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Dating wm rogers silver

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How to Date Rogers Silver

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Our illustrated guide highlights the subtle ways you can discover the origins of any piece of silver. One of the most common inquiries at antique shows often has to do with authenticity: How do you know whether or not something is made of real silver? Collectors aren't always looking for pure sterling silver , per se, but they should be able to know the value and composition of the pieces they're buying.

Most of the time, you can find the information you're looking for by simply taking a closer look at the teaspoon , fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoup that you're eyeing. More often than not, you can find an indented mark or a series of marks that can tell you a lot about the item: what it's made of, where it was made, when, and by whom.

You can find many different kinds of silver in the marketplace today. Some of the oldest American silver is "coin," which contains at least Mint after the American Revolution-which rose to 90 percent in the years after Sterling, on the other hand, must be at least This standard Many people think of coin as much less valuable than sterling , but it has only about two percent less silver and, in some rare cases, may even contain more.

Because of its age and beauty, a piece made from coin can sometimes be worth more than American sterling. Silver plate is a coating of pure silver on a base metal such as copper or nickel silver an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc and was developed later than sterling or coin, but various forms date to the 18th century. Electroplating processes were invented in England in the s and s; this method is still used today.

You can dent a sterling sugar bowl very easily-but a similar piece of hotel silver can be dropped without much harm because the underlying base metal is stronger than its silver exterior. Certain alloys, referred to as Venetian silver and Nevada silver, consist of nickel and silver. Although they're solid metal rather than plated, they contain less silver than sterling pieces. These lower-grade compounds are less expensive than silver-plated items, but don't polish up as easily.

England's system of hallmarks-a variety of official emblems stamped on silver to illustrate its purity -is one of the oldest and most detailed.

Laws dating to the 14th century established strict requirements for marking silver ; the first emblem was a crowned lion's head to certify sterling, which are all stamped in a row. If you find a lion on your piece, you'll immediately know that it's come from Britain. Symbols for where it was made include an anchor for Birmingham and a crown for Sheffield in , it changed to a rose.

Another mark is the head of the reigning monarch. And a letter stamp tells you when it was made: Each year is assigned one letter of the alphabet , and a new cycle starts with a different font. Until the s, the symbol for the silversmith was often a plant or an animal suggesting the family name.

Today, initials are used. American marks weren't enforced as systematically and were therefore never as elaborate. Early coin silver was often marked with the maker's name, and nothing else; sometimes it doesn't show even that. Eventually, manufacturers also started using the word "coin. Some companies used symbols as a commercial logo. The Gorham company's mark was a row of three emblems: a lion for sterling , an anchor for its base in Rhode Island , and a "G" its initial.

Silver plate has its own codes in the United States and abroad. The maker or company name is usually stamped on the back of the piece along with an indication that it's plated: In America, for instance, these marks are A1, AA, EP, or the full phrases "sterling inlaid", or "silver soldered. It's important to note that seeing the word "sterling" doesn't mean it's automatically a true sterling silver piece. These three texts often serve as a good starting point for those who wish to learn more about the history of silver production.

While a book can be a great aid, the best tool for anyone looking for silver is a compact jeweler's loupe , which is a small magnification device that you can use to inspect miniscule details.

The images below will help guide you through the most common silver marks you'll find-and how to decipher each of them. Brown" manufactured this sterling piece, as indicated by the stamp, but the hallmarks that follow are actually bogus, as they imitate the English system because of its cachet in the marketplace.

On the back of this sterling fork , the lion, anchor, and "G" identify the Gorham company. On a spoon handle marked with the maker Crosby, Honnewell, and Morse is the number which is a code for sterling. A wide range of symbols were used by U. A1 and AA: These discreet markings indicate the number of ounces of pure silver used in the plating.

There's two ounces per gross of teaspoons for A1, and three ounces for AA. EPNS : Electroplated nickel silver, commonly known as "EPNS", is an alloy of nickel, copper, and zinc that's covered with a layer of pure silver in an electrochemical process.

Nickel's resemblance to silver helps disguise any worn spots that develop over time. Venetian Silver: This flatware is made of a blend of silver and base metals is solid, not plated, but has a much lower silver content than either sterling or coin.

Treble Plate: This stamp means that three layers of silver plating were applied to a base metal during manufacturing. Hotel: A few big companies, such as Oneida , produced large orders of silver plate for hotels in the 19th century.

Silver Soldered : This is another way of signifying that the piece is silver-plated. Sterling Inlaid: Advertising itself as sterling, this mark for a silver plate piece can be deceptive and misleading. Experts at Sotheby's auction house report that markings vary by country -and submissions from potential auctioneers require considerable research just to determine whether a piece is sterling. We're sharing a few examples of confounding silver marks from across the globe below.

Early Asian sterling is marked with Asian characters. This sterling spoon from the former British colony of Hong Kong, however, is obviously geared toward English speakers. On the right, the slash marks on the back of this spoon identify the piece as German, and another clue is the shield with the eagle.

On the other hand, 90 is a standard marking for silver plate, and this is located on the bottom of the spoon's handle. The number bottom is a common notation for silver in Russia. The one pictured, however, is a German. This sterling spoon bears the hallmarks for Scotland, which is the thistle, and for Edinburgh, marked using the castle, as well as the profile of George III.

The information in these Italian examples is hard to decipher: IAB is a signifier for pure sterling , although not all Italian sterling carries that mark. French silver almost always has marks placed on the top of the piece because tables are set with bowls of spoons and tines of forks facing downward. These straightforward marks on this piece of Danish silver identify that it's sterling, it was made in Copenhagen, and the silversmith, H.

Save Pin ellipsis More. Image zoom. Comments 40 Add Comment. April 28, Can anyone tell me who the manufacturer is for this serving fork. March 23, I have silverware with the original Rogers on it is it real silver. I have a candle holder with markings on it is it real silver. June 18, I found a silver gravy boat and it has three symbols on it but no words. May 30, Good information, very thankful May 28, May 17, My soup ladle is stamped with the letter S and a halmark is this Sterling.

January 6, Best time is 45 seconds from awake to asleep! I heard about it through a kindergarten teacher who uses it to put to sleep a group of 30 children.

Check it out! November 8, I have a tea pot 8 oz that was my mother in law's. It has a number on the left, EYT in the middle and an arrow pointing down without the feathers. Above the EYT is a glob of what looks to be solder???? Next line in the solder looks like a number 3 or 31 maybe? Can you tell me if this is silver, why the glob of solder?? Or where I can go to find out?

Thank you very much. October 15, I have a small mug with sterling with a bird looks like a penguin with the letter G on the stomach what does this mean? June 3, Excellent article. Thank you Martha! On the front of the pot is says St. The handle is Wooden. It is not shiny whatsoever very dingy almost has a copper look to it.

May 21, Hello, Thank you for the article.

Antique Sterling Silverware and Flatware - Silver and Silverplate

The prices are not current but the line drawings are invaluable. It is indexed and cross referenced so you will be able to find you pattern listed. Once you know that name of your pattern you can go online and look up what pieces are available and the price for them. There are literally s of patterns of silver plate flatware.

Federal Register , Sayfa

William Hazen Rogers to was a well-known American silversmith whose work and name have survived to the present day. Rogers--together with his two brothers and, later, his son--was responsible for more than patterns of silver and silver-plated cutlery and serving dishes. Rogers partnered with other silversmiths at times, and his company and trademarks were eventually taken over by larger companies. However, Rogers used certain identifying marks at various times in his career that may assist in the effort. Look for the name "Wm.

How to Identify a Wm. Rogers Silver Plate

Hotel plate was made under the Rogers name by Oneida and usually had a thicker plate because it received more wear. Is there a way to tell if they are sterling or plated. Cast marks are almost always blurred and uneven, Fig. Several of the pieces were close copies of known original shapes. If you make a single mold with an old appearing mark, every piece made in the mold will carry that mark. The golfer match safe shown here Fig. It belonged to my great grandmother -- any idea how old it is and how much it is worth? A discussion started in but continuing through Q.

Everything You Need to Know About Identifying Silver

Written on July 7, , by Arch Enterprises. What is the value of this set? From Patsy in Richmond, Virginia. I have 4 pounds of Roger Brothers IS.

This blog is an exploration of silver and silver plate. It is just a small record of my experiences, hunting, researching and playing with silver and silver plate.

Our illustrated guide highlights the subtle ways you can discover the origins of any piece of silver. One of the most common inquiries at antique shows often has to do with authenticity: How do you know whether or not something is made of real silver? Collectors aren't always looking for pure sterling silver , per se, but they should be able to know the value and composition of the pieces they're buying. Most of the time, you can find the information you're looking for by simply taking a closer look at the teaspoon , fish fork, ice cream saw, or cheese scoup that you're eyeing.

Researching Silver and Silverplate Online

Silver Dictionary' of A Small Collection of Antique Silver and Objects of vertu , a pages richly illustrated website offering all you need to know about antique silver, sterling silver, silverplate, Sheffield plate, electroplate silver, silverware, flatware, tea services and tea complements, marks and hallmarks, articles, books, auction catalogs, famous silversmiths Tiffany, Gorham, Jensen, Elkington , history, oddities An advertisement claiming the superiority of Wm. Rogers Mfg.

Beautiful vintage set of Rogers Bros Remembrance silverplate flatware, up to a service for 12 available at the time of this listing. Remembrance is a lovely beaded floral pattern that dates back to There is up to a complete service for 12 available but we are offering the sets in place settings for 4, so you can choose if you would like a service for 4, 8, or Just pick the quantity desired. Check the quantity available at the upper right of the listing to see how many services for 4 are available. Build your own set!

Oneida Limited

But, to be honest, some are much better than others. Use this guide to discover some of the favorite spots where those in the know go online. You will learn to understand and research silver origins, craftsmen, and manufacturers using hallmarks, along with a few online value guides to help you with that daunting task as well. There are many different grades of silver, and even antique items that look like silver such as German silver, nickel silver, and alpaca but are not at all what they appear to be. This guide will help you decipher the basic marks associated with silver and understand exactly what they mean. This popular site is highly recommended by avid collectors and antique dealers alike. Also has a section of silver plate marks, which can sometimes be even more obscure and harder to identify than sterling silver maker's marks. If you're sure your piece is American made, this is a great place to start your research.

A mark consisting of the word "Rogers," with "" above and the words a certain date, and It appeared from specimens subsequently filed that the mark the letter " R," Held not deceptively similar to the marks " Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co." and "Wm. Rogers & Son." (*)Wm. A. Rogers, Limited, v. International Silver Co.,

Underneath this is the number There are no circles, squares, or rectangles around any of the marks. The marks are found under one of the feet. I was told this piece was made between Is this correct?

Silver Plate Pattern Identification Guide

It is also the largest supplier of dinnerware to the foodservice industry in North America. The company arose out of the utopian Oneida Community , which was established in Oneida, New York, in Cragin, Harriet A. Noyes, George W.

Dating rogers silver. Silverplate

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