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Really need a boyfriend

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This quiz is meant for either gender, however, you must want a boyfriend and not a girlfriend because this is meant for someone who wants a boyfriend. I hope you enjoy it and take the advice I give you to heart. What kind of lover are you? Do you want excitement or romance, or just love?

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I put this list together because I want you to be able to get a boyfriend if you want one so badly. All too often, people end up rushing into relationships. This obviously is not ideal because they then make mistakes. Before you start any of these other steps, you should evaluate your situation. Are you ready for a boyfriend?

This is a big question that you might not totally understand. I want a boyfriend so badly! In reality, a lot more needs to go into this than you might think. Relationships are a lot of work. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:. The reason that you should think about it is so that you can make an educated decision.

This is especially important if you have just gotten out of a previous relationship. Not all relationships are the same. Do you want to date casually or be in a committed relationship? There are pros and cons to each type of relationship. More committed relationships are nice because you will usually be more serious and steady. Casual relationships are less certain, but you get to relax a bit in the relationship.

You might consider talking to your friends about their past relationships. You could even look at their relationships and see how they were structured. Once you figure out what type of relationship you want to be in, you will be able to communicate that to any guys you are interested. If one of you wants a more casual relationship and the other wants something more serious, he may not be the right guy for you.

You could also come up with compromise. Plus, you can then understand where the relationship might be going. Just make sure you decide what you want to do before you start looking for a boyfriend.

It can make the entire process a lot easier! Unfortunately, some girls want to get a boyfriend just because they think they need a boyfriend.

This may be because all of their friends have boyfriends. It could be because they think they would be happier with a boyfriend. There are countless reasons out there for wanting a boyfriend. They come when I am focusing on bettering myself and focusing on my contentment. By being happy on my own, I was ready for a boyfriend, but I knew that I was fine on my own without one.

It can also be helpful to think back to your relationship intentions. Rushing into it means that you will be overlooking potentially great guys. One good idea is to write a list of why you want a boyfriend. Make sure you have some good, legitimate reasons for wanting a boyfriend. One of the first steps of getting a boyfriend is finding someone to date.

There are lots of ways to connect with people and learn more about them. One of the best ways to find a potential boyfriend is to think about the people you already know. You might have a close guy friend who you have always found attractive. You can also think about your co-workers, neighbors, and more. You probably know more guys than you realize! Once you find a guy you might like, you should get to know them.

You might know them well enough already so you can skip this step. You do need to be careful dating guys you are already friends with. You have lots of other options. Think about the guys in your classes or someone you see often. You could also ask him questions about the class to start a conversation. Another idea is to join a club or a team. There are always advertisements and flyers around schools inviting you to join one.

At these meetings or practices, you should obviously pay attention to the coach or other leaders. Still, this is an excellent way to get to know people who live near you. By doing this, you are setting up a common interest for you and a potential crush to connect with. For example, if you like photography, you should join a photography club. Your friends are a great resource when you want to get a boyfriend for a couple of reasons.

First, you can ask them for advice. Based on your personality, they might be able to give you more specific advice. You should use this advice, but you should also use your best judgment.

You might need to make some changes to the suggestions that they gave you. Another good way to get help from your friends is to ask them for help finding a guy. Some of your friends might have guy friends who would be a good fit for you.

The good thing about asking your friends for advice and suggestions is that they know who you are! When your friends give you suggestions, you should still take the time to get to know the guy before getting into a relationship.

Others love them. It all depends on your personality and your experience with them. Dating apps are a good way to meet guys in your area who share common interests. Depending on the app, you may be able to make matches based on similarities. When you start talking to a guy, you should be cautious.

Unfortunately, some people create fake profiles. I know it can be exciting when you first start liking someone. You might want to start dating them immediately. When you start talking to someone and flirting, you are just waiting for them to ask you to be their girlfriend. All of the little things at the beginning of a relationship are fun and exciting! Spend some time getting to know the guy. Find out what his intentions are in the relationship.

Figure out who he is as a person. If you rush into the relationship, it might end as quickly as it started. Then, once you find out more about him, you might not truly like him. When you take things slow, you will have the opportunity to communicate your relationship goals to your potential boyfriend.

If the guy seems to be rushing you into a relationship, you should let him know that you want to go slow and do it right. If he seems forceful, he may not be the one for you. Flirting is an essential piece of the start of any relationship. Without flirting or complimenting another person, they may not know that you like them.

Keep in mind that there are no solid rules for flirting because every person is totally unique. In general, you can flirt by starting with complimenting the other person. Point out their eye color or their smile. Talk about how much you like spending time with them. Focus on making eye contact, giggling, and smiling.

As you talk to the guy more, you might become more comfortable with flirting. How each individual responds to flirting is different. Your crush might like some phrases more than others. Be prepared for flirting to feel a little bit awkward at first.

It can be a strange situation for both you and the guy. Trust me though. Both of you will eventually warm up to it and find it to be very useful in your relationship! Take things slow when it comes to flirting if you want to. It can make flirting easier on you and help you to become more comfortable with flirting. Just make sure you spend a good amount of time asking each other questions and talking about your interests.

This will help you to make connections with each other. You will be able to relate to each other and maybe even find common interests.

32 Reasons Why You Never Ever Have or Need a Boyfriend

You can actually socialize. No need to check your phone, no need to let them know where you are, no ignoring your friends while you give your boyfriend a call. You can be lazy.

I understand. And the more you want it, the more desperate you can get in wanting a boyfriend.

I put this list together because I want you to be able to get a boyfriend if you want one so badly. All too often, people end up rushing into relationships. This obviously is not ideal because they then make mistakes. Before you start any of these other steps, you should evaluate your situation.

I Want A Boyfriend So Badly: How To Get One In 10 Simple Steps

Is it daunting for you? Some people swank about their relationship status so clamorously that you will feel inferiority complex about not having a boyfriend. At times, I was always perplexed by the thought of having a boyfriend but never had one. Maybe I was waiting for a perfect boyfriend. Some people treat the relationship as a fashion trend like an accessory and have fun being cheerful and others intentionally stay away to avoid the ambiguities of relationships. Maybe you are a cohort of strong feminists or no choice at all so just happy with no relationship status. Why you never ever had or need a boyfriend?

Do You Need A Boyfriend?

There are two kinds of single women in the world: those that desperately want a relationship and those that are totally cool with their solo situation. You want to fall in love. Nothing could be further from the truth. You want actual commitment.

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Do You Want A Boyfriend?

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15 Reasons You’ll Be Just Fine Without A Boyfriend

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Nov 9, - I'm sure you're eager and excited to get into a relationship, but you should take it slow and make sure that you're actually ready for it! Decide.

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