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Which eyebrow should a girl get pierced

I have thirteen tattoos as well as several piercings, and I think they're all pretty cool. The earlobes and cartilage are not the only places that can be pierced on an ear ; the center is not the only spot that can be pierced on a tongue ; and the eyebrow is not the only place that can be pierced on, well, an eyebrow. Before we begin, let's clear up one of the most prevalent myths about eyebrow piercings—the one that says half your face will go numb if it is pierced incorrectly. This is mostly false. In order for your face to go numb, nerves would have to be affected. Bundles of nerves tend to congregate near bone and beneath muscle.

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Eyebrow Piercing FAQ

This surface piercing is placed just below the skin but not touching any face muscles and bones. The design can enhance the beauty of cheeks instead of the eyebrows because of where it is located in the face. Jewelry used for anti-eyebrow piercings is a surface bar, barbell, curved barbell, and captive bead rings. It is also loved by body piercers and piercing enthusiasts alike since it is considered the latest kind of eyebrow piercing.

It is important to inquire about which kind of method would be used in placing your anti eyebrow piercing. The procedure starts with disinfecting the chosen area to be pierced then a piercing needle is inserted through the skin. If it is your first time piercing, you will be opted to get a 12g to 18g size range. An anti eyebrow piercing is a bit more painful than the regular eyebrow piercing but can be finished promptly.

If correct placement is provided, the pain while under the procedure is minimal. Depending on the popularity, location, and level of expertise, the price of anti eyebrow piercing may differ from studio to studio. One must always remember to always go for the quality piercers to not compromise our health and the success of piercing.

Choose the most reliable and experienced piercer and get high-quality and body-safe jewelry for your anti eyebrow piercing. Worried about how your anti eyebrow piercing is going to heal?

Luckily, we have a lot of knowledge and experience in this area. Here are some key points about the healing process that you should know:.

An important question for anyone wanting to undergo a piercing procedure is about how long the healing process would take. For an anti eyebrow procedure that is successfully facilitated with complications, the healing process is for about six to eight weeks provided that you follow the necessary proper care. In case you encountered issues with the piercing process, the healing time may vary from two to three months. Rejection is a possible complication that can happen because of natural body phenomenon or can be a result of bad aftercare habits, poor health, physical trauma or emotional stress.

Signs to look for when diagnosing your piercings are the size of the pierced hole, the jewelry location movement, redness and rash on the skin, white clear discharge from the wound, and the feeling of extreme pain and itchiness on the area. If you want to read more about complications of body piercing, read this article from The New York Times.

Like any other type of eye piercings, the healing period for anti eyebrow piercing is within six to eight weeks. During this period, it is extremely essential that you must follow the aftercare instructions. Using a saline solution, clean your anti eyebrow piercing twice a day. You can also make your own saline solution by mixing sea salt and warm water. Exposing your eyebrow piercing to hot compress can prevent the appearance of infection.

You should not move or touch your piercing with your hand since this can create scars. If you encounter any type of infection or pain, then you should consult your piercer or a doctor immediately. You must be sure you are using quality products when caring for your anti eyebrow piercing. When you invest time and money into the correct products, you will have a much simpler healing process ahead of you. We know the market can be difficult to navigate, but there is no need to fear!

We created a list of our favorite items for you below, and have given you a review of each option. One of the best products that you can use for healing your eyebrow piercing is a tea tree oil like Recovery Piercing Aftercare Tea Tree Oil. This is a soothing liquid that can refresh your irritated eyebrow piercing. However, you should only choose high quality diluted tea tree oil.

Most often, Tea Tree Oil is can be used for treating dehydrated piercing bumps. It has been proven that tea tree oil is anti-fungal, antiseptic, and antimicrobial. It includes antibiotic properties that can fight bacteria.

Tea tree oil can also be used on piercings that are already inflamed to increase its antiseptic power between sea salt soaks. Another excellent product that can provide you superior results is emu oil.

It can help you in healing your eyebrow piercing. Emu oil does not contain any chemicals or fragrances, this means can it can be used by people who have sensitive skin. It is advisable that you should clean your piercing twice a day. You can do it in the morning and in the evening. Do this for the entire healing time. You can assure that this product is safe to use since it is recommended by the Association of Professional Piercers. These medicated swabs can clean, soothe, and protect any type of piercings including anti eyebrow piercings.

In order to prevent any infection, you should only use medicated swabs such as Dr. It can help in healing your piercing naturally. Many of our readers have sent in questions about anti eyebrow piercings.

There is always a level of pain involved in getting a piercing. That is just the nature of the activity. Especially since an anti eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing. This means it would be a pain level of about six out of ten. Just like any other surface piercing, there is a percentage of risk for rejection. If you are looking for a more surefire piercing that is likely to last longer, microdermals can be placed in the same areas. In the world of piercing, an anti eyebrow piercing is not very expensive.

The cost is actually pretty run-of-the-mill. Generally, around forty dollars, the piercing is considered relatively cost-effective. This all depends on the person. If you remove the jewelry , the hole will close up very quickly, though, so be aware of that! There are many employers that will allow you to get and keep a job with visible facial piercings. You should check the rule book for the company you wish to work for if you want more specific answers.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing needs careful thought, good decision-making, and expert piercers to achieve the best results not only on the physical look of the model but also the health of the piercing enthusiast inside and out. There is a lot to consider before getting one but once you have it, it is going to be one of your great milestones in life. We recommend getting your eyebrow jewelry from BodyJewelry through our partner link for a great deal. My name is Emily and I obsessed with piercings and tattoos since I was a little girl of 6 years old.

I was fortunate enough to make my passion my work after meeting my amazing husband Jeffrey who owned his own tattoo shop. We love to share models and inspiration, so feel free to email me your suggestions, pictures or if you just want to say hi!

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Eyebrow piercing

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Eyebrow piercings are one of those things that seem to slip seamlessly in and out of style. Popular among both men and women, the eyebrow piercing is truly a unisex fashion statement. The eyebrow piercing is technically a flat surface piercing, so it will heal a little differently than areas like your ears or nose.

Once your eyebrow piercing has fully healed, you can temporarily remove the jewelry, wax or pluck the area, and then put it right back. Just be careful to leave it out as short a time as possible; if you can leave it in, do. During this process, you should also be sure to wash your hands and keep the jewelry clean. If you already shave off your eyebrows and draw them on, just be aware that the piercing will be where the brow normally is, and not necessarily where you draw it.

What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare

What could possibly be unusual or really cool at an eyebrow piercing? Since the vertical eyebrow piercing is already considered common, you should find out more about its variations, which are indeed fun to try and appealing to wear. In addition, you might find the bridge piercing mentioned as being a sort of eyebrow piercing. With so many types of eyebrow piercing styles to try, you should also be aware of the types of jewelry fitted for each. Jewelry for the eyebrow are the curved barbell, the straight barbell, the circular barbell, the captive bead ring, the shields and the twister. An eyebrow piercing might migrate or even be rejected by your body due to heavy jewelry or improper placement. The anti-eyebrow piercing is located on the upper cheek, below the eye, as you can see in the picture. This piercing is somehow parallel to the eye.

Anti Eyebrow Piercing Guide (+50 Awesome Pics)

I'm Antonio Centeno. I'm the founder of Real Men Real Style. This is based off a study from the European Psychologist. Really, a well done study.

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This surface piercing is placed just below the skin but not touching any face muscles and bones. The design can enhance the beauty of cheeks instead of the eyebrows because of where it is located in the face. Jewelry used for anti-eyebrow piercings is a surface bar, barbell, curved barbell, and captive bead rings. It is also loved by body piercers and piercing enthusiasts alike since it is considered the latest kind of eyebrow piercing.

For guys. does the eyebrow piercing go on the left or the right?

An eyebrow piercing is a vertical surface piercing , wherein a twelve to eighteen gauge cannula needle is inserted through the bottom of the eyebrow and exits through the top of the eyebrow to permit insertion of jewellery. A curved barbell is the most common jewellery inserted post-piercing. A piercing of underneath the eye is known as an anti-eyebrow piercing. A horizontal piercing of the eyebrow is known as a horizontal eyebrow piercing.

They are usually done with a small surface bar or a curved barbell and can be either vertical or horizontal depending on your preference. Anti-eyebrow piercings belong to the surface piercing category. This means that rather than being placed through a part of the body like the lip or the earlobe , they are placed on a flat area. Surface piercings take the form of a bar that goes under the skin and two balls on either end above the surface of the skin. Teardrops are a relatively new addition to facial piercings and are becoming increasingly popular.

88 Unusual and Really Cool Eyebrow Piercing Styles and Jewelry

Eyebrow piercing : how to measure and find the right size for your piercing? Here is a sizing guide to better understand the proper body jewelry gauge sizes and measurements. NOTE : This piercing sizing chart is a general suggestion based on our experience and knowledge in body piercing, though it is important to note that piercing jewel length or piercing type options can vary depending on your morphology or the way your piercing has been done. The eyebrow piercing generally consist of a curved barbell and two balls or jewels that unscrew on both ends yellow gold eyebrow piercing , gold snake eyebrow piercing for example Less common, it is possible to wear a ring or a horseshoe ring piercing at your eyebrow. There is two main barbell gauge sizes for eyebrow piercing : 1,2mm 16G and 1,6mm 14G barbell diameter. It's also the size that is generally used as first piercing jewel during healing. For an elegant gold eyebrow piercing , 1,2mm 16G is the perfect size.

Browse through and take eyebrow piercing quizzes. What piercing should youu get? (girls). Beauty March 9, Lets find outt:) xxxxxxx.

Some of the best, most exhilarating beauty decisions are made spur-of-the-moment. Go for it. A new hair color?

Facial piercings are big business right now. And while a lot of people are getting piercings around their mouth, much of the time the eyebrow is going unnoticed — but for why? Eyebrow piercings are an awesome embellishment for those with great eyebrows. They draw attention to the eye and to your facial expressions.

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Of all the piercings done, eyebrow piercing is the most stylish one, given its uniqueness and awesomeness. It is one of the most famous surface piercings along the eyebrow.

People are getting more piercings on their bodies today more than ever, from all parts of their ears to their belly buttons, you name it. Eyebrows piercing is one of the types of piercings that has been embraced by both women and men. However, many people still do not know a lot about eyebrow piercing aftercare which is why some people have infections and other infections on their piercings. Healing After you get your eyebrow piercing, you should expect that it will take approximately weeks to be completely healed. However, before it completely heals, it is completely normal to experience some bruising which occurs just underneath the eyebrows.

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