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By the time the app shut down, the twenty year old had well over 1. Since then, Brock has focused his attention on to other projects, one of which includes his Youtube channel. Together with his buddy Sam Golbach, he has posted dozens of videos onto the site, all of which easily receive hundreds of thousands of views each. Aside from Vine and Youtube, the year-old also has a decent following on Instagram and Facebook. For instance, he currently has over , followers on the photo-sharing app.


SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: DIRTY TRUTH OR DARE!! - (#brolby edition) - Colby Brock

Colby Brock Net Worth 2018 – How Much He Makes on Youtube

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Top definition. A kid from Kansas, belong side of him is his best friend sam golbach. They both started off as viners and progressed to be YouTubers Kind hearted, funny, nice, blue eye kid, better than Jake paul.

Friend 1 : hey you know Colby Brock Friend 2: yeah he's better than Jake paul. October 01, Colby Brock unknown. Hottest boy you will ever see. Has a not only perfect body but perfect face and perfect eyes. His personality is beautiful and pure. Why can't every boy be like Colby Brock.

Person 1: He is the hottest person in the history of people Person 2: Are you talking about Colby Brock. Colby Brock is the hottest person you will ever see, not only does he look perfect but his personality is too. He is kind and loves everyone equally. Friend 1 he is the hottest and nicest person ever Friend 2: are you talking about Colby Brock.

A guy who works along side his best friend Sam Golbach making videos together on their conjoined channel Sam and Colby. Sam and Colby got arrested in early Colby is shipped with every girl he talks to and little 12 year old fans like to send the girls he talks to death threats for being within football field of Colby.

Person1: are you a fan of Colby Brock? Colby Brock is the hot YouTuber and former vines that the girls go nuts over. His ocean eyes is what gets them the most. He explores abandoned places so he can impress your girl. Girl 1: oh my god Colby Brock is so hot. Girl 2: I know! Girl 3: I know.

I would date him. Cole is a devious, funny, prankster with a good heart. His adventure buddy is Elyse shea who he says he's not "dating". His best friend is Brennen Taylor, and Sam Golbach. Cole Robert Brock also runs a clothing line called "take Chances" which you can find on Fanjoy. Also Cole and Sam are Dads byeeee. Colby brock owns a clothing line called take chances.

Colby brock unknown. The definition of daddy One of the most gorgeous people in the world and probably one of the nicest and coolest guys you'll ever meet!

He has without a doubt stolen a couple million little girls hearts and he is an amazing YouTuber and has an account with his bestfriend Sam where they do alot of exploring and fun things. Colby brock is so handsome. Big Chop Chris Cuomo Demon Time Tradition Florencia Agustina Julieta Waleed Gentleman's Sweep

How Well Do You Know Colby Brock

You had a nervous, uneasy feeling in your stomach about meeting his best friends and roommates who do not know who you are. How could they not with your cute little self? The next day, Colby FaceTimed you explaining that he told his roommates that he was going out and that he has a little surprise for them when he gets back. That surprise being him introducing you as his girlfriend.

You showed the camera his lock screen. You guys had fallen asleep on the couch during movie night and Aaron took a picture to send to Colby because he said it was too cute to just ignore.

Top definition. A kid from Kansas, belong side of him is his best friend sam golbach. They both started off as viners and progressed to be YouTubers Kind hearted, funny, nice, blue eye kid, better than Jake paul. Friend 1 : hey you know Colby Brock Friend 2: yeah he's better than Jake paul. October 01,

It’s Country Time, Bitch! — Santa Baby - Colby Brock

Please leave empty:. Super Dreamy And Blue. January 2, June 17, April 1, A Whale On His Chest. A Feather On His Arm. A Dog On His Face.

~T~ — Meet My Girlfriend You and Colby finally go...

Back to the party, you were currently in the middle of a game of beer pong with Colby against Sam and his girlfriend, also one of you closest friends, Kat. Just as you managed to sink the ball into the last remaining cup the clock struck 3AM and you looked around mid celebration to realise how few people remained in the house. As the last people drifted out the door as they called out their goodbyes you wondered how you were going to get home, having driven here and definitely not being in the right state to drive home without putting everyone on the roads lives in danger, including your own. Your heart soared at the sound of his laughter, butterflies fluttering in your stomach and chest. The realisation that you had a crush on the beautiful brunette boy in front of you has arisen several months ago after he had missed out on an adventure with the guys to look after you while you were sick.

Sam and Colby, often attract attention for their wild videos, but they made headlines on Jan. The YouTube pair was caught trespassing at a school under construction, and although they posted bail and were released the next morning, fans were freaking out about their arrest.

I quietly set up the tripod and the camera so that it is facing my bed. I swallow and take a deep breath. I turn on the camera and sit down on the bed. So please hear me out.

BabbyBesson — Welcome to the prank wars *Colby Brock*

Originally posted by bruisette. We have a long distance relationship because I live on the east coast and he lives on the west coast, as you already know. We make it work by visiting whenever we can. His mom and I already worked out the details and she will be helping me with this surprise.

While Christmas to you, was just a holiday for corporate greed to thrive, and was overly preachy about Jesus, most of your friends loved it. Every year without fail, you always ended up with Colby as the person you had to buy a present for. Not a big fan of receiving them, but giving to you almost brought feelings of euphoria when you gave gifts. It was even more validating than receiving them, seeing the smiles on your friends faces. He was sweet and kind, and his smile made you feel like you could be a better person. Except, you were.

Colby Brock — Dating Colby Brock would include:

You wake up ad roll over to your phone a lot easier today than any other day because you had the bed to yourself. When you looked at your phone it was a text from Colby. You get ready to great your boyfriend after not seeing him for 2 days. You sat at the little table in the kitchen, going through twitter when something catches your eye. You were curious so you did. It was a lot of the place he was exploring and 1 snap of him and Shea eating dinner.

Jun 8, - “Hey guys it's Colby and I'm here with my girlfriend (Y/N). when she does she's going to text Kat and ask if they can meet up or something.

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