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A Fnac for expansion

Uhh, Hello? Uh, Junior Manager here. Yeah, i…. Heh heh. Uh, we had to like share the shift because, you know, someone has to be here during the night. Uh, but.. Uhh, yeah, they got shut down yesterday. Um, probably something like uh, tax fraud or such, you know. Uh, I never really liked that place.

I always had a bad feeling about it, you know? The staff are really nice. Uh, we make sure to help each other out on everything. Like uh, when we close late on the evening, we always make sure the floors and tables are properly clean and all the dishes has been washed before we get off of the day. Uh, now, in order to save power of course, all the lights will at night be turned off. And, the cameras all have a neat feature, which is night vision mode. And uh, by the way, we have a security feature in the restaurant that limits how much power that can be used after hours.

Now umm, your office is also the information area, which you can tell because of the window counter in front of you. Uh, there should be a button underneath the desk too; this is for the security door in front of your window. Uh, to your left and right are also two doors. These doors are um…. Um, you see, they require power to be closed. In case the place goes go dark. Uh like, i…if there was a power outage you know, you-you would be stuck here.

But, the doors open automatically if that happens. Uh, b.. Uh, it-its nothing to be concerned about, but, but the animatronics do have a few minor…glitches, uh, yeah. Uh, let me see, some of their sensors are a bit wonky… uh…eh-eh, oh! And in case the animatronics is experiencing violence towards the guests, the animatronic will try to seek out the cause and…uh…stop it. I-its-its weird. Uhh, especially not around the staff.

I-its kinda creepy. Umm, but yea, we kinda had an accident about a month ago, i-it seems to have like, traumatised their systems or something like that. Uh, anyway, we replaced the faulty animatronic with some brand new ones. Uh, hello? E-except, of course, you know, h-he got fired, in the end, but… yeah.

He uh-he kind of… damaged one of the animatronics during his shift. No way. Umm, I guess he got a little crazy, you know, being alone in the dark, each night. Uh you know that character, that the kids can draw on? You know, uhh… Blank, I think? Uh, yeah, I always really liked that one-its-its a brilliant concept. Uh yeah, his suit is made out of some special plastic stuff I think, uh, that the kids can come in and, you know, grab a crayon and, uh, start drawing on his head or his arms.

Uh, some of the others here think that he looks a bit scary, um after that whole…uh, security guard thing. Umm, yeah. From what we can tell, uh, his head got a real beating, so he might act a little, uh, strange. Umm, like, he sometimes tried to get into the office through the window, and even manage to crack the glass, slightly, once.

Uh yeah. Uh Hello? Uh, so remember that previous security guard I told you about? Yeah, so we got a call from the police today, um, apparently he has gone missing. Umm, I guess he actually was a bit crazy, uh, I-I remember like the day, before his last night of the week, uh, he asked me to be with him on his shift that night. Umm, he.. I know, it sounds crazy, right?

Uh, although I declined, he still showed up for his shift, so…umm; then of course, the next morning we found out that hhh…uhh.. Blank character has been severely damaged you know. And then we checked the surveillance equipment; we found out that he had brought a Wench, and completely smashed Blank. Umm, he had also left the building in the middle of his shift after that. I mean, he must have, you know; he was no where to be found the next morning. So, the manager just fired him and sent him a Pink Slip, you know.

I have a latte here. Uh, anyway, I uh, I have one last thing to tell you, um… Alright. Like, I.. Uh, goodnight. Below is the translation. Uh hello? Now, see you next week. Good night. Why are they never healthy restaurants? Home Fangames Resources Phone Transcripts. You have — ONE — new message. Uh, Hello? Uh see? Umm, that would be it for now. Uhh, ha-have a good night. Umm, well anyway, have a good night. You have — TWO — new messages. Ye shall not steal, neither deal falsely, neither lie one to another.

You shall not swear by my name falsely. Neither shall thou profane the name of thy God. I am the Lord. We at FNaFLore. If you spot any issues with our timeline, please send us an email via our Corrections page! We want to make sure the story to this fan-game is completely nailed down, and appreciate every correction thrown our way!

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After you had came, the Phone Guy stayed as a guide during the nights, informing you about the animatronics , what to do about them via messages, and about the things you use to defend yourself, as well as incidents around the place. The only time he does not leave a message is on the Custom Night. The mute call texture Add a photo to this gallery.

The last chance to get a TT win for another year, and I was pushing hard. The kind of corner that makes me continue road racing. A proper man's corner. You go through the right-hander at something like mph, leant right over, eyes fixed as far down the road as I can see. But this time something happened.

Tests for Breast Cancer in Men

In patients where all clinical and laboratory parameters suggest a vaso-epididymal junction block amenable to surgery, failure to find normal spermatogenesis on fine-needle aspiration cytology FNAC of the testis may necessitate a change in treatment modality to the more expensive intracytoplasmic sperm injection. We evaluated the validity of FNAC findings in predicting failure of surgical exploration when clinical parameters suggest otherwise. METHODS: Infertile, azoospermic men in whom the semen volume and fructose content, testis size, follicle-stimulating hormone level were normal and the vas deferens was palpable with no evident cause for obstruction, underwent FNAC of the testis to confirm the presence of normal spermatogenesis before surgical exploration. Men with hypospermatogenesis or maturation arrest on FNAC and a normal karyotype with absence of Y chromosome microdeletion were offered assisted reproduction or surgical exploration to identify a reconstructable obstruction. Men who chose surgery were included in the study and the findings on exploration were compared with the FNAC reports. On surgical exploration, none had sperm in the epididymis. A biopsy of the testis taken at the time of exploration confirmed the FNAC findings. FNAC can accurately evaluate the testicular pathology and predict whether or not surgical exploration should be undertaken.

FNAC Bons Plans Livres-Books4374

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Uhh, Hello? Uh, Junior Manager here. Yeah, i…. Heh heh.

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Uhh, Hello? Uh, Junior Manager here. Yeah, i…. Heh heh.

If there is a chance you have breast cancer, your doctor will want to get a complete personal and family medical history. This may give some clues about the cause of any symptoms you are having and if you might be at increased risk for breast cancer. A complete breast exam will be done to find any lumps or suspicious areas and to feel their texture, size, and relationship to the skin and muscle. The doctor may also examine the rest of your body to look for any evidence of possible spread, such as enlarged lymph nodes especially under the arm. If you have signs or symptoms that could mean breast cancer or another breast disease, your doctor might recommend one or more or the following imaging tests. A mammogram is a low dose x-ray exam of the breast that allows doctors called radiologists to look for changes in breast tissue.

No More Mr Nice Guy

Two euro book of short stories by Guy de Maupassant; Short stories about women around , each one with a twist at the end. This Web site and and its blog articles are for travelers to Paris who are looking for advice from someone who lives in Paris. These tips are "for Parisians at heart". Many people would like to visit, some can and some cannot - so I will help you enjoy a glimpse of the city and its surroundings. This project has been ongoing since Prior to living in Paris since my European history began in the early 70s with three years in Wiesbaden, Germany. My next foray onto the Continent was in the mids after graduation from the University of Florida where I met Erik : traveling around Europe and UK with my friend, Margie, hitchhiking around and working in Ireland. After living and working as a journalist in Sweden for four years, traveling on boats, the Trans-Siberian Railway, local trains and planes took Erik and I around the world.

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Очень хитро придумано. Ключ к Цифровой крепости зашифрован и недоступен. - Ну разумеется! - Она только сейчас поняла смысл сказанного.

Шестью этажами ниже Стратмор стоял возле рубильника. В служебных помещениях ТРАНСТЕКСТА было черно как глубокой ночью. Минуту он наслаждался полной темнотой. Сверху хлестала вода, прямо как во время полночного шторма.

Беккер скорчил гримасу: что это за имя. Скорее кличка коровы, чем имя красавицы. Разве так могут назвать католичку. Должно быть, Клушар ослышался.

Я же сказала вам, что ревела навзрыд, опоздав на самолет. Он перевел взгляд на слова, нацарапанные на ее руке.

Сьюзан повернулась к тумбочке. На ней стояли пустая бутылка из-под шампанского, два бокала… и лежала записка. Протерев глаза, она натянула на плечи одеяло и прочла: Моя драгоценная Сьюзан. Я люблю .

Лиланд Фонтейн был не из тех, кто прячется за чужими спинами, о чем бы ни шла речь. Мидж открыла жалюзи и посмотрела на горы, потом грустно вздохнула и перевела взгляд на шифровалку. Вид купола всегда приносил ей успокоение: он оказался маяком, посверкивающим в любой час суток. Но сегодня все было по-другому. Она поймала себя на мысли, что глаза ее смотрят в пустоту. Прижавшись лицом к стеклу, Мидж вдруг почувствовала страх - безотчетный, как в раннем детстве. За окном не было ничего, кроме беспросветного мрака.

Спидометр показывал 60 миль в час. До поворота еще минуты две. Он знал, что этого времени у него. Сзади его нагоняло такси.

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