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Find a woman using her maiden name

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I was recently reminded that this opinion is very much in the minority: A study published earlier this month in the journal Sex Roles found that the husbands of women who chose to keep their surname were more likely to be perceived as feminine than those whose wives changed their names. That may be in part because the notion that a woman who marries a man is supposed to change her name is so entrenched in our society, she said. But the bulk of women marrying men still appear to be changing their names. So why is this one of the few traditions that continues to persist with little question? There are a variety of reasons, according to researchers:.

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Why so many women still take their husband’s last name

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In order to locate information about your female answers, you will want to peruse a variety of public records. Before you begin your search either online or offline, there is a very useful reference book I highly recommend:. This book gives a state-by-state guide for the U. It is available from GenealogyStore. With the anticipation of locating a maiden name, check all associated birth, death and divorce records for the woman, as well as for her siblings and children.

The good news-many types of records or other sources of genealogical evidence are either now available online, indexed online with digital images pending, or easily ordered online from archives and libraries. These records include licenses, banns, bonds and consent affidavits. A Bann is an announcement of an intended marriage usually made in church on three successive Sundays. Prior to the 20th century, grooms were required to sign a bond—a document to ensure that there was no reason, moral or legal, for the couple not to marry.

Typically, the father or brother of the bride signed as surety on the bond. A consent affidavit was usually signed by a parent or guardian usually the father in cases where the bride or groom was under the minimum legal age for marriage. Finally, do not assume that a person had only one marriage, especially when the vital records are sparse or missing. In the U. Consult VitalRec. If your ancestor was religious, there may a record of her marriage may be found in the local church. You will need to know the religious faith or denomination.

Always look for the proof! Marriage records in Canada have been recorded for the most part since the early s and primarily kept by the individual provinces.

For all older information of this kind, you must go to churches in the region. In order to find the pertinent documents, you therefore have to know the religion of the person whom you are trying to trace and the name of the parish or mission that he or she attended. There are more than a dozen official marriage documents that may be created for each marriage—before and after the event.

Here are a few items to watch for:. Prior to the 20th century, divorces were often difficult and expensive to obtain, especially for women. But contrary to assumptions, they did happen.

If no other sources exist, you may be able to find a clue to a maiden name by checking divorce decrees. To obtain a copy of a divorce decree in the U.

See Vital Statistics website for more information. In Canada, information about divorce records can be found on the Canadian Genealogy Centre website. Divorce records can also be found at the provincial level and are outlined on the above mentioned website. To learn more about this course or other courses available from the Institute, see our website.

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Five Tips for Learning Women’s Maiden Names

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. Try these simple tricks to pinpoint your female ancestors' elusive family names. Tracing your female ancestors can be a challenge since almost all women took their husband's family name when they were married.

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Are you still looking for an elusive maiden name in your family tree? Here are three new suggestions to help you uncover it and discover a new family line. Click Here to listen to the weekly podcast. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles online about various ways to discover the maiden names of our female ancestors. It is a common genealogical topic because women are so often merged completely with their husbands in the historical records that their original identities disappear completely.

Reverting To Maiden Name

In the run-up to marriage, many couples, particularly those of a more progressive bent, will encounter a problem: What is to be done about the last name? For same-sex couples, changing names takes on extra significanc e. Seventy-two percent of adults polled in a study said they believe a woman should give up her maiden name when she gets married, and half of those who responded said they believe that it should be a legal requirement, not a choice. In some states, married women could not legally vote under their maiden name until the mids. If a bride-to-be was associated with a particularly flashy castle, the man, Coontz says, would want to benefit from the association. The fairy-tale wedding has enduring appeal. Even though it may turn gender convention on its head—a plus for some couples—nevertheless one partner is giving up his name and, in a sense, losing a slice of the person he was before he got married. It would be a big deal, no matter how hard she tried to play it down. But by thinking this way, Lamb said, she knew she was perpetuating the same norms that she felt stuck in. For some couples, it comes down to the particulars of the various name options before them.

When to Use Maiden Names

If this doesn't answer your question, enter a search term below and click 'Search'. Or contact customer services here. Home Help Frequently asked questions How do I search by maiden name? Where can I find a list of all records? How do I search by maiden name?

In order to locate information about your female answers, you will want to peruse a variety of public records.

Her reasons were practical, not political. Suh said. And on social media I thought it might be harder to find me. The share has surpassed that of the s.

How do I search by maiden name?

By WomansDivorce. Reverting to a maiden name is common for many women after divorce. But requesting to change your name and actually getting it done can bring up a lot of questions about the process.

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When entering a woman's name in a family tree, enter her maiden name her last name at birth. Using maiden names in family trees connects women to their birth families, ensures that you record their pre-marriage names, and keeps consistency in your tree among women who never married, married once, and married more than once. If you don't know a woman's maiden name, leave her last name blank. If a woman married, her married last name is recorded in the tree by entering her husband into the tree as well. His last name is assumed to be her married last name. In cases where a woman didn't take her husband's last name, when a man's name changed, or when two people of the same gender married, enter both partners' last names as their birth names.

How to find the maiden names of women in your family tree

Last Updated on September 26, How do you find a woman using only her maiden name? This article explains what you can do when you are searching for someone whose name has been changed, especially due to marriage. Here is what you need to know:. In western culture it is very common for women to take the surnames of their husbands, especially in the United States. There are many historical reasons for this but the most common reason is simple convenience. Married couples are easier to identify when they use the same name.

Dec 27, - A recent study suggests men whose wives keep their name are keeping their maiden name, hyphenating their last name or taking on two last.

Click on the name of the state where the woman you are interested in currently lives or has lived. Usually, you must write to the Department of Health, but some states let you look up marriage records online. Websites such as Anywho. Simply type all the information you have into the search bar — first name, maiden name, new last name if you have managed to find this, date of birth, city and state of residence — and see what the search returns. Some sites are subscription only.

A woman's maiden name can usually be found on any of the documents listed below. If you have the minimum information required to find one of these documents, select the name of that document. The items in the list are ordered from most to least important. If you do not have the minimum information required, read the paragraph below this list.

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