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Best tv meet cutes

I was standing on a balcony at a concert venue in San Diego when I noticed a tall, lanky guy waiting to get a drink. Then, suddenly, he was beside me. That was in While not much ever came from that romantic, blood-splattered encounter, it has remained vividly ingrained in my memory. And nowadays, it feels like meet-cutes are a near-extinct species within dating.

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Top 10 Meet Cutes

Meet Cute is a way to quickly introduce two characters and set up their burgeoning relationship. A meet-cute is almost always rife with awkwardness, embarrassment, and sometimes outright hostility. It's often used in films, particularly the Romantic Comedy , due to time constraints; while on television a relationship can develop more naturally over many episodes, a movie has to get their couple set up right away to fit within 2 hours. This meeting can happen by way of any of an innumerable array of circumstances, so long as there's something cutesy about it.

Possibly they have an instant dislike for one another. Maybe they crash into each other in a hallway and papers fly about. Maybe one of them has been shopping for ISO-Standard Urban Groceries and trips over the other walking down the street. Perhaps mistaken identity or other wacky misunderstanding is involved. Sometimes someone is naked or in an otherwise embarrassing situation. This is a subtrope of Boy Meets Girl. When one party has arranged the "chance" encounter for the purpose of romance, it's a Stalker's Meet Cute.

This is very common. When it's for dark nefarious purposes i. Not to be confused with The Cutie , even though either or both of them could very well be just that. Tsukune meets Moka when she crashes her bike into him when he gets lost in the woods.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Ted: I just gotta bump into her somewhere. Now if only I knew her schedule, I could arrange a chance encounter.

Lily: That's great, Ted. You'll be the most casual stalker ever. Moka crashes into Tsukune with a bicycle, and the fun begins. Played with in Tenchi Muyo! Kaoru and Aoi meet cute at the start of Ai Yori Aoshi.

They bump into each other at the station, he fixes her shoe, walks her to her destination taking a round trip on the train because he didn't want to wake her up and then they discover they are childhood friends Yuuichi meets every available girl in Kanon in an odd manner. This literally becomes a running gag with Ayu. Shuichi and Yuki in Gravitation meet cute twice: the first time, Shuichi's lyrics blow away in the park into the hands of Yuki who insults them, much to Shuichi's shock; the second happens a few days later when Shuichi jumps in front of Yuki's car in the rain and Yuki, after deprecating him again, drives him to his home to dry him off.

Lampshaded in Lucky Star : two random characters of no importance whatsoever accidentally tangle their bag keychains, and Konata witnessing this notes that they are now on the way to being a couple, while Kagami snaps that real life does not work that way. In Basilisk , during their first meeting, a hiccup causes Oboro to stumble and spill a tray of tea she was serving all over Gennosuke.

Most of Love Hina is filled with this trope Keitaro and Naru get it most often, particularly in the episode where they both decide, separately, that they need to go on vacation, bump into each other, both break their glasses, and have to spend the day together, doing romantic stuff, only to find out when they've regained their glasses who they are, and spend the rest of their trip escorting an anemic girl back to her home island who would later turn out to be a Childhood Friend for both of them.

Makoto in The Girl Who Leapt Through Time , after several failed matchmaking attempts, uses her time-leaping ability to forcibly arrange a Meet Cute for Kousuke and Kaho by putting them in just the right positions for Kousuke to get involuntarily tackled into Kaho by another student. This ultimately leads to Kousuke and Kaho dying in a train accident, and Makoto later undoes her meddling in favor of a much simpler approach.

In Code Geass , how Euphemia and Suzaku first met. With her jumping out of a window several stories above ground and landing in his arms. Then again, everything about Euphemia tends to be played as being Moe. Well, almost everything. In Kare Kano , Yukino's parents were childhood friends who bumped into each other on her mother's first day in middle school. The way Sena and Suzuna meet in Eyeshield Meet Cute Seriously, the artist should have put a big fat "Love Interest" label on her forehead.

The sad part is that being a shounen sports manga, nothing was ever done with them. Not even in the Distant Finale. Double Arts reveals in a side comic that Kiri's parents met this way.

When a super-tall boy and a super-tiny girl trying to enroll in a seamstressing school misjudge the "normal" sizes of their trial garments Darker Than Black : Subverted. Li ends up saving Chiaki several times just by being in the right place at the right time, including once with a Fake-Out Make-Out , and eventually promises to help her escape the country. However, "Li" is just the civilian alias of Hei, a. He was stringing her along purposefully in order to learn what she knew.

And on top of that, it wasn't even the real Chiaki- it was a Doll programmed with her personality as a decoy to draw him out. Li and Misaki, on the other hand, mostly play this straight - their first proper meeting occurred while hiding in a bathroom stall from a yandere Mafia Princess at a party.

In Saiunkoku Monogatari , Shuurei and Ryuuki meet when she tries to get some cherry blossom petals to float in her tea, but can't reach any. Ryuuki stops to help her out, but a strong wind make him accidentally break the whole branch off. They end up having tea and Shuurei's home made sweet bean buns together. Of course, Shuurei was in the garden in the first place specifically to meet Ryuuki, making the encounter semi-planned, but the "cute" of the Meet Cute happened purely by accident.

Neon Genesis Evangelion : Shinji first meets Asuka on the deck of a battleship after she arrives with Evangelion Unit A gust of wind causes Shinji and his friends to catch a glimpse of Asuka's panties under her dress , resulting in him getting slapped and chewed out , thus kickstarting one of the most dysfunctional relationships in anime.

Sailor Moon : Usagi and Mamoru meet when she accidentally hits him with a failing test she'd tossed over her shoulder. This repeated several times in the first anime with her hitting him in the head with flung shoes, maintaining the Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamic they had for much of the first series. They even met again at the finale of the first series, after everyone has lost their memories, and yet she meets him again as the same stock footage of the test paper incident plays from the first episode - making this a re Meet Cute.

In the first anime Rei tries to invoke this trope when she develops a crush on Mamoru, by attempting to run into his arms and blush accordingly. It totally doesn't work — he steps on her when she falls. Rei, ever the trooper, goes with it anyway. ChibiUsa finds a little boy's keychain when he drops it. Cue bishie sparkle when she sees him and he seems wonderful ChibiUsa is not amused. Haruhi stumbles into the Host Club while looking for a quiet place to study and is mistaken for a boy.

When Tamaki finally finds out Haruhi is really a girl he's left speechless and blushing. We even get two different versions: the anime has Haruhi walking out in Ouran's female uniform and Tamaki finally realizes Haruhi's a girl; the manga has Tamaki pick up Haruhi's school ID, and from that learn she's a girl. While Meet Cute tends to force a coupling, Haruhi's initially disinterested in all six boys in her Unwanted Reverse Harem and relationships in the manga seem develop pretty naturally.

Hellsing , of all things have two examples both fit the Boy Meets Ghoul trope too. First one, manga only, when Alucard and Integra meet which includes an oddly endearing and awkward scene of Integra asking his permission to sit next to him when he was a corpse and curls beside him, wishing he were a Knight in Shining Armor that would save her.

Although it's not even hinted at in the main continuity, Kyon of Haruhi Suzumiya has two encounters that fit this bill with Nagato during the movie. The first is when he helps her get a library card, told in flashback, since he doesn't remember the event. Nor did she find out his name. The second is when he enters the former club room to find only Nagato sitting there and finally introducing himself to her. She then ritualistically burns most of his remaining possessions.

Becomes a driving plot point in Arashi no Yoru ni , as a wolf and a goat meet in a pitch-black barn one night and become friends, each oblivious to the other's species. This is the setup for their forbidden friendship. In X , Yuzuriha meets Kusanagi when he kneels down to pet her spirit dog Inuki, posing himself as the first person, other than her, able to see and touch Inuki.

She almost immediately falls into him, in slow motion, and embraces him, Tears of Joy in her eyes, both of them surrounded by hovering white feathers. After excusing herself, she runs away to meet with her comrades, leaving an utterly confused Kusanagi behind her.

In general, this trope is invoked by the Literature girl, and recognized by this name by the boy Hidenori. In Hekikai no AiON , Tatsuya first saw Seine after she steps on his money when a couple of bullies throw it to the ground. Also, Tatsuya's parents. They met when he saw her hanging white radishes.

In Hayate the Combat Butler this is done twice. Maria meets Hayate by accidentally running him over with her bike while he was lying in the snow, then giving him her scarf since he was out in the snow without even a jacket. Hinagiku first meets Hayate while she is standing high up in a tree after going up to save a baby bird and then getting stuck due to her fear of heights; she then accidentally kicks off Hayate's face after jumping down since he wasn't ready to catch her.

Nagi kind of gets this due to the convoluted way that she meets Hayate with what she believes to be a surprise confession of love. In actuality Hayate is just the worst criminal ever and his statement of his intent to kidnap her to pay off the massive debt forced on him was incredibly vague. In Baccano! She tries to kill him. He proposes. They end up Happily Married. Bleach finally provided the long-anticipated Meet Cute story for Isshin and Masaki in the "Everything but the Rain" flashback mini-arc.

20 of the best meet-cutes in romance movies

When we watch a rom-com, we have expectations of cuteness. We are prepared to see cute people with cute dogs saying cute things to each other in cute restaurants with cute names. We also expect them to meet in a cute way. There has to be some sort of ridiculously adorable situation that brings them together. A glove falls, they both bend to pick it up, and when they lock eyes, they realize they have found their true soulmates.

So what exactly is a meet cute? This moment is crucial in setting up and teasing a romance that will hopefully engage an audience for the next hour and a half.

Definition of meet cute: a cute, charming, or amusing first encounter between romantic partners as in a movie. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The Sweetest Meet Cutes from Films on Netflix

What is 'The Reliant' on Netflix? Sure, we all remember Jim and Pam's epic kiss at the end of The Office's Season 2 finale , but what about their very first interaction? Prepare for a trip down memory lane as Decider takes a look back at the first encounters of 20 classic TV couples! Ross and Rachel Friends What's the situation? So no one told Ross and Rachel that life was going to be this wayyyyy. While the two knew each other in high school, this scene is the future couple's first encounter on the series. Rachel: Sure. Jim and Pam The Office What's the situation? Jim: Yes? Pam: Um, are you going to Angela's cat party on Sunday?

How The Internet Killed the Meet-Cute

Kumail Kumail Nanjiani first meets Emily Zoe Kazan after a stand-up show of his, when he confronts her for heckling him during his set. She argues that she was cheering him on, and he explains that any yelling at all during a comedy show counts as heckling. After being smitten by her in his book shop, Will Thacker Hugh Grant spills his orange juice on movie star Anna Scott Julia Roberts when he literally runs into her on the sidewalk corner outside of his apartment. In the most chivalrous way possible, he invites her to change at his place.

Soon after, he bumps into her near his apartment, spilling orange juice all over her. Being the chivalrous gentleman, he invites her over to his place, where the romance gradually unfolds.

PG min Comedy, Drama, Music. While navigating their careers in Los Angeles, a pianist and an actress fall in love while attempting to reconcile their aspirations for the future. PG 94 min Comedy, Drama, Romance. A pair of young lovers flee their New England town, which causes a local search party to fan out to find them.

The Best Meet-Cutes in Film History

Meet Cute is a way to quickly introduce two characters and set up their burgeoning relationship. A meet-cute is almost always rife with awkwardness, embarrassment, and sometimes outright hostility. It's often used in films, particularly the Romantic Comedy , due to time constraints; while on television a relationship can develop more naturally over many episodes, a movie has to get their couple set up right away to fit within 2 hours.

They are often the most romantic moments in movies. The first scene in which the couple meets always puts the romance in motion. These are the best meet-cutes in film history. Often times, the future lovebirds in question are polar opposites. Vivian Julia Roberts is a hooker with a heart of gold in Pretty Woman. Edward Richard Gere is a wealthy and uptight businessman who basically chops-up companies in the name of the mighty dollar.

Our Favourite Film And TV Meet Cutes!

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Meet Cute is a way to quickly introduce two characters and set up their burgeoning relationship. A meet-cute is almost always rife with awkwardness, .

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20 Classic Television Meet-Cutes

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The 14 Best Movie Meet-Cutes

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Most Popular Meet Cute Movies and TV Shows

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Кольцо на пальце и есть тот Грааль, который он искал. Беккер поднял руку к свету и вгляделся в выгравированные на золоте знаки.

33 Meet Cutes In Real Life That Actually Led To Marriage

Колени у Сьюзан подкосились, и она увидела над головой кружащиеся звезды. ГЛАВА 80 Хейл, крепко сжимая шею Сьюзан, крикнул в темноту: - Коммандер, твоя подружка у меня в руках. Я требую выпустить меня отсюда. В ответ - тишина.

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