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Best snack before track meet

Early in the morning, during lunchtime or evening — runners always need to navigate the balance of run times with meal timing to maintain a calm stomach, prevent hunger and boost energy. But, when done right, snacking can be part of the perfect meal plan for runners. Snacks can be consumed any time of day, but offer performance advantages when carefully timed before or after a run. The right food choices in the right portions provide a fuel boost. Sometimes, less is more — that's why snacks are the perfect fit for runners.

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Top Snacks for Runners

At first, I tried the standard pasta. When I checked in with certified sports dietitians and endurance athletes Laura Moretti, M. That made me wonder, though. What else was I, and likely, many other seasoned and beginner runners, doing wrong? But digestion takes about six to eight hours, give or take. So the evening before a morning race is actually your last chance to ingest foods that will legitimately fuel you through that tough 11th or 21st mile the next day, Moretti tells SELF.

Your muscles use glycogen—essentially, a type of sugar—to power every contraction. Your body stores glycogen in your muscle and liver tissue, but you can only hold so much in what Rudser-Rusin explains as "buckets. The more you fill your buckets beforehand, the longer you can delay that moment, Rudser-Rusin says. Moretti and Rudser-Rusin advise bumping up your carb intake while decreasing the percentage of calories you take in from protein and fat the night before a marathon in fact, you can start this two to three days beforehand.

Aim to get closer to 75 percent of your calories from carbs instead, Moretti says. A better move is to fill about half your plate with grains, one-quarter with veggies, and the rest with lean protein. And keep in mind that eating more carbs means shifting the balance of calories, not necessarily consuming more of them.

If you overeat the night before the race, all that food will still be sitting in your stomach the next morning, Moretti says. She advises eating dinner on the early side—say, 5 or 6 P. In fact, she actually recommends feeling a little bit hungry when you wake up and even before you go to bed on race night you can nibble on a light snack—say, yogurt or pretzels—if you like.

As for what that dinner should contain: If you think of a typical plate, imagine filling about half of it with grains and starchy vegetables like potatoes, one-quarter with lean protein like chicken or fish, and one-quarter with non-starchy vegetables like green beans, Rudser-Rusin says.

For shorter races like 5Ks or 10Ks, you can go a little lighter on the grains and heavier on the veggies which are still carbs, remember. Think about your beverages, too. Water is an obvious choice to keep you hydrated. You can also get some electrolytes by simply adding a little extra salt to your food, since sodium is an electrolyte. If you regularly imbibe, a single serving of beer or wine is OK too—both Moretti and Rudser-Rusin say they sip a small glass of red the night before to calm their nerves.

But stop at one; too much alcohol can dehydrate you and disrupt your sleep. You can also begin by thinking back on days when you felt particularly good on a run, remembering what you ate the night before, and trying to repeat the recipes. All this planning might sound a little overwhelming. But knowing you have your dinner plan dialed in not only gives you a physiological and gastrointestinal advantage, it also helps you head into race day feeling prepared and confident.

Fat takes longer to move through your system than carbs and protein, so that creamy alfredo sauce is still going to be coating your insides the next morning, Moretti says. Same with fatty meats like prime rib or anything deep-fried, coated in cheese, or slathered in butter. You should probably also avoid Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and cabbage.

Sulfurous compounds called glucosinolates give cruciferous veggies their bitter taste and also potentially fight cancer—but also trigger gassiness and bloating. So while they should be part of your overall healthy diet, you might want to save them for post-race. The same basic principle applies to fiber. The feeling of fullness and slowed-down digestion that makes it so healthy for your gut in the first place can cause GI distress when combined with race-day nerves and repeated pavement pounding.

Pre-race is actually the one time both dietitians recommend that their athletes choose white, refined grains over whole ones. And proceed with caution when it comes to raw veggies: While some people enjoy and can tolerate a small salad the night before a race, Moretti says, others find any roughage irritating.

Moretti tops hers with tomato sauce or pesto and pairs it with chicken, a side salad, and sometimes a piece of bread.

Dinner the night before a race matters at least as much as—if not more than—what you have for breakfast the next day. Still, this doesn't mean you need to gorge on giant bowls of noodles.

Every athlete is different—and so is her gut. So experiment until you find what works for you. That said, there are a few near-universal no-nos: high-fat or high-fiber foods, creamy sauces, and cruciferous vegetables. SELF does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Any information published on this website or by this brand is not intended as a substitute for medical advice, and you should not take any action before consulting with a healthcare professional.

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Event-Specific Track & Field Nutrition

But regardless of your event, the benefits of feeding your body well are numerous. Good nutrition will optimize your training program; promote consistency in performance; enhance recovery after workouts and events; maintain or gain if desired weight; reduce risk of injury and illness; and give you confidence to face competition. Below, I provide basic guidelines for all track athletes, plus sample meal plans. Look for your event endurance, sprinting, throwing and follow your specific meal plan. Endurance Nutrition Tip : Decreasing fiber and protein intake pre-workout can help reduce stomach discomfort during long training sessions.

As a runner, your diet and nutrition are important not only for maintaining good health, but also to promote peak performance. Proper nutrition and hydration can make or break a workout or race, and also affect how you feel, work, and think.

Distance running includes events such as the kilometer 6. The pre-run meal serves two purposes. One is to keep you from feeling hungry before and during your run, and the other is to maintain optimal levels of blood sugar for your exercising muscles. The meal should be high in carbs , moderate in protein and low in nutrients that slow digestion, mainly fat and fiber. It serves the same purpose as a pre-run meal by controlling hunger and ensuring optimal blood sugar levels.

Your Running Nutrition Guide

Every meal is important, but no meal is more important than the one before a race. Choosing the wrong foods, eating too much or too little, or eating at the wrong time can affect your performance and possibly ruin your race. Eating the right pre-race meal at the right time ensures that all your hard training doesn't go to waste. The main purpose of the pre-race meal is to fill your liver with glycogen, especially if it precedes a morning race. Liver glycogen fuels your nervous system while you sleep, and as a result, your liver is roughly 50 percent glycogen-depleted when you wake up in the morning. Your muscles, inactive during the night, remain fully glycogen loaded from the previous day. Timing is perhaps the most important consideration. The ideal time for a pre-race meal is about four hours before the race, because it's early enough to digest and store a large amount of energy i. Most running races start early in the morning, and since sleep is also important, it's often impossible to eat a full breakfast four hours before the horn sounds.

The Pre-Race Meal

One of my favorite parts of going on runs is the meal or snack that seems to always follow. While I'm not the best at remembering to have a pre-run snack, I always look forward to a post-run treat. The one thing runners agreed on was what they do before a race—caffeinate. She currently holds the Michigan State University record for the 1, meters and the 3,meter steeplechase.

At first, I tried the standard pasta.

Before any big race, build up your energy reserves by loading on carbohydrates, starchy vegetables, fruits and lean protein for three days. Inexperienced runners often make the mistake of taking heavy meals the day before the race. Overeating can overwhelm your digestive system.

The Best Foods to Eat the Night Before a Big Race

The ability to run track efficiently, whether in speed or endurance races, starts with sound nutrition. Consuming foods that help repair muscles while also providing energy can enable a track and field runner to prevent both injuries and burnout. Ideal snacks are those that combine proteins with carbohydrates and contain electrolytes, such as sodium, potassium and magnesium.

Why they're good: Bananas are chock full of good carbohydrates. They are a good source of vitamin B6 and are vital for managing protein metabolism. Runners need more protein during and after workouts. When they're good : Before, during, or after exercise. They're great blended into a fruit smoothie. Or simply whip frozen banana chunks with milk in a blender for an awesome recovery shake.

Ask the Dietitian: Eating Before a Track Meet

Q: What is good to eat for breakfast before a meet? My son is 14 years old. Time of competition makes a big difference when it comes to breakfast before a track meet. Here are some pre-race fueling guidelines. Eat familiar foods hours before race time. The closer he eats to race start the less volume and less complex he should eat. A less complex meal would be low in fat and fiber and moderately low in protein.

Apr 2, - Important Nutrients. Eating right can help you have the energy you need during your runs. A balanced diet for healthy runners should include.

Racing track and field events can present some unique challenges when it comes to properly fueling your body. However, the 3 basic principles of good pre-race nutrition still hold true:. Glucose is the body's primary fuel source for shorter, more high-intensity workouts. Glucose comes from carbohydrates and is stored in the body as glycogen. Your body can only store a limited amount of glycogen, so you want to make sure your fuel tank is full at the start of your event.

What to Eat Before Running

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