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How to find a shia girl

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Shia Rishta In Pakistan

As for getting a wife , perhaps :Iranian. I'm more than sure this brother doesn't want mutah. He wants a permanent loving marriage and relationship. From the previous link, i found this shia Islamic Center in Hamburg:.

I don't see an issue with marrying a Sunni girl. Virtuous girls can be hard to come by in certain areas, and if you find a good Muslim girl, that's all that should matter. Marrying for the strictly for the sake of unity isn't smart. But marrying a Sunni girl that you are compatible with otherwise is great in my opinion.

You just need to sit down before you get married and have frank discussions about how to raise children, how to go about life as a Sunni and Shia living in the same household. Personally, I believe Muslim is Muslim. In Seriously, if you look at all the things that really matter in everyday modern life, there's hardly any difference. But over the course of some years, we've gotten it in our heads that the other is doing something wrong, is innovating, is bad for Islam, etc.

I recommend praying over it. Look up the prayer of guidance - istikhara. See where that gets you. And good luck. Sorry, but I really don't agree. Shia men should ideally marry shia girls. There are lots of single shia girls out there and I don't see why he would need to marry a sunni. This woman is going to be more than just your bed partner.

Your spouse is supposed to help you in matters of religion, your wife is going to be the mother of your children. You need to be sure that she doesn't follow some skewed version of Islam and have a dodgy aqeedah. Don't marry a sunni.

I didn't say he needed to marry a Sunni girl, I said there is nothing wrong with it. Compatibility in as many areas as possible should be the goal.

I'm not Sunni, but saying that Sunnis follow a skewed form of Islam is wrong in my opinion. What does the average Sunni do that is so skewed that it "lead you astray"? It's not like they hold majlises where men mutilate themselves with chains and knives, spilling najis blood everywhere. Or carry icons Alams that represent the Imams and family, and feel the need to touch or kiss them. If I didn't know any better, I would have equated that to the same thing as what Christians do when they pray to the cross, or kiss the cross.

When I was in Sunday school, I used to be told so many completely false things about how Sunnis secretly worshipped idols, or did this or that, and it's all a bunch of nonsense. They can be just as good of a Muslim as a good Shia, or they can be just as bad as a bad Shia.

There is something wrong with it, although it is much worse for a Shia woman to marry a Sunni man. And there is no one in Basra who is upon our view but a few. So do I marry her to someone who does not regard i. He said: No, and there is no blessing. They fem. So he said: No, by Allah , it is not allowed. Fudayl said: Then I asked him another time. So I said: May I be made your ransom, what you say regarding their marriage? Faddal from Muhammad b. He said: No, for verily the nasib is a kafir.

So he said: Someone other than he is more beloved to me from him. While I am the first person to condemn some of the forms of 'worship' that you describe, to say Sunni Islam isn't skewed is completely wrong.

The Imams as have been very clear on this:. And know, O Muhammad, that the imams of tyranny and their followers are expelled from the religion of Allah. They have gone astray and have led astray, so their acts which they performed are as ash that the wind disperses in a stormy day; no power have they over aught that they have earned.

That is the far straying. Were a man to rise up in his night, fast in his day, give charity by all of his property, do hajj all of his age, and he did not recognize the walaya of the Wali of Allah and give loyalty to him, and that all of his acts be by his guidance to him, he has no right upon Allah in regards to his reward, and he is not from the people of Iman. So Allah will never accept an act from them, and never raise up a good deed for them, until they come to Allah from whence He commanded them, and give loyalty to the Imam by whose walaya they were commanded, and enter from the gate that Allah and His Messenger opened for them.

Such, by Allah , is a straying. What exactly would the point of the Imams as have been if the Sunnis are following a correct form of Islam anyway? Yes, many Shias make up a lot of false things about Sunnis, for reasons I don't understand.

However, just because some untrue things are said, it doesn't mean Sunnis are on the right path. And no, a Sunni cannot be just as good a Muslim as a good Shia. Focus on learning more about Islam yourself before talking nonsense. Allah swt has already made his judgement on those who reject His Imams as , as you can read above. I'm obviously no Mawlana, but I see flawed logic when a Muslim man can marry a Person of the Book, but can't marry a fellow Muslim who happens to have a few different beliefs.

From my understanding of Sunniism, they don't believe the Imams were necessary. While we elevate the Imams to almost a prophetic level, they hold the Imams to a very respectable level, but not prophetic level. If Prophet Muhammad pbuh was the final messenger, one would think that Islam would be complete upon his death.

Why couldn't the Prophet's companions suffice as leaders of Islam? Is there any definitive way of proving who is right? I don't think so. Where is the proof that Shia are on the right path? Our faith would have us believe that we are, but the only definitive experts on who are on the right and wrong paths are either dead, in Heaven, or God Himself. I do focus learning more about Islam, which is why I spend an almost equal amount of time learning from a Sunni perspective as a Shia perspective.

Nobody said a Shia couldn't marry a Sunni, just that it was not a good thing to do. That is especially the case for Shia women marrying Sunni men. As for marrying People of the Book, most Shia scholars say that is not allowed in the case of permanent marriage. Personally I think it is, but it is obviously far from desirable. Ibrahim from his father from Muhammad b. Yes, there is a way of proving who's right, but you need to do some study and spend some time reflecting on the issues.

If you have any questions, there are plenty of people here who would be more than willing to help answer them. Why not go a step further and ask where the proof is that Islam is the right path at all?

Why not Christianity, or Buddhism? There is proof that Shia Islam is the right path, but you need to look for it instead of just assuming it isn't there.

If hes shia and the girls sunni, they gna be praying different, different beliefs, different prayer times, most of the time they will be fasting and celebrating eid on different days, how will they bring up the children?

The proof is there because you want to see the proof. There are many people of other faiths who research Islam for doctoral degrees, some become better experts on Islam than most Muslims, some convert, some don't. They see the same information, but some choose to believe it, some don't.

In the end there is still an element of faith to what we believe. We may believe the "proofs" to be fact, but they aren't. Ghadeer Khum, for example. Sunni scholars and Shia scholars look at the same event, with the same facts surrounding it, but they come up with completely different conclusions to the purpose behind it.

Global warming - the same weather data, the same patterns and graphs, different people, different views, different conclusions. I seem to be forgetting the quote, but weren't there people who turned down Islam on the basis that they were following the religion of their parent's?

Something like that. I research all religions, to a certain extent. But through comparison and contrast I do learn a lot. I'm actually looking at an even bigger picture, and think that if they can truly figure this out, it will promote more understanding between us. And maybe one day we can think of each other as good Muslims. Because just above that I wrote " So to answer your question, no I do not think that Shia marrying Sunni is in an of itself inherently "ideal," but if two individuals are compatible with each other and capable of living life together comfortably as Shia and Sunni, and can figure out to get rid of the labels and just be Muslim , then I think that would be ideal.

I usually don't like stereotypes but in this case, you have not met enough Iranian girls :shaytan:. You don't need to marry somebody to think of them as a good muslim. You don't need to marry a sunni to understand them better.

A sunni might have all the characteristics required to be a good person e.

Free muslim dating app

Shia court marriage in Pakistan is so similar to alternative court marriages in cities of Pakistan. There are Shia Imami Ismaili divorcee grooms with different backgrounds seeking alliances for second matrimonial. In fact, the divorce procedure is so designed to allow every chance for conciliation. Every ceremony is made grand through lavish feasts and celebrations. If a dowry case is filed by a bride then its major trouble for the groom.

As for getting a wife , perhaps :Iranian. I'm more than sure this brother doesn't want mutah.

Rusul woke to find herself alone. Her new husband had gone. The marriage had lasted just three hours. It wasn't the teenager's first marriage. It wasn't even her second, third or fourth.

Punjabi Muslim Shia Brides in Punjab

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Shia Rishta In Pakistan

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Bengali Muslim Shia Matrimony in Murshidabad

Shia is the influential denomination group of Islam. It is the dominant Islamic school of thought. The shia has the faith that Muhammad S. Shia Islam believers are further characterized in 3 groups, such as Twelvers, Ismailis and Zaidis.

The Islamic legal system regulates the relationship between members of the opposite sex covering its various important aspects and expanding on its details. That is because it is an important need of the human race and many issues relating to the individual and society are based on it. There are many rules concerning the relationship between man and woman. Yet, I shall confine myself only to the ones that are relevant to Muslims residing in non-Muslim countries. Marriage is among the highly recommended deeds. Man should give importance to the qualities of the woman he would like to marry.

Meet Shia Girls

Family is very important for Shia girls and they often spend time together. In their free time, Shia girls usually do not mix with other genders but rather spend time with other females. Many look online to find love and meet their future spouses although family involvement and approval are of course of utmost importance in Shia tradition. Warning: Large amounts of Sass detected. Earl Gray Tea and Pastries for Two.

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Говорите, - сказал он, быстро проглотив пирог. - Джабба, - проворковала женщина в ответ.  - Это Мидж. - Королева информации! - приветствовал ее толстяк. Он всегда питал слабость к Мидж Милкен.

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