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When does a girl need deodorant

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You may want to keep your girl little forever, but they tend to grow up very fast. Before you know it, she is passed kindergarten, and she is now riding a bike. In a blink of an eye, she is a year or two to puberty, and you start wondering whether it is about time to introduce her to wearing deodorant. Kids will get smelly after playing intense outdoor games. Many parents expect it when the kid has reached puberty, but they get worried if it happens at an earlier age. Having said that, anyone at any age can potentially develop body odor, so at what age should your daughter start using deodorant?


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What’s that smell? Body odor means puberty is starting

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You probably didn't think you'd be buying deodorant for your child this early in the game — and body odor is certainly less common at ages 5 to 8 than at age But a young grade-schooler who needs deodorant is within the normal range of development, says Jennifer Shu , a pediatrician and author of Baby and Child Health.

When your child's more "mature" sweat comes into contact with dirt and normal skin bacteria, body odor can result — just as it does for adults. Also, people vary in terms of how active their sweat glands are. If your child is on the higher end, he'll be more likely to sweat — and to develop body odor when his hormones change. Daily bathing, clean clothes, and regular laundering of sheets and towels can reduce body odor. It may also help to have your child avoid certain aromatic foods, like onions, garlic, and spicy dishes.

If these methods don't solve the problem, it's fine for your child to start using deodorant or even antiperspirant, Shu says. In most cases, however, a mild deodorant should be enough. They stop the sweat itself — but sweat can be a good thing, since it helps the body cool down," Shu explains. Deodorant products without antiperspirant are often labeled "natural. You may want to avoid products that contain phthalates. These chemicals are found in many personal-care products but may be harmful to kids.

Find out how to identify phthalates on ingredient labels. The fact that your child has body odor doesn't mean he'll be shaving anytime soon. True, his body is maturing — but it's a very slow process. Later on, probably sometime after age 8 or 9, your child will experience a more significant hormonal change.

This is when you can expect to start seeing signs of puberty. In a small minority of cases, body odor might be the result of a condition called precocious puberty , in which a child experiences puberty at a younger-than-normal age.

This is very rare. If your child has any signs of it, such as breast development or underarm or pubic hair, contact your doctor. Otherwise, simply add deodorant to your shopping list. Your child may even like using it, since it's such a "grown-up" thing to do. When puberty starts early. American Academy of Pediatrics. Physical development: What's normal? What's not? Factsheet: Phthalates. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Join now to personalize.

Big Kid Development ages 5 to 8 Physical Development ages 5 to 8. By Nancy Montgomery. Show sources AAP. Featured video. Should you worry if your 8-year-old has stinky armpits? Precocious early puberty in girls. Phthalates: What you need to know. My child hates to bathe. How often is it really necessary? How to raise an articulate child K to 1. Earwax buildup. Your child's changing body ages 5 to 8.

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Choosing the best girls deodorant for your daughter

How old should kids be to start using deodorant? My daughter is 12 and she says that all her friends use it, but as far as I can tell, she doesn't smell at all! I would say when they start going through puberty. I started wearing deoderant when I was 9 because I did sports.

As kids enter puberty , a lot of them start to develop body odor. Deodorants get rid of the odor of sweat by covering it up, and antiperspirants actually stop or dry up perspiration. Encourage him to get into the habit of showering every day.

Puberty can bring a lot of changes for your child — and for you as a parent, too. Your daughter will start to experience a shift in her body, so if the time is coming that she needs her first deodorant, we want to help you make the right choice. You may want to keep your child as a baby forever, but they can grow up in the blink of an eye. What age to wear deodorant should be whenever feels right for her. Although at first glance, deodorants and antiperspirants may seem similar, they actually do different things.

Kids and Body Odor

Skip to content. My husband and I have been noticing BO from her armpits. Yesterday after picking her up from tennis I noticed a pungent BO smell coming from her. I am not sure if I should be concerned. If you have any advise or information could you please let me know? I am in the same boat with my 7 year old. She just turned 7 in January. I too was freaked out and emailed her doctor who told me that it is common and asked all the time. We sometimes also do baby powder which helps too.

Body Odor in Kids: Is It Normal & What to Do About It

This article may include advertisements, paid product features, affiliate links and other forms of sponsorship. It is the question on many parents minds: when do I need to start worrying about deodorant for kids? No parent wants their kid to be the stinky kid, but parents are often left wondering if there is an age that is too young for kids to wear deodorant, a set age when kids should start wearing it, or certain deodorant that they should use. Unfortunately, there is not a hard and fast rule on when kids should start using deodorant.

My husband is thinking that our second grade girl needs to start wearing it. I am not sold on the idea.

Most kids need to begin using deodorant when they go through puberty. Some kids, however, do have noticeable body odor and need to use a deodorant every day even before they start puberty. Since body odor is linked to puberty, it's important to determine if your kids have started puberty already.

The Right Age to Start Using Deodorant

Enjoying your new role as teacher?! I noticed that my dd had strong body odour from about age seven too! Think it was something she'd inherited from her Father, as my elder dd from previous husband did not need deodorant until she was 14, and my current husband tends to perspire excessively, always has to use lots of deodorant he does!

Sweaty clothes can harbor bacteria and cause body odor. Kids should wear fresh clothes daily once puberty starts. Discussions with parents and books about puberty can help kids learn more about why their body is changing and what to expect as they get older. Kathryn Schaus , a Marshfield Clinic pediatrician. Certain medical conditions like Type 1 diabetes can cause an acetone-type smell.

How to Tell if a Little Kid’s Odor Is Cause for Concern

By Tanith Carey for the Daily Mail. A range of deodorants designed for children as young as eight has gone on sale across the country. It seems that many youngsters this age are already starting puberty and facing changes once regarded as more of a teenage concern. Growing up so fast: Michael and Roberta Harris have developed a range of deodorants for children. Doctors, however, say it is no longer unusual for girls to start showing signs of maturity, such as sweating, at nine and boys at ten — around two years earlier than in the past.

Jul 14, - When Do Kids Need to Start Using Deodorant? as puberty, which is typically somewhere between the ages of in girls and in boys.

It hits you like a freight train. An awful smell that seems to be coming from the general direction of your child. Welcome to the next phase of growing up: developing body odor. You're about to go from buying bubble bath to buying deodorant for your child, and it all happens in the blink of an eye. So is your kid normal?

As your kids grow, their body will start to undergo changes that might cause them to suddenly start smelling a lot worse then than used to, especially if they sweat a lot while playing. So, do 7-year-olds need to wear deodorant? Every child grows at a different pace, so some children may start giving off body odor sooner than others.

You probably didn't think you'd be buying deodorant for your child this early in the game — and body odor is certainly less common at ages 5 to 8 than at age But a young grade-schooler who needs deodorant is within the normal range of development, says Jennifer Shu , a pediatrician and author of Baby and Child Health. When your child's more "mature" sweat comes into contact with dirt and normal skin bacteria, body odor can result — just as it does for adults.

When your child reaches adolescence, their body changes. So, if you start to smell B.

Generally, body odors in children begin emerging when apocrine sweat glands — the ones found in the underarm — become activated. Unlike eccrine glands, which are active throughout the body from birth, apocrine-produced sweat contains substances like fat, which are in turn consumed and digested by skin-dwelling bacteria. Which is to say, kids BO is caused by bacterial poop, more or less. Pandora Jewelry is something she can wear to be reminded of exactly how much we appreciate her. Body odor, then, is normal from early puberty on.

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