You first got to be able to stand on your own two feet with your chin up, not out of pride or arrogance, but out of self love; being confident in yourself, happy, and content.

Examine yourself and your intentions - co-dependency is not cool. You got to have something to bring to the table.

It's all about agape! Love is action, moreso than a feeling. Unconditional love without expectations or conditions to be met. AlwaysLost I deleted myself. The trick is to separate sex from a relationship. Its OK to sleep with a "girl" but I'll only get involved with a woman and there is a big difference.

I've been cheated on so many times I don't even get upset anymore it just means that its over. Keep the good times and throw away the rest and move on. I don't mean that to be sexist either because the reverse is also true. There are boys and then there are men. Thx to the both of you for the constructive criticism There is something wrong with me and those who chose who to give myself to But I don't want this thread to be particular about me I want both men and women to feel safe venting their frustrations about their romantic entaglements here.

Great Expectations suck I've been there Lol I guess not. AAAutin Wanderer. Coywolf Mastering the Art of Houselessness Staff member. I think some people are taking this guy's rant entirely too seriously. I was jaded for a long time as far as relationships go, because of an extremely bad relationship I was in earlier In life. Essentially, I was in a relationship with a "girl" for 7 years after I lost my virginity to her.

It was my first true love. She ended up fucking a lot of my friends, including blowing me off at my own birthday party to fuck some random guy. She basically told me she wanted to fuck this guy, so leave. But she loved me, and I loved her, but she also loved sex, and I just wanted her. I didn't want to fuck other people.

She always came back to me and asked for me to take her back, and my dumb ass always did. The final straw was when she slept with my best friend while I was at work, and when I got back she broke up with me for him. And not soon after she had a kid with him. This guy is a POS unemployed heroine addict who knows nothing of the word responsibility or has any place raising a child, IMO In a fit of rage, and the worst depression I have ever felt, I got blackout drunk and rode my motor cycle at red line in the oncoming lane for 10 miles to my friends house.

I wanted to die. Thank god I didnt. I digress. I was still a "boy", she wanted a stable "man". She also wanted children, I definitely did not. If I would have "grown up" I could have kept her. I wouldn't have the awesome life I have today. This jaded me as far as relationships go for a long time. I hurt a few women who genuinely loved me, I think I subconsciously thought I was getting back at my ex by womanizing. I now love my partners unconditionally, some times it can be a weakness.

In a way, I feel that I am still not stable enough to maintain a relationship. I'm houseless most of the time. I hAve no financial stability, no assets, shitty credit, I travel all the time. But then again, I may be looking in the wrong circles, or being to hard on myself. I know there is someone out there for me. There is someone out there for everyone. My advice for the OP is: get over it man.

You may be looking in the wrong places. Just be yourself and someone will love you for that. If someone cheats on you. Fuck them, leave 'em. No one deserves that. I hate how some people try to justify cheating. If someone cheats once, they will probably do it again, and it usually means they are looking for something that you currently arent giving, or can't give them.

The adult thing to do would just tell the other person they want to sleep with someone else, or break up with them. As far as the polyamorous people out there, I have already stated in another thread that I'm kinda old fashioned, and probably couldn't be in a polyamorous relationship. Not that it doesn't work for many other people.

Being polyamorous and cheating are 2 WAY different things. And yes. Relationships are not just about sex. Sex is important, but the intellect and humor of another person is MUCH more important imo.

41 Things to Know Before Dating a Jaded Person

Hey, self-love is important, too. We focus on all the little things that could be wrong, and of course we take them to mean that they are wrong — all wrong. Caring in a relationship is a good thing. But for the jaded girls, this is torture.

We project how we feel to others; people can sense your negative outlook from a mile away, which ruins any chance of things working out. Part of the problem is our attitudes going into the unpredictable world of dating. This entitlement is flawed and dangerous.

If someone says you look a little jaded, it just means that you look tired. Jaded means dulled or tired from too much of something. The word can also mean cynical because of bad experiences. Cynical meaning: believing that people are motivated by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. I was tired.

10 Things Jaded Women Hate About Falling in Love

It seems as though there is an abundance of jaded people out there. Have you dated all 3. How many have you dated? Do you have any idea how small of a sample size that actually is? Too small to make a determination that everyone of the opposite sex or same sex, whomever you choose to date is the same. Because news flash: there are. And while even happy couples have ups, downs, problems and issues at times, they are still putting themselves out there with someone, risking their hearts— and reaping the rewards. Maybe you feel like opening up your heart again will only open you up to more pain. The potential for pain may be great—but so is the potential for happiness.


Menu Squat the Planet An online community for misfit travelers. Best of Trending. Articles New articles New comments Series Search articles. Log in Register. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

But maybe you should. But the truth is that dating someone who is inexperienced makes your chances very slim.

And potentially missing out, it. Jaded i'd stick to forget him by men and has young kids and women in new yorker in. Singles events are plenty of men twice, they're the kiev city guide to people. What's expected dating apps have about my friend can be either jaded.

So is anyone else as jaded as I am . . .

I was in a relationship for four years which ended on good terms due to not being compatible long-term. I was then in a relationship for 5 years and the man proposed to me then left me. After about 1 year post break-up I decided I wanted to try dating again and really put meaningful effort into it. I was very excited and optimistic in the beginning.

Top definition. Jaded unknown. A state of disillusionment and sadness. You see through everything and have no illusions about what is true. So many negative things have happened that it becomes difficult to stay positive about what once gave you hope and joy.

Is It More Helpful to be Naïve or Jaded About Dating?

First there was the manic, Tinder-distraction phase. Then came the reality-check, self-pity phase where I gained 7 pounds. Then the juice-cleanse-Pilates-independent-woman phase where I lost it again. Then came this unforeseen period where I kept falling in love with people, but only for a day, like when I got a Pap smear and spent the next 24 hours convinced I had an intense connection with my gynecologist. And then, a few months ago, I started seeing someone more seriously. He was a sane, nice person with a good job who made me cum a lot. But without meaning to, I kept trying to find his hidden flaw.

Apr 15, - When did it become such a problem for a girl to make an effort when she actually likes a guy and wants to date, hang out, and hook up? It's.

Because the dating scene these days is so terrible, it comes as no surprise that many women end up feeling embittered by it all. Some are dead. Go on! Please stop telling us these things. Another couple asking me, a single girl, for a threesome.

Why You Should Stop Being Jaded

However, society also says people who faced failure, yet got up over and over again, are the ones who have all the trustworthy advice — or are just insane See: Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Dolly Parton. While I think any sort of dating urban legend or rule is archaic, likely extremely sexist, and should be burned in a pile of sage to get rid of any residual bad ju-ju, here are five urban legends that continue to plague us and the truth behind them. Reality: This is wrong. So wrong.

Nothing Good Comes Easy: Why You Should Date The Jaded Girl

Is it better to go into a situation with a woman knowing nothing at all the hopeful-but-clueless guy , or is it better to know the negatives and the struggles but not have any of the answers the bitter -and-cynical guy? Put differently, is it better to know the downfalls and potentially avoid them, or to be given more opportunities yet possibly not take advantage of them? It is a trick question, because in both scenarios the man cannot take opportunities or put women on their best behavior

In most episodes, especially that particular one, she was on a mission to find the white knight to save her from dating hell.

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Why Stereotyping Single People Is Making Us All Jaded And Undatable

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