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Who can believe so? You can be easily tricked into thinking that those two are almost the same age. Two of our favorit bromance couples of happen to be Ji Chang Wook and Choi Tae Joon, but their real age difference will also surprise you. Meaning the two lovely stars birthday celebrations are only 2 days apart but also have 4 years age gap, Tae Joon being the younger here.

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A Guide to Ji Chang Wook’s Dramas and Movies

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The day has come to our one and only Ji Chang Wook as he celebrates his birthday today. On July 5, , a talented and versatile actor was born; and he is Ji Chang Wook. The story tacles about friendship, brotherhood, and power. This drama does not featured Ji Chang Wook as the main lead.

I know we are all familiar with Second Lead Syndrome, right? We all get that in this drama bes. This action, mystery, romance drama gained more attention from fans when Ji Chang Wook shows off his action skills.

We all know that Ji is undeniably very good in doing action dramas and movies. Another intense action Kdrama which starred Ji Chang Wook. He portrayed the role of Kim Je Ha, a former member of mercenary soldier for Blackstone.

This tacles political story, revenge, and romance. This time he was offered to do a romantic comedy series. An action mystery film which revolves around a gamer who was framed of killing an under aged girl.

Are you a certified Ji Chang Wook stan, bes? Which of these dramas and movies have you watched so far? Share it with us. Skip to content Search for: Search Close. Close Menu. Related Stories. Share this post:.

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5 K-dramas to make you fall for Ji Chang Wook

Suspicious Partner is a episode kdrama about lawyers who strive to right their present wrongs by resolving their past. A murderer in their midst adds a dash of danger. The leading man and woman pursuit of a relationship see-saws throughout the series, though they are drawn to each other. Likeable leading couple.

Suspicious Partner is a romantic comedy thriller about a talented prosecutor Ji Chang Wook who suffered trauma in his past that gets mixed up with a judicial trainee Nam Ji Hyun who ends up wrongfully accused of murder. Suspicious Partner is one of those really solid dramas that has a great story coupled with interesting characters played by a talented group of actors.

Ji Chang-wook born July 5, is a South Korean actor. Chang-wook has headlined the popular television series Healer — , The K2 and Suspicious Partner , as well as crime-action film Fabricated City Ji began his career in musical theatre. He made his onscreen debut in the film Days He only officially debuted in the film Sleeping Beauty.

Ji Chang-wook

If you have watched it, then maybe by seeing these moments again you might want to rewatch the drama to get the feel of it! One day, Eun Bong-hee rides a train and someone molests her, but she mistook Noh Ji-wook as the molester and calls him a pervert. Later, they accidentally go to the same place, and she catches her boyfriend Hee-joon cheating with another woman. Noh Ji-wook helps her by agreeing that he will sleep with her, but later he takes her for a drink and reminds her not to sleep with just anyone. A few months later, Eun Bong-hee is assigned to work under Noh Ji-wook. During this time, she meets Hee-joon and tells him to take his things from her apartment. Eun Bong-hee is immediately arrested for his murder. But, because of this, he quits his job and becomes a lawyer, while Eun Bong-hee is determined to find the real murderer of her ex-boyfriend. Two years later, they meet again in a court case, but this time they are on opposing sides. For example, you can find many of their kissing scenes in the drama.

Movies and TV shows like Suspicious Partner

Movies and TV shows like Suspicious Partner. Find your next favorite and similar movies in two steps: 1. Identify all themes of interest from this film block below. Look for them in the presented list.

The actor recently finished his military service and word is already out about him working on a new K-drama. We can't wait to see him back on the small screen especially if the rumoured rom-com is his comeback!

April 1, Minor spoilers ahead! Posted Jan 07, Obsessive-Compulsive disorder OCD is a mental disorder that not only affects the person who has it, but also the people around them. Leave a note or a message about where you're heading.

Suspicious Partner

The show enjoyed modest viewership share, but it beat its competitor by topping the important year old demographic , as well as streaming , popularity, and brand reputation charts for consecutive weeks. The series is about Noh Ji-wook Ji Chang-wook , a prosecutor, and Eun Bong-hee Nam Ji-hyun , a prosecutor trainee, and how they work together on a mysterious case involving a sly psychopath murderer. They find out how deeply connected they are by their past. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

A forgetful killer can be a dangerous thing. Noh Ji Wook Ji Chang Wook is a prosecutor who changes jobs to become a private attorney at a powerful law firm. When a murderer strikes, Bong Hee suddenly finds herself as a suspect in the murder. But it appears the real killer has amnesia, and the killer keeps coming after Bong Hee and Ji Wook. Can the two team up to catch the forgetful killer?

Check Out Ji Chang-wook and Nam Ji-hyun’s Hot Moments in ‘Suspicious Partner’

The day has come to our one and only Ji Chang Wook as he celebrates his birthday today. On July 5, , a talented and versatile actor was born; and he is Ji Chang Wook. The story tacles about friendship, brotherhood, and power. This drama does not featured Ji Chang Wook as the main lead. I know we are all familiar with Second Lead Syndrome, right? We all get that in this drama bes.

A Few Good Men (4/8) Movie CLIP - Kaffee Melts Down () HD Suits Season 8 Behind The Scenes Mar 30, - Uploaded by SBS Drama.

Dong Ha played Jeong Hyun Soo, a serial killer who takes revenge on his friends who gang raped his first love. Many viewers were very impressed with the way he took on the role and became curious about this seemingly new actor. I thought people would say mean things to me since the drama is a rom-com surrounding the sweet romance between the Ji-Bong couple, and I was an obstacle between their relationship.

The Real Age Difference Between Suspicious Partner Co-stars Will Shock You

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