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There's a world of opportunity in front of the two of you. Go out and seize them together. As a pair, use your natural charisma to help you make some interesting new contacts--ones that might expand the Pisces woman's social world or advance the Pisces man's professional goals. Joining a group or club would introduce you to a different set of people that you normally spend time with. It would give you a chance to showcase another side of yourselves as a pair.


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First Date Pisces Love Tips

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Traditionally, Scorpio and Pisces are astrological soul mates. Both are deeply emotional, intuitive, sensitive, and loving. It is both the similarities and differences in which they express their love which draws these two together like magnets. Upon uniting, they feel like no one else can understand the depth of their emotions like their lover has.

Scorpio tends to be very mysterious, imbued with passion and intensity. With time, Scorpio develops more trust in Pisces than they do in most other human beings. This relationship can flow so well that one or both of them may be tempted to stir up trouble just to keep things exciting. Scorpio likes to take life by the reigns and passionately goes after what they want by trusting their intuition.

Pisces is also quite in tune with their inner compass, but they would much rather go with the flow and see where life takes them rather than jump into the next adventure with a set plan. Scorpio helps Pisces add stability and structure to their daily routine, while Pisces helps Scorpio let go of the stress and enjoy the natural chaos of life.

Scorpio and Pisces will enjoy creating and exploring artistic realms with each other, and it is also likely that they will engage in spiritual experiences, be it religion, mediation, tarot cards, yoga, etc…. Scorpio and Pisces complement each other, or rather, they complete each other.

As long as they both keep the lines of communication open and transparent, they should feel mere harmony — for the most part. Pisces also gets jealous, but does a better job of hiding it by pretending not to notice. Pisces always shows Scorpio devotion, and that matters a lot to Scorpio because Scorpio cares about action more than words.

As long as Pisces constantly reassures Scorpio of their loyalty and faithfulness, Scorpio will bask in their attention and make them very happy. Spending time pursuing individual passions will only strengthen your bond in the long-run. I wrote a page forecast to help us navigate these changes and deepen our connection with our lovers with patience, courage and wisdom. All orders are available to download digitally immediately after purchase, and include a love forecast within the report.

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Hello to all In this difficult span, I proclivity you all Prize your strain and friends. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. İ met my scorpio four weeks ago. And I stop for help him to knowing each other. Because we don t know each other. Then he left.

And I stayed where I waited him. From that time I think only about him. Imagine something about him. And miss so much.

In this case, what should I do? I sent him request on Facebook and he accepted. I think if he wants me he should come to me when I stand at the park and waiting for him.

Now he closed his account on Facebook. Please give me advice. I feel uneasy. And when I find this site I am glad after read all of them. By the way I met him three times before what I am telling now. I need your tips. I will wait your answer. Have a nice day. Scorpio is a true one.. They will apreciate it.. Just tell him you miss him.. Keep your communication.. And we can tell everything about us.. You have only tow way 1,showing him how much you are sexy 1,he need attention too much.

It depends on how strong he feels the connection. Scorpios are drawn by their energy to you. I like him a lot. I just am hoping we can build something good with one another.

Not play any games. I know this reply is a late one but you will fine. As you are Pisces so it is natural that staying apart from a Scorpion is a little hurtful. As it is a saying time heals the wounds so therefore, you should divert your attention to something else because imagining him and thinking about him all the time and starting a conversation with him will make you more weak.

So it is better to stay calm and composed and wait for him to again start the facebook. He accepted your friend request. Scorpio males can be prideful and expect the other to take the first steps in reconciliation. While a Scorpio may add a person just so the being ignored stings more, he is more likely to use the block function.

Accepting a request just to ignore a person is petty on a whole new level. You have likely been invited to communicate…but you initiate it. Scorpio rarely does no matter how much he wants to. Ah, im a scorpio woman. And i wanted to see if there was many similarities between scorpio women and scorpio men. I found trying to be in a relationship with a scorpio man is alot like watching an adult react like a toddler when communication became to much for them.

I have always incorporated finding a solution to what was negatively was going, which lead to both myself and scorpio male blocking each other. But then the male would turn around however long for an ego tease saying they would love to try to be in a relationship in the future. Nuuuh uh. I found myself the most loving and caring pisces man. I agree with that was written in the original web blog. I want her wth m all da tym cnt b wthout her. I relizd ma stupidity bt now shiz lyk driftig away.

I mis her madly. Best of luck to you! Pisces and Scorpio can be a wonderful match. He inspires me to tenderness. Thanks for sharing! And, although it was written some time ago, I came accross it, right when I needed it! Love that! I am a Scorpio female and I just met a Pisces male for the first time!

Amazing connection?? I am a Scorpio female, I used to like a Pisces male. We had the most awesome friendship. Pisces man is a dreamer.. He like a feminim girl, who can keep communication, a kind one, and the most thing.. He likes a deep communication.. Tell him a secret.. Just a funny one..

He will feel that you believe him.. He likes a perfect one.. But no one is perfect.. Just feminim, then let he see you are awesome.. Everydays if can..


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When two Pisces natives first meet to form a romantic alliance, the first question that arises is that of mutual trust. The foremost problem in this two Pisces compatibility is that they understand each other very well. It is like a mirror for them.

Pisces are strange and wonderful, and seek the same—your most unusual traits are what attract. They're also very visual, with many being artistic. So, they'll be feasting on your tableau—your style, your countenance, attitude and that undefinable quality of soul. A flirty Pisces goes with the flow, right to where you are. If a Pisces is interested in you, he or she acts on it by arranging chance meetings.

Signs a Pisces Woman Likes You

When a Pisces woman falls in love, she will be the image of exalted Venus in Pisces - excited, inspired and mesmerized. Her attention will be turned exclusively toward the subject of her desire, and she will enjoy every single moment of the rush of feelings that flood her heart. As soon as she feels love, she starts acting like a little child, certain that this partner could be The One. Her laughter and attractiveness come naturally when she is in love, and she will gain incredible strength from her feelings, as if the world finally makes sense. It is the rational moments in life that drain her energy out of her and emotions will charge her batteries no matter for how long the relationship lasts. Someone might say she is a bit childish when it comes to sex. Shy and sensitive, she will usually pretend that she is a free-spirited seductress, while in fact she will feel bare naked on the inside every time, as if someone looks inside her soul. To truly enjoy sex, she needs a partner with whom she can share real intimacy with.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

Air and Water, Libra and Pisces seem to have almost nothing in common. Since they touch each other through this sensual, loving planet, they might find true sexual satisfaction together. They can both be selfless lovers, caring more about the satisfaction of their partner than their own. Libra partner wants someone strong, passionate and confident, while Pisces partner wants someone gentle, compassionate and aware of their feelings.

Cancer and Pisces are almost always brought together by a romantic love.

Traditionally, Scorpio and Pisces are astrological soul mates. Both are deeply emotional, intuitive, sensitive, and loving. It is both the similarities and differences in which they express their love which draws these two together like magnets. Upon uniting, they feel like no one else can understand the depth of their emotions like their lover has.


The Pisces and Pisces relationship is one which is a wee bit difficult to get off the ground. Still, some of the Pisceans are lucky enough to find that long-awaited second half. Even if they make the discovery of that someone while they are lingering at the local library. Otherwise, fate, stars and a good friend or two can help the Pisces pair meet!

At first glance, two Pisces representatives might become a perfect couple, but when we scratch beneath the surface, we might see that they have real trouble getting close to each other. Their sex life can be magical, but in many cases they will not even get to the physical contact, keeping their relationship senselessly platonic. This is not a consequence of a lack of initiative, but rather their own need to stay in the bubble of emotional perfection and their fear of bursting this bubble by forming a physical relationship that requires dealing with physical imperfections. When they begin a physical relationship, they could both be too cautious on choices of sexual activity they will suggest to each other. Their relationship might strangely inhibit them both, because of the possibility of unrealistic expectations and the fear of being let down. Fortunately, their mutable natures will in most cases allow them to progress and make enough adaptations and changes for their sex life to work.

The Pisces Woman

Last Updated on June 8th, Interested in the signs a Pisces woman likes you? Then this guide is for you! Pisceans women desire to meet men with whom they share a telepathic connection. In their life, true love counts high in their list of ambitions. Also, a Piscean woman tends to be more optimistic than those born under the other Water signs, Scorpio and Cancer.

Jan 10, - Pisces are very visual, and if attracted, will be ravishing you with their eyes, and eager to go all the way. They want to have a tale to tell, about how you met. Pisces are Learn About the Venus Pisces Woman in Love.

Pisces is the sign that has the least attachment to the material world, and a Pisces woman floats through life barely touching the ground. Sweet and kind, she is pleasant to be around, and she rarely dislikes anyone. A Pisces woman dreams of falling in love, but she may not come to Earth long enough to find it.

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Ambitious, creative, caring mother, loving, no nonsense, self motivated,confident,God fearing, Spiritual, outgoing, fun, optimistic and hard working Integrity and balance, positive thinking, no judgements, intellect, manners, good sense of humour I'm quite a bubbly outgoing person. I love snorkeling, swimming, reading and singing on an online kareoke site.

This Is How You Date A Pisces

Spinning lazy circles around her latest conquest, acquisition, or interest, the Piscean woman is a mysterious, sensual mermaid, her secrets kept secure behind inscrutable dark eyes. She has a vivid mind, and is romantic and spiritual. Like the rivers and seas this sign swims in, Piscean women have deep emotions and strong undertows in their personalities, so watch out for still waters — they often hide a passionate, sensitive nature.

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