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A domestic partnership is an interpersonal relationship between two individuals who live together and share a common domestic life, but are not married to each other or to anyone else. People in domestic partnerships receive benefits that guarantee right of survivorship , hospital visitation, and others. The term is not used consistently, which results in some inter-jurisdictional confusion. Some jurisdictions, such as Australia , New Zealand , and the U. Other jurisdictions use the term as it was originally coined, to mean an interpersonal status created by local municipal and county governments, which provides an extremely limited range of rights and responsibilities.

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I love my male partner – but I yearn to be with a woman

Metrics details. This study therefore set out to explore the meaning of male partner involvement and propose a definition and theoretical model of this concept in PMTCT in Uganda. Eight focus group discussions and five in-depth interviews were conducted with couples at three public health facilities and community members in the health facility catchment areas in Uganda.

The study employed a grounded theory approach underpinned by the pragmatic philosophical paradigm. Data were analyzed using the constant comparative method, performing three levels of open, axial, and selective coding. Participants expressed that men were engaged in PMTCT when they offered economic support by providing basic needs and finances or when they included their female partners in financial planning for the family.

Psychosocial support arose from the female participants who defined male involvement as family support, perceived societal recognition and emotional support. Further research should seek to develop and validate tools to accurately measure male partner involvement as the next step in the development of interventions to improve PMTCT outcomes. Peer Review reports. Uganda has the highest national adult HIV prevalence in the East African region, with an estimated national prevalence rate of 6.

Mother-to-child transmission is the most common route of infection for HIV-positive children under 5 yrs. However, adequate uptake and adherence to these interventions have been challenging for some women if their partners are unaware of or do not support their involvement. For example, some women have refused HIV testing in PMTCT settings because their male partners had either not been present or had not given their permission [ 4 , 5 ]. In most Sub-Saharan African settings, men control the household resources and often make critical decisions that affect maternal health, including the choice of health services [ 6 ].

This has produced health services that are not welcoming of men and couples [ 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 ]. In addition, men often lack information to make informed decisions about the roles they might play in promoting overall family health, including accessing HIV prevention, care and treatment services [ 11 , 12 ].

It is hypothesized that couple testing may help increase spousal support for women to use PMTCT services, create opportunities for secondary prevention by counseling both men and women about HIV and increasing the identification and treatment of HIV infected persons [ 11 , 13 ]. It should be noted though that involving men in antenatal care or female reproductive services could have unintended negative consequences such as disempowering women and encouraging relationship disharmony or abuse [ 14 ].

However, the descriptions focus on clinic attendance and couple counselling and testing [ 21 , 22 , 23 ], and in other instances, remain indefinite and vary within different populations and contexts. This imposes challenges in developing focused interventions.

Male partner involvement needs to be looked at with a broader lens that involves more than just clinic attendance [ 18 ]. Therefore, there is need to have a uniform description of male partner involvement in PMTCT to optimize the development of strategies and interventions that accommodate and enhance male engagement to improve maternal and infant HIV treatment outcomes [ 17 ]. This exploratory qualitative study employed the grounded theory approach which is used when a theory is not available to explain a process [ 24 ].

The pragmatic philosophical paradigm underpinned the study. Pragmatism is not committed to any one system of philosophy and reality [ 26 ]. This study combined two types of grounded theory by drawing liberally on the reflexive and interpretive nature of the constructivist approach by Charmaz [ 27 ] and the more structured systematic approach by Strauss and Corbin [ 28 ].

Participants were recruited from three public health facilities and the communities served by these facilities in Kampala district. Participants were purposively selected from the public health facilities. However, in keeping with the constructivist approach, subsequent participants were identified by theoretical sampling. Therefore, subsequent participants were purposively recruited from the community to highlight those key perspectives.

Data saturation determined the number of participants recruited. The researchers recruited 61 participants from April to June The inclusion criterion was willingness to take part in the study. Participants gave individual written consent prior to voluntary participation. All participants were given the choice of participating in either in-depth interviews or focus group discussions and the majority preferred the group discussions. In Uganda, women who attend perinatal care at public health facilities with their partners are given priority for their health provider visit.

For this study, the research team approached the couple immediately after they completed their health visit and directed them to a private room. The researchers explained the purpose of the study and sought their consent to take part. The research team invited the couples to either have the interview that day, or to make an appointment to return on another day. Community members received invitations to regular community dialogues through local leaders, announcements in the local media and by word of mouth.

A community dialogue is an interactive participatory communication process of sharing information between people or groups of people aimed at reaching a common understanding and workable solution [ 31 ]. The research team recruited participants from among community members who attended these dialogues. The dialogues were conducted by community health workers. The principal researcher attended all dialogues in the study area for 3 months and shared information about the study. Interested community members received more detailed information privately and selected a date for an in-depth interview or focus group discussion.

All the interviews and discussions were audio recorded with permission. Interview and discussion guides with open-ended and probing questions were used to collect data.

Participants decided whether to interview in English or the local language. Data collection was an iterative process in response to evolving study findings. The researchers analyzed the data and field notes daily to decide which group of participants to enroll next and what questions to explore further. This daily analysis also identified emergent categories for the research team to focus on.

Data collection stopped when no significant new information emerged from interaction with the participants. Data were transcribed verbatim and transcripts returned to participants for comments and corrections. A language expert translated the approved transcripts into English. The methods proposed by Strauss and Corbin, namely, open, axial and selective axial coding [ 26 , 33 ] guided manual analysis of the data. Two researchers independently coded the data, then identified and highlighted concepts along with key phrases and obtained emerging themes.

Open coding broke the data down into conceptual components, which brought order and enabled the analysis team to make initial sense of the data. Axial coding linked the various categories and subcategories [ 34 ]. The researchers were careful to avoid compressing the data too much in order to keep the richness and distinctiveness of the findings. All text excerpts were de-identified. A sample of participants provided feedback on the findings to enhance trustworthiness and credibility of data analysis.

The meaning of male involvement is presented according to the three thematic areas, with the related codes and supporting participant narratives.

Male partners considered themselves engaged in PMTCT when they reminded their partners to take their medication and give the children their ARV medication. I remind her to take her pills and sometimes count them just to be sure. In addition, some female participants expressed that synchronization of the time of taking their medication may indicate male partner involvement. This is illustrated below;. I would also be happy if we agreed on a specific time to take medication, that way if one of us misses at that time then we can easily remind the other partner.

When they receive their results together, then the health worker will inform them of what they are supposed to do, and the man will be more involved and supportive. This included testing for HIV together, receiving counseling and testing together and finally regular re-testing for those who were in serodiscordant relationships. He should take an HIV test with me and all his other female partners to protect them.

I would feel like he is involved if he takes a test with me. A few men who defined male involvement as clinical attendance saw it as a way of support and prevention of vertical HIV transmission. This is our first pregnancy and I want to be as involved as I can be, so our baby can be born without HIV.

The first time we came for antenatal [ antenatal care health visit ], the midwife told me that the baby had a higher chance of being negative if both of us came for clinic visits and continued taking our medications.

Many of the male participants did not view pregnancy as a disease and saw no reason to go with their partners for clinic visits. Others were uncomfortable with going to the clinic as illustrated below;. There is really no reason for me to go there, I can take her to deliver or if she is sick.

On the other hand, some of the female participants felt that their partners were involved when they escorted them to the clinic and reminded them of their clinic visit days. This also included organizing transport to the clinic and sitting with them at the clinic instead of waiting outside.

Yes, while coming with me to the clinic is good, he comes and stands outside until it is time for us to go. I can understand because it is not comfortable for him to sit there among all those other women, but he misses out on the information they give us.

Some participants also wanted their male partners to have their own clinic visits scheduled on the same days as their ANC visits so that they could attend together. I feel like he is involved when we do everything related to HIV together during pregnancy. I would be glad if the health workers could help us and make our clinic days fall on the same day, that way we can all receive care as a family. Both female and male participants defined male partner involvement in terms of economic support, which comprised provision of needs, financial provision and financial planning.

Male participants expressed that buying food and clothing and providing house rent and money for treatment when their partner or child fell ill was an indication of engagement and support. When any of them are sick, or when she needs to go for her check-up, I make sure I manage all that.

Some female participants preferred provision of needs over male partner clinic attendance as narrated below. I would prefer that he gives me money to take care of us rather than just taking me to the clinic. Both female and male participants thought provision of money was a very big part of male partner involvement.

This included money for treatment, clinic visits, and for the partner to buy whatever she wanted at her own discretion. I make sure I support her by giving her money for the home and I also give her money to use for her own things, no questions asked even though she also earns a salary. I also give her money to pay for all the requirements at the hospital when she goes for her antenatal visits like scan [Ultrasound scan] and any blood tests.

Female participants also expressed a need for money to start a business in order earn their own income. Some male participants used financial provision to justify their low attendance of clinic visits citing busy work schedules and the fact that they were already providing financially for their partners.

I work very hard to make sure she is comfortable and has everything she needs. I think that is the highest form of support. Imagine if she goes to the hospital, and they say buy this medication, and she has no money. At least now she can go confidently to any pharmacy.

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Before you can post or reply in these forums, please join our online community. Your description can be of your current love if you have one or who you would love to bump into accidentally on purpose. You may like to describe only physical attributes, only mental attributes or only emotional attributes.

I am a year-old woman and have been with my male partner since I was I love him, like him and we still have an active sex life. However, I have become more and more sure in recent years that I am much more attracted to women.

This word is polite because it includes people who are not married, do not live together, or are gay. A more usual word is partner. Some people think this use is offensive. English version of thesaurus of someone s husband wife or partner.

Domestic partnership

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While the reasons we fall in love are often a mystery, the reasons we stay in love are far less elusive. There may be no such thing as the perfect partner, but an ideal partner can be found in someone who has developed themselves in certain ways that go beyond looks, charms and success. Although we each seek out a specific set of qualities that is uniquely meaningful to us alone, there are certain psychological characteristics both you and your partner can strive for that make the relationship much more likely for lasting success. To truly grow up means recognizing and resolving early childhood traumas or losses, and then understanding how these events influence our current behaviors. Therefore the ideal partner is willing to reflect on their past.

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Challenging traditional beliefs about gender, Gerber develops a new model for understanding gender--the status model of gender stereotyping. She examines how expectations about status and gender impact police offers who work together as partners. Her study includes same-sex police partnerships as well as partnerships in which a woman works with a man.

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Metrics details. This study therefore set out to explore the meaning of male partner involvement and propose a definition and theoretical model of this concept in PMTCT in Uganda. Eight focus group discussions and five in-depth interviews were conducted with couples at three public health facilities and community members in the health facility catchment areas in Uganda. The study employed a grounded theory approach underpinned by the pragmatic philosophical paradigm. Data were analyzed using the constant comparative method, performing three levels of open, axial, and selective coding. Participants expressed that men were engaged in PMTCT when they offered economic support by providing basic needs and finances or when they included their female partners in financial planning for the family. Psychosocial support arose from the female participants who defined male involvement as family support, perceived societal recognition and emotional support.

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In a traditional wedding, the wedding party refers to the group of people participating in the ceremony with the bride and groom formally, bridegroom. The bridal party consists of the maid of honor matron of honor if she is married and the bridesmaids. The groom is accompanied by the best man and the groomsmen.

Choosing a life partner is the most important decision you will ever make — far more crucial than choosing a job, house or group of friends. The course of love never did run smoothly, and neither did the course of quitting your job, moving house, having children or dealing with tragedy. The right person will put their cards on the table, even if it means risking getting hurt.

This comprehensive, multidisciplinary guide provides an up-to-date presentation of fertility preservation techniques with male cancer patients and other challenging conditions. Divided into four thematic sections, part one provides an overview of the pathophysiologic processes interrelating cancer and its treatment with infertility and discusses different methods of sperm preservation and fertility outcomes in cancer patients. Part two then explores male fertility preservation in various non-cancerous conditions, such as immunosuppressed, hypogonadal and transgender patients. The fundamental principles of cryobiology and sperm optimization are covered in part three, which also offers essential building blocks for scientists to develop a sperm banking service and implement high standards of practice.

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