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Unfortunately, the longer than anticipated shutdown of businesses means that we must do more, with the goal of keeping our business healthy while still avoiding permanent layoffs. Louis going up 3. The program will feature key figures in politics, education, athletics, the medical field, and the non-profit industry. Our town hall guests did not hesitate when to participate and we are so appreciative.

Providing the answers to the questions we are all asking is very much needed in Omaha. Hundreds of entries were submitted by employees, before the field was narrowed to three. The finalists were thoroughly vetted through a rigorous series of internal and external research studies, before the winning logo designed by CMG-TV Jacksonville art director Kim Colombero.

While we had hoped to launch our new logo in a bigger, public celebration — we simply could not wait any longer to unveil it and share the news with our winning designer. I am so proud to work for a company that is so inclusive and actively celebrates employees and their work. This is at a time when the news they provide not only informs our lives but saves lives as well.

You can donate here. The portal is available across all 11 radio station websites. Music Radio News and Career Moves. Our third FM signal in metro Buffalo is truly unique. I am not aware of any AM station in the U.

He was a crucial part of our success and today we are excited to promote him into this important position. This is a perfect fit for my family and me. I look forward to working with a world-class staff and once again becoming a leader in the community. In a suit filed in federal court in New Jersey, Michael J. Clancy unlawfully discriminated against them based on their age.

Capozzoli was an affiliate relations rep for TM Studios and Napier was a regional manager for affiliate sales. They were both terminated in November They are seeking back pay, compensatory damages and more. The precarious state of the U. It is published every Friday at Talkers.

For years BackAftaThis has posted audio and video of Francesa, but recently Francesa and Entercom warned BackAftaThis about its policy regarding use of its content that largely forbids it. It will also hold an investors conference call on that day.

Pesh will work alongside current AM co-host Beth Chandler. Both Tony Russell and Jake Byron exited the station earlier this month and Jenn Hays moved to host of the midday show.

I love the people of Portland. And finally, I get that chance. Educational Media Foundation names Jim Houser to the newly created position of chief content officer. Condolences to the family and friends of Southern California disc jockey and voice over pro Jerry Bishop , who passed away on April Ratings stats in this exclusive analysis are limited to stations paying Nielsen Audio for its data. Read More. The Nitty Gritty of Online Listening.

Valentine says some of his fellow hosts were concerned about losing listeners since fewer people are commuting and therefore are not in their cars to listen. Even more interesting is our weekly cume with adults and men actually went up. So did our time spent listening, which is understandable. This same scenario is being replicated on talk stations in many places all across the country. The big question is, if more people are listening online are we getting credit for it?

Read the column here to find out what he learned. I invited them to discuss the issue over lunch and they quit with no notice. SmartTalk Radio Network presents a forum for discussion, info, and entertainment covering myriad life topics, including COVID and its lasting effects on our world. Numerous Entercom stations are currently available as an integration on the Sonos platform. Now, many great shows, views and voices will have a television platform to call their own.

Our goal is to bring original, thought-provoking programs to the viewing public that has a thirst for the truth, and to return our country to the principals of Liberty, Rule of Law and Judeo-Christian ethics our founding father created it for.

JVC Media is bringing infectious disease expert Dr. Rajeev Fernandez aboard as a contributor to its radio programs in three of its markets. Having Dr. Rajeev Fernandez available to our loyal listeners does so much good for the communities we serve. The doctor is so relatable, likable, and easy to listen to. Fernandez and our hard-working JVC family for working together to super-serve our hard-hit communities. Sports betting information network VSiN is partnering with Skyview Networks for the latter to handle affiliate sales.

Longtime Los Angeles radio personality Shotgun Tom Kelly is among a number of special guests who appear in the film that you can see here. The program airs in more than 30 markets.

New York is going to love this show! There is nothing like getting a historic first-year report card. Rick and Sasha, with George Willborn , not only sounds better than it ever has but is also showing remarkable ratings growth — extraordinary for a second-year show. It is refreshing when the actual numbers match my ear test.

This show is poised for long-term greatness. The Plan is similar to those adopted by other publicly held companies and is intended to promote the fair and equal treatment of all shareholders and ensure that the Board remains in the best position to uphold its fiduciary duties to the Company and its shareholders.

The Plan is designed to allow shareholders to realize the long-term value of their investment by guarding against opportunistic efforts to capitalize on recent macroeconomic conditions, including open market accumulations and other strategies, aimed at gaining control of the Company without paying all shareholders a full control premium for their shares. According to a study conducted by Cox Media Group , consumers are turning to local radio for information, entertainment, and companionship more than any other media source during the coronavirus pandemic.

The multi-market, online in a wide variety of demographics — ranging from 18 to 54 — and yielded more than 11, responses. CMG says that the study found that one-third of participants are listening to radio more since the coronavirus outbreak.

Listeners depend on our radio brands more than ever for a mix of news, entertainment and a friendly and familiar voice to keep them going during this uncertain time. They are captive and immersed in our content on all platforms and our top personalities continue to deliver.

Specifically, we encourage federal agencies to put into action today already funded campaigns to achieve certain public objectives as well as potential promotions of the economic stimulus programs provided for by the CARES Act and other recent legislation. We urge you to: 1 Direct your Cabinet secretaries to review any resources intended to be used for advertising campaigns and have them expedite such activities with local media outlets; 2 Direct federal agency advertising dollars for existing and new federal programs where community outreach is needed for spending with local media, including those serving minority and rural communities; and 3 Incentivize a portion of stimulus funds provided to businesses for their recovery efforts for advertising on local media.

Check it out here ….. Former college coach Rick Neuheisel will join the broadcast team for the Friday and Saturday draft rounds. All hosts will be broadcasting from their home studios. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.

Amazing things to come! Operations manager Les Sinclair takes over station programming duties….. Monday Memo: The Trump Show. Pending Business: Time Is of the Essence.

More than likely you are now participating in multiple online meetings that eat the clock. Still, you are paid on performance and need to keep the dynamics of the sales process moving forward in a timely fashion. Like it or not, for today, you need to own this new dynamic. Blanquita Cullum is a woman of worldly experiences and a deep participant of the inside rail, allowing her to ask and offer sensible solutions to the hard questions.

With unique clarity and above-the-fold guests, BQ covers the critical issues with a compassion, intellect, and understanding that evidences her emergence onto the national scene. Leader had been a news anchor on KXL for 34 years. Thanks Steve for keeping Portlanders informed for more than 30 years. You are a huge talent and will be greatly missed. Enjoy your retirement; you deserve it.

The survey period covered February 27 — March We will both highlight their stories and offer them the resources they need to deal with the overwhelming stresses of their jobs. A bi-partisan effort to assist local journalists and broadcasters suffering with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic is being spearheaded by U. They sent a letter to senate leadership urging them to ensure any future legislation make thousands of local newspapers, TV, and radio stations around the country eligible for small business assistance under the Paycheck Protection Program PPP.

Local newspapers, radio, and television stations provide important local content that keeps their communities informed. People rely on local newspapers and broadcasters to cover school and business closures, to widely communicate public health guidance, and to combat life-threatening misinformation. We urge congressional leaders to support this proposal to provide immediate SBA loan eligibility to more local radio and TV stations.

They want to help. People want to help. All types of businesses and individuals are asking if they can be a part of it. With that being said, as humans we have the need to socialize and feel like we are still part of the society that we love. Morris has been serving the company as manager of corporate podcasting strategy.

Unfortunately, the longer than anticipated shutdown of businesses means that we must do more, with the goal of keeping our business healthy while still avoiding permanent layoffs. Louis going up 3. The program will feature key figures in politics, education, athletics, the medical field, and the non-profit industry.

It is the highest rated FM talk station in America. WNIR's weekday schedule consists primarily of locally-hosted programming. In the late evening there is syndicated programing.

Posted In: Cleveland. So, no more local talk on WHLO. So no more local talk on WHLO? Then no more local listening from me.

News and musings about radio and TV in Northeast Ohio and beyond. Don't forget about the Dating Show, on weeknights, from 7 p. I don't remember the hosts name, but I can still hear his nasally voice and smoking-induced heavy breathing. Post a Comment. Before Richard Klaus got ahold of it, Local radio listeners are well aware of his accomplishments. At the time The date was not long after Klaus bought the stations in , as we recall. Local talk filled the schedule from Stan Piatt's morning show, through Chizek's 5 hour midday show, and eventually into afternoon drive with Joe Finan - who, oddly enough, will start competing with his old radio home next month.

With 4. While alluding on Thursday to a forthcoming decision, no details were provided. Pursley is a year veteran of Barberton Fire Department and has served in various capacities over the course of his career…during which he has acquired extensive training and education on several levels. The body of a man that was discovered on Wednesday inside the air ducts at an area grocery store has been identified. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner named the victim as year-old Daniel Collins, reporting there were no obvious signs of foul play and that he apparently had crawled into the ductwork on his own.

WNIR Owned by Media-Com, Inc.

Я же сказал. Я прочитал все, что вы доверили компьютеру. - Это невозможно.

ГЛАВА 13 Токуген Нуматака стоял у окна своего роскошного кабинета на верхнем этаже небоскреба и разглядывал завораживающие очертания Токио на фоне ярко-синего неба. Служащие и конкуренты называли Нуматаку акута саме - смертоносной акулой.

За три десятилетия он перехитрил, превзошел и задавил рекламой всех своих японских конкурентов, и теперь лишь один шаг отделял его от того, чтобы превратиться еще и в гиганта мирового рынка.

То, что она увидела, привело ее в ужас. С интервалом в три минуты была зарегистрирована вторая серия команд запирания-отпирания. Согласно регистру, кто-то открывал ее компьютер, пока ее не было в комнате. Но это невозможно. У нее перехватило дыхание.

Сьюзан двигалась как во сне. Подойдя к компьютеру Джаббы, она подняла глаза и увидела своего любимого человека. Его голос гремел: - Три. Разница между 238 и 235 - три. Все подняли головы. - Три! - крикнула Сьюзан, перекрывая оглушающую какофонию сирен и чьих-то голосов. Она показала на экран. Все глаза были устремлены на нее, на руку Танкадо, протянутую к людям, на три пальца, отчаянно двигающихся под севильским солнцем.

Nope, the Dating Show came on right after. I was a huge WNIR junkie back then. Maybe he hosted the Saturday show? I seem to remember that version only.

Сьюзан открыла рот, желая сказать, что она все понимает, но ее слова были заглушены внезапным пронзительным звуком. Тишина шифровалки взорвалась сигналом тревоги, доносившимся из служебного помещения ТРАНСТЕКСТА. Сьюзан и Стратмор в недоумении посмотрели друг на друга.

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Но мой брат… - Сэр, если ваш брат целый день целовался в парке с девчонкой, то это значит, что она работает не в нашем агентстве. У нас очень строгие правила относительно контактов клиента и сопровождающего.

Она встала на ноги и расправила платье. - Все обошлось. Сьюзан огляделась. Третий узел был пуст, свет шел от работающих мониторов.

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Ненависть к Америке постепенно стихала. Он стал истовым буддистом и забыл детские клятвы о мести; умение прощать было единственным путем, ведущим к просветлению. К двадцати годам Энсей Танкадо стал своего рода культовой фигурой, представителем программистского андеграунда.

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