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The Balkan area is always something that fascinated me. I am not sure what it is exactly but ever since I saw those beautiful pictures of the Adriatic coastline next to Albania, Montenegro and Croatia, it instantly become a favorite on my travel bucket list. In the summer of I was able to get 4 hours week off my work in Kiev. It was well deserved as my entire team worked incredibly hard and everybody was in need of a break. Normally, during the summer period we experience the low-season.


Croatian brides and their irresistible Balkan charm

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Someone once said that to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. I think Croatian girls must have been the reason behind this statement.

Love is said to be complete when there is a balance, with an equal or almost equal dose of affection and care coming from both partners. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in real life, as often, the scale is tipped. My ex would spend hours in front of the TV, watching love films on channels like Zee World and Telemundo. We would often get into playful arguments about the reality of the kind of romance these films dramatize.

Naturally, she would argue that such kind of romance actually exists and would ridicule the feats and actions of my favorite heroes. Being much for action thrillers myself, I would quickly hit back at her by telling her this kind of fairytale love exists only in films, and I meant that until I visited Croatia. My visit to Croatia was a real eye-opener to what true love can be.

This country is the birthplace of love if you ask me. On my visit, I discovered a great many interesting things about this beautiful country. Particularly of interest to me was Croatian women. I could actually write a tome about this unique set of species and not have even said enough.

In Croatia, you will find different specs of ladies when it comes to physical appearance. Croatia has a large population of eastern European blondes and brunettes. Most of their women have a natural tan of light olive. Young Croatian girls are generally model-type-looking girls: tall, thin and graceful. A close-up view of a typical Croatian girl reveals soft brown eyes that can make your heart sing. Ask nature. A beautiful face on an empty head is a NO-NO for most men. Croatian girls seem to be the complete package.

Open any dating website, and you will find that Croatian women are among the most sought-after by men—local and foreign. Have you wondered why?

But what about a woman who spends all her or your time and resources dolling up and trying so hard to look beautiful and maintain her physical attractiveness? Croatian women have no need for that and why should they? Very few Croatian women go on makeup and those who do usually go light. Ask most men, and they would tell you they would choose intelligence and personality above beauty. If that were the case, then most men who go for Croatian brides would all be in jail because these two traits are so common to find in an average Croatian woman.

Croatian girls are known for their remarkable intelligence. Engage them in conversations, and their sound minds and sharp wits will enthrall you. Every man wants a woman who can talk politics, business, economics, philosophy, sport I like the sound of that , etc. You think Mexicans are the only great lovers and passionate people? Wait until you meet Croatian girls. Like I mentioned earlier, Croatia is the birthplace of love. Creations do everything with passion.

I thought I had experienced all the gamuts of emotions one can feel in love until I met this young Croatian damsel. Want a loyal, faithful and humble online bride? Want a woman who will be with you through thick and thin? A woman who understands she is your own and would trust you enough to let you guide and guard her as her lord and master through the world? The following three dating platforms are the best websites to find a Croatian mail order bride. What can be more incredible than sitting in NY cafe and get acquainted with the wonderful woman from Chile?

I'm not joking, mates! Go to LatinFeels and you'll see these passionate and hot chicks yourself. One of them might be your wife. I believe, Amanda will be mine. They say Englishmen are too discreet and unemotional. Listen, my girlfriend, whom I've met on LoveSwans, tells me quite the opposite! She compliments to my romantic nature and understands me like anybody in this world!

Now I can't stop repeating that foreign bride is a great decision! Besides, that's the new experience you'll never have with the native woman. Guys, this website is a real gift from heaven!

Only 3 weeks and I have found my real love. Iryna… This is the sweetest name for me now. Hope that our relationships will be as emotional as our first meetings. I have never relied on online chatting before.

I thought it was a real scam with girls that would never like to meet me face-to-face. This site has changed my opinion, and I'm certainly in love with Diana, the best woman ever. I don't know the better place where you can find so many beautiful ladies at one moment. I was scrolling the profiles with open mouth for the first couple of days.

Until I met her… My soulmate, my Queen, my Universe. Hell, yeah! That's what I've been always dreamt of. I am not fond of writing reviews, but not this time. I'm really overwhelmed by emotions and would like to tell everyone about this miraculous site!

Thanks to them, I feel a real man who knows what for his achievements were made. I became even more enthusiastic about the future and wait for my beloved woman's relocation.

Language barrier is the thing I'll never handle…. I erroneously shared this idea for years. But then I found AsiaMe with high-quality translation services, and my life changed a lot. I spoke with many girls there, but one of them stole my heart. Kaya made my existence brighter and more meaningful. Now she is actively studying English, and nothing will interfere with our understanding. In the past. Today I feel happy not to betray myself and my principles.

I have always aspired to meet a really special girl that will make my heart beat. Not for a month, but for the whole life. And I've found her! No regrets for time spent on this site. Seems, I become sentimental when listening to Bryan Adams and Sting.

You may laugh at me, if you want. But I feel love inside me: from my head to my toes. I've just decided to put a few lines down to those who search for a wife online and have some doubts. Though some sites are fake today, and it's not a big surprise, this one is reliable. I've tested!

I don't understand people who are afraid of having relations with the lady from abroad. In case the site is secure, there is no problem with that. I've found my girlfriend here and should say that there are many kind and interesting women ready for your talk. I communicated with the several ones simultaneously and it's OK.

Be brave, guys, and good luck! Every man wants a wife who is respectful, cultured, caring, loving, and committed; can take care of his kids and put together a home. These traits can be found clearly in Croatian women, being traditional people by nature. Plus, your kids will look as gorgeous as your wife! Croatia is a country where rich traditions abound in their various forms and shades, and this is why tourists flow into the country year-round.

Is it the captivating dances performed by the local women or the mouth-watering delicacies that have magically joined foreign men to the local women, or the general way of life of these peaceful people? Croatia really is a place of great interest—and it begins with their women! Croatia is a country where rich traditions abound in various forms and shades, and this is why tourists flow into the country year-round.

What will attract you here? The captivating dances performed by the hot Croatian women? Or the mouth-watering delicacies that magically join foreign men with the local women?

Croatian Brides Overview

Croatian brides become even more popular today among different men that come from different countries. Nothing is surprising, as these girls live in magnificent Croatia, at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, and have an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Adriatic Sea. Croatian ladies can be compared with the sea. They are also free, diverse, attractive, unpredictable, but they are breathtaking and capable of winning the heart of anyone who knows them.

Hello guys! We from Best-Matchmaking often get requests from you about dating Croatian women.

Want to know how many members join our site daily, and what Croatia profiles are most popular? Check out live Loveawake site stats and full visitors details. We reset profiles counter about new Croatian singles every 24 hours. Yemen State City show photo personals only.

How to Marry Croatian Women: A Full Guide for Single Men

Most likely, you have heard about the recent war in Yugoslavia, which occurred there because of the internal division of the country. The events were terrible, and the consequences are quite devastating. Many countries formed in this way for some time rebuilt their architecture and economy, and also returned in peacetime. Anyone who has been there or is merely familiar with the locals, notes the particular attractiveness and irresistibleness of Croatian ladies. Many consider them passionate and emotional mistresses, mark their unique magic charm, which makes them come to the country again and again. Besides, girls are happy to communicate with foreigners, not experiencing any inconvenience or embarrassment at the same time. It is impossible to describe Croatian women for marriage briefly. They are very specific and fundamentally different from many Europeans in several characteristics.

Hot Croatian Women

Someone once said that to love and be loved is to feel the sun from both sides. I think Croatian girls must have been the reason behind this statement. Love is said to be complete when there is a balance, with an equal or almost equal dose of affection and care coming from both partners. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in real life, as often, the scale is tipped. My ex would spend hours in front of the TV, watching love films on channels like Zee World and Telemundo.

Croatia is a picturesque country with its initial natural beauty and pleasant climate. Here is a unique combination of several cultures with interesting customs and traditions.

Croatian women are world known for their beauty. Coming from a small country we had to learn several foreign languages and among many other things geography and history of the entire world. Ukrainian culture differs quite a bite from ours. Our vast general knowledge makes us a bit cocky as well so make sure to have your facts straight before confronting a Croatian girl on a certain subject or you might get schooled.

Dating Croatian Women

Croatia is known for its beautiful seaside resorts that boast breathtaking sceneries. If you have ever been there, then, perhaps, you may have been in the company of a few sexy Croatian women. Many tourists have fallen for their charm, but what exactly is it that makes them so desirable for men? Other than visiting Croatia, there are a few ways to find these Balkan beauties.

Not so long ago, the Balkans were mostly associated with the real war that was going on there as Yugoslavia was falling apart. Some countries, however, have managed to recuperate from that turmoil rather quickly, begin to flourish economically, and, on top of that, become some of the famous tourist destinations. Croatia, for example, has become known worldwide for its picturesque and reasonably-priced Adriatic seaside resorts. If you have ever had a vacation in Dubrovnik or Split, then sexy Croatian women must have already caught your eye, which might be part of the reason why you are reading this now. Indeed, Croatian women dating and flirting with foreigners is not an uncommon thing — same as in most resort sites. There is, however, particular charm to them that makes men want to return to Croatia.

Dating Croatian Women: Your Full Croatian Bride Guide

So who are we and what are we doing? We make internet acquaintances and help people find happiness by finding each other. Our database contains profiles of hot Croatian women for marriage. Our activity is officially registered, which means when placing your profile with us, you can be sure of the seriousness of the organization and that we are not a one-day site. There are enough dating sites now.

Yet, if you don't have much time and possibilities to travel, you are always welcome to visit Croatian women dating platform and meet amazing Croatian mail.

Croats are a people who above all value their nationality, culture and traditions. Almost every one of them is proud of their country and its history, and also appreciates nature. In these people a lot of interesting and surprising things can be gleaned, including attitude to nature.

Croatia is a beautiful Balkan country. For a long time, it has been known for its perfect climate, intriguing cuisine, and, undoubtedly, gorgeous women. Croatian women take top places when it comes to beauty and character. For many men, they are above all desires.

Croatia is a beloved tourist attraction and is widely popular for its stunning views. More to this, beautiful Croatian women is another reason to visit the country and explore their culture. Sexy Croatian brides are easy to chat with and date, they will help you gladly to build up strong relationships. Combining intelligence and stunning natural beauty, Croatian women will make best counterparts for life-long love story.

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