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How to meet vcs

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It's not easy getting funding for your business, particularly the more rarefied form of financing that comes in multi-million dollar packages from Silicon Valley or Silicon Alley venture captial funds. But getting a meeting with a venture capitalist is not as difficult as you might think. If you're smart and strategic and show some drive and intelligence, you're likely to get a response. Coneybeer has these four additional tips to offer:. Show some initiative. Find someone to give you a personal introduction to one of the venture capital firm's partners.

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The Brutal Truth About Meeting With VCs

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And anyone can get them. This made our Series A process for Atrium much more straightforward. As a founder who went through an exit, and later invested in companies myself, I have experience from both sides of the table.

There are two critical factors to consider when you want to fundraise for your startup :. Building and leveraging your network to get intros is the tried and true way to meet investors and get funding.

The amount of bad advice out there about meeting investors is appalling and detrimental to the startup community. Have empathy and think about your audience this applies to all aspects of business communication, not exclusively to investors. For Otherwise, I would spend my entire day talking to random people.

Cold email is almost never going to work and is a subpar use of your time — which is the single-most valuable asset for a startup founder.

One of my partners at YC had a founder show up outside his house. Even if you identified the right investor, this is simply the wrong way to go about it. Rewarding this type of behavior will lead to its proliferation, even if you found a great fit.

Investors typically have a focus for both: a Industry e. The importance of networks means your reputation is of utmost importance. If word gets around that you are aimlessly sending cold emails, you might miss out on a future opportunity. But identifying too many prospects can — intentionally or not — detract from the quality of each individual relationship, thereby limiting your chances of closing a deal.

Per the point above about cold email, connections are king — and better than not getting in touch at all. Take what you can get. Like all aspects of startups and business, there is no universal hack that magically works.

Sure, some people have used counterintuitive and ingenious methods to get investor attention. More on that here — Guide to Raising a Series A. The following 3 steps will be broken down and provide an actionable way for you to start meeting the right investors — aka those who will be interested in your company. Target specific partners, angel investors, etc. You want the people with the relevant background.

At most firms there are different folks who specialize in different industries. Knowing that a certain firm has invested in your space is only the starting point. You want the person with influence who can make a decision about your company. I usually organize my curated list of investors in an investor tracking sheet with all relevant details. However, I generally find that a minimum of 10, and ideally in the range is good. Another source of investor leads — and your best bet at actually reaching them — lies within your network.

This requires a distinction. Here, I mean that you actually use that network to identify the investors in the first place at which point the connection is predetermined. People are always much more receptive to introductions from people that they know and trust. Your primary objective with this process is to find the best person to give you an intro; someone who is seen as credible to the investor. Find out how your current investors can connect you with someone on your list, and use them as a method for building the list in the first place.

When you are asking your investors who they can intro you to, feel free to share the Google sheet you are using to track with them. Both parties get briefed on the other so that when the introduction happens, you can move forward productively. It also puts the recipient in an awkward position. The magic is in the email, the strength of the connection, and the ultra-relevance of the investor as established in step 1. In fact, I anonymized an email I received which lead to my investment in the company.

Check it out for a great starting point when you start to make investor email connections. I had 0 startup connections when I first started fundraising, resulting in my firm belief that anyone can do it. They had raised a seed round from a lot of great angel investors, including Paul Buchheit and others. We asked them for some intros to their investors and extended network.

Meet people at networking dinners and conferences. You can often get an intro to a founder and investor through one of the senior employees at their companies. Another idea: lean on people doing an accelerator like Y Combinator or Startups. You either know someone going through the program, or can meet someone who knows someone at any event I described above.

You can talk to friends at Y Combinator , Startups, or another accelerator. Based on the strong network you inherit, you have access to practically anyone in Silicon Valley using the framework from the previous section. Remember that meeting investors comes down to warm intros from people who the investor trusts. YC provides everything you could want in that respect. This type of endorsement almost certainly leads to a valuation bump compared to the Silicon Valley average. Or you can use a fundraising bootcamp.

There are many of these — here at Atrium, we have Atrium Scale. This provides startups with the credible intro you need to talk to investors, but also helps you maximize your opportunity with that intro.

There are plenty of well-connected people who do bootcamps, and this is an excellent complement or even standalone method for meeting investors and getting intros. Meeting investors seems daunting but is like anything in the startup world: apply first principles thinking and boil it down to the core idea getting a warm introduction.

There are shortcuts you can take to getting introductions, such as bootcamps like Atrium Scale , but if you put in the work and follow this process you will give your startup a chance.

Thanking for sharing your story! I found the part with connections very helpful. I like how you kept trying and eventually build your way there. I think that information nicely complements your article. Thanks a lot for the beautiful piece. Now what remains to be touched on is HOW does one come to know the specialized roles of the different partners in venture firms in his research? Are there any resources out there with lists for different VC firms or does one come to get this knowledge also through introductions?

I fear the later will be quite tedious. Justin Kan is a renowned figure in Silicon Valley most known for co-founding Twitch, formerly justin. Since he started his entrepreneurial journey in the Valley 15 years ago, Justin has founded 5 startups and invested in over companies. There, he mentored many founders and learned the value of having a startup community to exchange information and knowledge. This realization helped inspire the inception of Atrium.

Other companies Justin founded include Exec, an on-demand errand service acquired by Handybook in ; Socialcam, a mobile app for sharing video acquired by Autodesk in ; and Kiko, the first Ajax web calendar. Outside of his professional accomplishments and activities, Justin is an advocate for living consciously and being holistically healthy, especially emotionally.

He often leads discussions about what it means to be a conscious individual and bring your whole self to any situation in or out of work.

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The VC Meeting Map: What to Expect After a Successful First Pitch

Welcome to a BetaKit weekly series designed to help startups and entrepreneurs. Each week, investors tackle the tough questions facing founders today. Have a question you would like answered? Tweet them with the askaninvestor hashtag, or email them here.

Upon my arrival, I was usually escorted to a beautiful conference room and offered coffee or sparkling water. I left more than a few of these meetings feeling optimistic. It was like going on a dozen first dates with someone who laughs at your jokes, appreciates your taste in music, says goodbye with a smile — and then you never hear from them again.

Fund raising can be a frustrating experience for entrepreneurs. Some entrepreneurs are natural salespeople that can raise money quickly at a good valuation but for most, raising investment is a long, stressful process that takes attention away from building the business. This guide aims to help entrepreneurs get to the first meeting with an investor. As an entrepreneur, it makes sense to invest effort in getting to first meetings with VCs, particularly since until you actually start meeting VCs it can be difficult to get useful feedback on why they pass on an opportunity. Referrals from trusted connections are the best source of deal flow for VCs and opportunities that come through this channel are much more likely to be given a first meeting.

4 Things To Consider Before Sharing Data With VCs

But then the tactical advice stops. What about the rest of the VC fundraising process? How should an entrepreneur approach the full set of meetings during a fundraise? As a result, understanding the general flow is absolutely critical for founders so they understand where they are in the process and how to treat each step. Below is a general overview of what the typical process might look like, as well as a graphical representation you can use as a cheat sheet for what to expect:. Pre-Screen Meeting Optional. Some VCs are so protective of their in-person calendar or prefer the format of a less-committal video call prior to getting together in person.

Why Are There Certain Times in the Year Where it is Impossible to Raise Capital?

A startup I advise was facing challenges with the VC intros they were getting. Two months into fundraising and couple lessons learned later, they raised their round. However, before you reach the due diligence phase with investors, you do want to hold some things back in your first meetings. Similar to dating, you want to take things one step at a time. The balance between the two extremes is delicate.

This is part of a series of advice for founders who need to raise money from venture capitalists. I always tell founders ….

Download the full Guide as an e-book. Getting an offer from the perfect VC partner must begin with research. You can only score meetings with VCs by first creating a targeted outreach list of firms that are aligned with your business.

How to Find the Right VC To Fund Your Business

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There are lots of reasons a business might turn to outside investors for capital. That comes up most often with startups, but occasionally even with more established small business. Investors might be friends and family, angel investors, or venture capitalists. And established small businesses will occasionally look for investors, even though that means sharing ownership, instead of standard business credit. Are you still with me? Here are my 10 tips—oh, and by the way, I did raise venture capital for Palo Alto Software, makers of Bplans, at one point.

How Many Investors Should You Talk to in a VC Fund Raise? And How Do You Prioritize?

This is part of my series on Raising Venture Capital. It is very difficult to raise venture capital between November 15 — January 7th. It is also very hard to raise VC from July 15 — September 7th. So why is Funding Season closed at certain times of the rest of the year? The VC process is almost universal in how it works across firms.

Andy Rachleff, lecturer in strategic management and experienced venture capitalist, advises entrepreneurs on.

Please complete all required questions. Due to limited space, and limited time for questions, the first signups will get precedence for the question they want to ask. We'll pick the best questions, but we'll let you be the one to get up and ask it if selected. Why it Matters Raising funding is one of the most important stepping stones in getting a tech startup from MVP, to revenue, to scale, and ultimately to a multi million dollar business.

People who understand how to find investors and succeed at raising capital do three things very well:. Persistence and resilience are key traits of a successful entrepreneur. How much excitement your story generates will determine whether you leave the meeting with a new line of credit or empty pockets. They want to see traction.

And anyone can get them. This made our Series A process for Atrium much more straightforward. As a founder who went through an exit, and later invested in companies myself, I have experience from both sides of the table.

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