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Sexing puppies means determining the sex of puppies. When you are breeding dogs, knowing exactly how to determine the sex of puppies is crucial. Dogs are a relatively small animal in comparison to humans, no big news here! Therefore, it is nearly impossible for a veterinarian to determine the gender of puppies during the pregnancy. At birth, so within a few seconds, you may be able to already find out the sex of the puppies right away by looking at the genitals. Right after you have dried the newborn puppies, you can already tell through the penis and vulva that is almost always seen from birthtime.

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Male Vs Female Dogs: Should I Choose A Boy Dog Or Girl Dog?

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Determining the sex of an adult dog can be done relatively easily by looking at the dog's anatomy and behavior. However, the process is a little more difficult when dealing with puppies that are less than 6 months old. To determine their sex, you'll need to carefully study their body to identify what type of sex organs they have. Behavioral cues can also provide some insight, but they are much less reliable than a physical examination. To tell if a puppy is a girl or boy, wait until it's at least weeks old so it will be easier to make a correct determination.

Then, when you're ready, gently hold the puppy, making sure you're in a warm area and that your hands are warm since puppies can easily get sick if they're cold. Next, turn the puppy on its back so you can see its stomach. If the puppy has 2 openings under its tail, it's a girl, and if it only has 1 opening, it's a boy. To learn how to tell if an adult dog is a girl or a boy, scroll down! Did this summary help you? Yes No. Log in Facebook Loading Google Loading Civic Loading No account yet?

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Checking the Physical Attributes of a Dog. Noticing Behavioral Differences. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Article Summary. Method 1 of Wait several weeks to thoroughly examine a newborn puppy. It becomes easier to determine the sex of a puppy as it ages.

Try to wait at least weeks before checking in order to increase your chances of making a correct determination. Within the first few weeks of a puppy's life, the penis will look like a small raised lump in the middle of the puppy's belly.

Unlike male puppies, female puppies do not have any genitals on the belly itself. Handle the puppy carefully. Newborn puppies are fragile, so you'll need to be especially gentle while handling them. Wash and dry your hands before picking up a puppy.

While handling the puppy, be very gentle and very steady to avoid accidental injury. Some mother dogs can become aggressive if someone unfamiliar touches their puppies. If the puppy or the mother become distressed when you handle it, you should return the puppy to its mother and try again at another time.

Keep the puppy warm. You should perform the check in a warm area to prevent the puppy from catching a chill. Also make sure that your hands are warm when you pick it up. Young puppies can easily become sick if they get cold. Keeping the puppy out for longer than that can cause it to get too cold.

If the puppy begins to shiver or cry, you should immediately return it to its mother's side or to a heated puppy pen. Rest the puppy on its back. Either place a clean, soft towel on a sturdy work surface or do the check while holding the puppy in your hand.

Carefully pick up the puppy and lay it on its back, thereby exposing its belly. Holding the puppy safely on its back in your hand can only be done if the puppy is small and docile enough. Make sure you securely support the puppy's head while holding it on its back.

The towel should be warm. If necessary, throw the towel into a dryer for a few minutes before placing the puppy on it. Do not use towels that are cold, hot, or wet. Differentiate between the penis and the umbilical cord.

One of the most common mistakes made when sexing a small puppy is thinking that the umbilical cord is a penis. While both will look like small lumps on the puppy's belly, the detached umbilical cord navel will be just beneath the rib cage, while the penis is further down between the legs.

Male puppies will have a second bump in between the navel and the legs. Male puppies, by contrast, will only have one opening under their tail, while female dogs will have two. It's best to rely on a vet, breeder, or other professional dog handler if you want to sex a very young pup. Method 2 of Examine the dog for external male sex organs. Identify the penis and scrotum of male dogs by looking at the area between the belly and the tail.

In older dogs these sex organs will be very visible, while they may be small and almost non-existent in young puppies. If a male dog has been fixed, meaning its ability to reproduce has been eliminated, it will not have a visible scrotum. Look for external female sex organs. If a dog is female, you should be able to identify her vulva while she has her belly exposed.

Gently lift the dog's hind legs apart until you can see the anus. Above the anus and between the dog's legs, you should be able to see a leaf-shaped structure. This is the female dog's vulva. Look for the physical signs of pregnancy. One sure fire way to identify that a dog is female is to determine that it is pregnant.

The signs of pregnancy include having a very large belly that appears despite no change in diet and, of course, the physical act of giving birth.

Avoid using other physical traits to identify sex. It can be tempting to try to find other traits to use as sex markers. However, any differences that may exist would be very subtle and hard to identify unless you are an expert on the dog's breed. Because of the subtlety of physical sex differences in different breeds, it's best to use other markers.

Size differences are minimal between male and female dogs. Method 3 of Watch urination habits after the the dog is at least 6 months old. Young puppies urinate in identical manners regardless of which sex they are. However, after 6 months most male dogs will lift their legs while urinating, while female dogs will continue to squat. Even after the puppies are strong enough to stand and control their habits, all puppies will squat while urinating for the first 2 months.

Many male puppies need as many 6 months before developing the urination habits of adult dogs. Be on the lookout for marking. Once male dogs are a few months old, they may begin to mark their territory. This is a pretty good behavioral marker of sex, because female puppies lack this instinct.

The urge to mark his territory will be especially strong in male puppies who have not been neutered. Neutering a puppy will greatly reduce this urge. The exact age when male puppies begin to mark will vary from puppy to puppy, but most will start between 2 and 6 months. A dog that urinates quickly in many different locations is likely marking, especially if he intentionally urinates after thoroughly smelling each spot.

Dogs that only urinate once or twice generally aren't marking, even if they stop to smell many different spots during a walk. Watch for signs that the dog is going into heat.

How to Tell If a Puppy Is a Boy or a Girl

Aside from having some obvious physical differences, male and female dogs aren't all that different. But, a dog's biological sex can sometimes explain some specific health issues and behaviors, especially if the animal is un-neutered or un-spayed. INSIDER spoke with veterinarians and dog-behavior experts to figure out how a dog's biological sex can play a role in the animal's behavior and overall health. This urine marking is a natural but sometimes unwelcome behavior often used by dogs who are trying to mark a space as their own. Humping is a natural and fairly normal behavior for both male and female dogs , though it often occur most frequently in un-neutered male dogs.

The real differences between male and female dogs. Discover boy dog vs girl dog personality, male vs female dogs health, appearance, seasons, and more.

Some dog owners find it very difficult to determine the sex of puppies, particularly newbornpups, and often need their veterinarian to sex their puppies for them. Now you can determine the sex of your pups all by yourself! This page contains everything you, the pet owner, need to know about sexing puppies and dogs. Information provided on this page is supported by a number of helpful picturesand photographs that clearly illustrate how to distinguish the boys from the girls.

Male Dogs versus Female Dogs: Which Makes a Better Pet?

Male dogs only wander looking for a girlfriend if they are not desexed. Desexed pets both make and female make better pets anyway. It's the 'fit' between the pet and the family that matters that that doesn't depend on gender. Good psychological testing before sale will find the best pet for you. Most cats like to cuddle up! Anecdotally we hear reports that male dogs like to cuddle up more with their female owners and female dogs with their male owners , but there is no real science on this and let's face it, where there is a warm place to snuggle, most dogs will be Male or female dog? Choose the pet that suits YOU!

Does Gender Matter when Adopting a Second Dog?

If you want a great dog, get a female dog and cross your fingers. But is it true? Are there significant sex-related differences in the training and performance of the domestic dog? The first obvious source for an answer is the annals of research. Research on domestic dog behavior is blossoming, but most of it is about cognition and problem solving.

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When describing the differences between the sexes in humans, they say that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. But does that apply to male and female dogs? Are there truly personality differences that can be attributed to the sex of a dog? The short answer is: yes.

5 of the biggest differences between male and female dogs

Customer Service for Subscribers. When a litter of puppies is whelped, you may be wondering how to tell if a puppy is a boy or a girl. Here are some helpful tips on how to figure out a puppy's gender. Physical differences between male and female dogs are both slighter and less obvious than those between other kinds of domestic pets or farm animals.

The short answer is yes, gender does matter when selecting another dog to bring into your home. Of course there are exceptions to this; I had two female rescue lab mixes from two different backgrounds, years apart peacefully live long and happy lives with me. But experts agree that, for things to have the best possible chance of working out, the second dog should be of the opposite sex. A family I know wants a second dog. Their older male dog, Rover, is a sweet and gentle old mutt, and they are completely at ease when Rover and their young child play together.

How to Choose the Best Gender for Your New Puppy or Dog

Did you know that most experts "in the dog world" use the word dog for male dogs, and bitch for female dogs? Of course I do now Now there were eighteen dogs in the building, so this chore took a few hours. But they and I enjoyed our little outings together. Toward the end, I happened to walk past the kennel manager with a little sweetheart named Millie. Males tend to be more stable in mood than females — less prone to emotional swings.

Can you tell whether these dogs are male or female just by looking at their face?

Is it time for you to add a furry four-legged family member to your home? Did you know that there are differences in male and female dogs? Find out which one will suit you best with this quiz.

For most small breeds, the gender is purely a matter of personal preference as both males and females are loving and loyal. In many large breed dogs, there is a size difference with male dogs being slightly larger than female dogs. In most small breed dogs, this is not the case.

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