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Find woman by maiden name

This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you agree to our cookie policy. Try these simple tricks to pinpoint your female ancestors' elusive family names. Tracing your female ancestors can be a challenge since almost all women took their husband's family name when they were married. But, not all is lost, below are some of the many ways that can help you trace your ancestor's maiden name.

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New Ways to Find Maiden Names

Robert Kehrer Official Rep. Short URL. Loading Profile Posted and. Community-powered support for FamilySearch. Supported by 21, customers like you, as well as the FamilySearch team. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies. You'll need to enable Javascript and cookies to participate. Create a new topic About this Idea 6. The mood in here. Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email. Kathleen Walker September 23, Searching for maiden name, receiving married name Edit Subject.

I'm not suggesting that there be an additional name space for a "maiden name", but I don't know how to overcome this problem. Link Short URL. Robert Kehrer Official Rep September 25, Kathleen, Are you entering anything into the search form that would inform the system that you are entering a maiden name as opposed to a married name?

If not there is no way for the system to know what type of surname is being entered. We have discussed the following: When a user searches with the surname name of a person and also enters a different surname of a spouse, the system could look for records with both surnames. Of course, that would not work as well in countries with patronymics, like Sweden, or places where the surname doesn't change. It also would provide false results when the searched for person in a male and the wife's maiden name is entered below.

Not planned Under consideration Planned Implemented. How does this make you feel? Add Image. I'm e. Kathleen Walker September 25, I guess you're asking if I'm searching on the woman's name with a reference to her parents, where the father would have the same surname.

I can't think of any other way to let the system know that I'm searching for a record of an unmarried woman. The answer to your question would be "not always". However, I think perhaps you've suggested a good idea - when I search for women using their maiden names, I could try to get in the habit of entering the same surname in the appropriate blank for her father.

I'll try that. Kathleen, Wait a bit to try this. The system doesn't employ that logic currently. It is something that has been suggested by users and that we are thinking through.

Kathleen Walker September 26, So how else could I "inform the system that I am entering a maiden name"? That seems to be the crux of the problem.

There is no real way to do that, right? September 25, Kathleen I understand what you want to do but on many records it is not really feasible to automatically determine if the surname is the maiden name or a married name. All the system can do is search for a surname and the user may have to use other information to determine if it is maiden or not. I understand that birth records for female children would be the maiden name and that principals in a marriage record would be the maiden name but many others might not.

For example a mothers name on a birth record could be either. I have seen both and the system has no way to know. It seems to me limiting the search to certain types of records marriage, etc might be a better option than searching for maiden name.

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When a person traditionally the wife in many cultures assumes the family name of their spouse , that name replaces the person's previous surname , which in the case of the wife is called the maiden name birth name is also used as a gender-neutral or masculine substitute for maiden name , whereas a married name is a family name or surname adopted by a person upon marriage. In Scotland it is legal and not unusual for a woman to retain her maiden name after marriage. In point of fact if a woman's family was more 'influential' than the groom then he sometimes took his bride's family name. In some jurisdictions, changing one's name requires a legal procedure.

Her reasons were practical, not political. Suh said.

Their day-to-day struggles may not surface in history books, but their legacy lives on in the generations that followed them. Finding the maiden names of the women in our tree is one obstacle that needs to be overcome. John Williams or Mrs. Even after the husband dies, you may see them listed as Widow Williams. But there is hope.

Finding Maiden Names

Robert Kehrer Official Rep. Short URL. Loading Profile Posted and. Community-powered support for FamilySearch. Supported by 21, customers like you, as well as the FamilySearch team. Overview Topics Products People Change log. Get Satisfaction uses Javascript and cookies.

How to find the maiden names of women in your family tree

In order to locate information about your female answers, you will want to peruse a variety of public records. Before you begin your search either online or offline, there is a very useful reference book I highly recommend:. This book gives a state-by-state guide for the U. It is available from GenealogyStore. With the anticipation of locating a maiden name, check all associated birth, death and divorce records for the woman, as well as for her siblings and children.

A woman's maiden name can usually be found on any of the documents listed below.

Are you still looking for an elusive maiden name in your family tree? Here are three new suggestions to help you uncover it and discover a new family line. Click Here to listen to the weekly podcast.

Maiden Names, on the Rise Again

It is perfectly legal for a woman in Scotland to continue to use her maiden surname or use her husband's surname. In the past, many women would use both surnames but this is not very practical in the modern world. It was not normally a tradition for Scottish women to use their maiden surname as a middle name after marriage. Use of double barrelled surnames to incorporate the maiden surname is rare.

When entering a woman's name in a family tree, enter her maiden name her last name at birth. Using maiden names in family trees connects women to their birth families, ensures that you record their pre-marriage names, and keeps consistency in your tree among women who never married, married once, and married more than once. If you don't know a woman's maiden name, leave her last name blank. If a woman married, her married last name is recorded in the tree by entering her husband into the tree as well. His last name is assumed to be her married last name.

Learning Zone - Use of Maiden Surnames in Scotland

Click on the name of the state where the woman you are interested in currently lives or has lived. Usually, you must write to the Department of Health, but some states let you look up marriage records online. Websites such as Anywho. Simply type all the information you have into the search bar — first name, maiden name, new last name if you have managed to find this, date of birth, city and state of residence — and see what the search returns. Some sites are subscription only. Some sites claim to specialize in maiden name searches, which is why they might be worth the extra expense. Facebook and LinkedIn encourage users to list an alternate name on their accounts if it differs from their ID, such as maiden name or nickname.

How to use the General Register Office to help you find the maiden names of your English ancestors.

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Maiden name

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