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Fm17 target man partner

How can you create a successful tactic in Football Manager? The pairs and combinations guide by llama3 is updated for FM20 and delves into and discusses how to use player role combinations, duties and partnerships at the back, out wide, in the centre or in the front. This in-depth Football Manager guide provides you with some basic principles of player role and duty combinations that is worthy for creating a successful tactic and is one of the greatest Football Manager resources that helped me understand tactics creation better back in the days. All in all, it provides you with an insight to how to create your Football Manager tactics, from setting up a shape which provides defensive security, better movements and runs that penetrates the opposition block to how to consider width relating to your shape. Sure there are ways which are making it tougher for yourself and ways of making it easier for yourself, but there are many ways to play the game.


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This is the purpose of this thread. To be more specific, I want to use the TM s role. So, the first question is: can I use the TM role in my base tactic or due to its specific mechanism and hoof the ball effect the tactic becomes too predictable, passing too direct, among other potential issues?

Can my base tactic have a TM role without the need of tweaking it? I specifically want to channel my play through a TM. The only reason is this is how I want my team to play. Before I start this work which I suspect is going to be hard , I want to know is it's realistically posible in FM to use the TM in the long term, building my squad arround this idea without masking it with other roles.

I don't want a TM in disguise, I really want the hoof the ball effect and use it properly. The biggest key to successfully using a targetman based system over time is the quality of the targetman.

You definitely need good passers to supply good balls, but he has to be a man that can get the job done. Your attack will be fairly predictable as players will look first to your targetman when considering options, and depending on how you have set up your support, can lead to some very direct play. If you don't want too much directness, you need to make sure you have a playmaker or or two closer to the targetman that can feed him with shorter balls and also help work the ball up the field a bit more methodically.

Even with that though, you should expect to see lots of balls heading to your TM. But this is fine, because you have a great TM, and while it is predictable, you are daring the opposition to stop him, and if he's really good, it won't always be possible. The biggest downside of the TM to me is that it messes with your GK distribution- expect to see a lot of kicks aimed to the TM. It always frustrated me about that in the past.

I haven't used a TM in FM17 to know if this is still a problem. Anyway, that is my experience with it, but I say go for it as a style, it is valid way to play and can work quite well for you. I used to get so frustrated about this.

I was desperate to use a TM. The truth is that the TM as FM envisions it is a very specific type of player where as in real life the term Target Man gets attached to any big strong player that can hold the ball up. When the keeper has the ball he looks for the TM, when your defenders have the ball they look for the TM, when your wingers have the ball they look for the TM.

As a result using a TM often overrides all other instructions. Everyone will look for the TM before considering anything else. This, naturally, results in lots of aimless long balls. So, in Football Manager you can see that the TM really narrows your tactical possibilities. That isn't what is meant by a target man in real life. Most of the time we don't mean a brainless meathead who's only job is to stand there and let the ball ping off his head.

We mean someone who plays with his back to goal or on the half turn. They come short to receive passes and they are generally strong enough to hold onto the ball for longer periods to enable players to get up around them. What does this mean in terms of football manager then? Well, In my opinion what most people mean by target man is, in football manager, actually a DLF s. You can still use someone who's big, strong with TM PPMS like players with back to goal and that will still make them suitable for the odd long ball.

I've found if your target man is really limited then setting them as a DF will sort that out because then they basically come short for the ball and lay it off really simple to the nearest player before moving ahead of play again which in reality can mean taking a pass from central midfield, laying it off to a winger before turning and heading for the box ready to head in a cross. Additional: I'm aware there are some FM geniuses who know how to game the ME and get the TM working for them in more subtle ways but for most of us that's not an option.

As others have said, using the TM role means you're likely to see a lot of long balls forward. The key things for me are a the supply, b the support, and c the defensive shape. I think a has been covered so I won't go into it.

I think the support is important. You need good runners off the ball to make this work and your TM needs to be good enough to hold the ball up and find his team mates with a pass.

The result of all that is a low-success path to goal that's going to turn the ball over a lot. So, you can expect to have low possession and you need to have a really solid defensive base to avoid being exposed in transition and absorb pressure. If you have accept it's a low-success system, you have to create a high frequency of attacks in order to get the breakthrough.

I tried career with Ibrahimovich-Man Utd as well as fantasy draft with Lewandoeski etc. One very important strength of long ball is that, when your target man always win the air battle, the transition phase is nearly unstopable.

I've been playing with the TM role in FM18 and it seems improved from previous versions and can be a great outlet for that killer pass through the defensive line. The most important thing I'd say to anyone wanting to play a TM is to not to play him up on his own; he needs players very close to him on the pitch and if playing just the two upfront to offset centrally so they are closer together or you may find, as I have, when the TM gets the ball he'll have two CD's between him and his strike partner.

Playing them off-centre I've found they play between the defenders meaning that decisive pass only needs to beat one man.

The TM system I find is better in the lower leagues because there's the potential for a greater discrepancy in stats between the TM and the defender he's manned up with, but yea, you need a godly TM to make it work. One thing I do in the lower leagues is find a TM on loan from a championship team. In the loan options, make sure to select that he can't be recalled or used in cup matches the AI doesn't seem to mind this , then as you're doing this, groom some homegrown TM's for the future.

Well, it seems to me I need a really dominant player in the air if I want my tactic to be successful. Perhaps he lacks a bit of First touch but anyway I can't sign him.

I'll use Mandzukic as a guide to the player I'll sign, someone who looks like Mandzukic but I can afford. I need someone who has the desire to for the challenge, who wins aerial duels and who can hold up the ball under pressure.

Specific attributes I'm looking for:. Mentals: Off the ball, bravery, determination, aggression. Petagna and Carrillo specially the last one are the best options, but I can't sign them.

That leaves me with Onuachu, Perica, Cornelius and Weghorst. In target man terms, he is Jack of all trades master of none.

No crucial attribue below 14 and he is still Young so can develop nothing dramatical, but who knows, just 1 number up in every attribute could still happen. Perica looks a good choice given your range of options, but his passing is kind of poor, and in a support role especially, you want him to be able to distribute decently well. He will knock down balls in and has decent technical skills, but if isn't going to shoot, then he's passing.

He looks like he'll do decently, and you can set him some training to work on his passing a bit, even a point or two there will be helpful. If anyone is interested, I'm not updating because all my attempts are a complete failure and I don't know what is specifically wrong everything is wrong. I belive the targetman is as best with a strikerpartner in a formation. In that formation you have plenty of wide crossing options. If you play the targetman in a supportrole you will ned a striker beside him who offers runs in the channels for flick ons and through passes.

Flexible and standard. TI: be more disciplined, hold your positions and hit early crosses. Went for a with Shadow striker. I also ran with conventional wingers to help me get the ball in the box as my other outlet. The target man releases these guys quite often, and crosses seem more likely to succeed in this version than others.

Since I changed to this I went W8 L1 for my final 9 games of the season with Auxerre 1st season in ligue 1. I'm playing WB with play out from the back to stop Def hoofing to TM, mixed passes and gegenpressing, lower tempo. My TM is 6'6 he has shocking dribbling 6 but decent everything else usually ball gets played over the top or from wings into him and trequartista or ap a is always in space around him for a neat headed flick on and attempt on goal. I wouldn't try this with a TM smaller than 6'4 unless they have a HUGE jumping stat though as defenders tend to be tall with good jumping and will beat him to the ball in the air.

If you can afford him Sergej Milinkovic Savic turns into an absolute beast of a TM support, highly recommend him, will require a little training to master the role but he can also play cm and am very versatile player. Milan Djuric is my favorite target man and is always one of my first player acquisitions.

His stats don't look the greatest in the world, but he's big, strong, good in the air, holds up the ball well, and can make some nice passes too.

He scores lots of goals for me at Celtic which includes Champions League play as well. You can get him for just over 3 million BPS at the start of the game. Sorry, I don't have a screenshot from the game start. Haven't checked this in Have you? RIght- I know with your GK settings correct it isn't nearly as frequent, but I did experience it in 17, 16, 15, 14 etc.

To me it is definitely something one wants to keep an eye when using a targetman, because it CAN be a problem- but clearly isn't for you.

I love a good target man, they are great for an 'underdog' team at the start of the game. I personally go for a narrow formation with the full backs in attack mentality to provide the width and the supply to the TM. Make sure they have good crossing attributes and that they are crossing from the byline, keeper should be asked to play out of defence and distribute to full backs to avoid the hoof up the pitch.

Your target man will score a good number of goals with this in place, not only with his head but also half volleys. I will try to build a team around a Targetman.

As a TM he will create space, so its still importen with other players close by him to draw advance of it. With a TM A you often want to get your crosses in by the byline, as he will try to dominate them inside the box. As told, the TM have an influence on how he interact with the gameplan.

I've used a target man pretty exclusively since FM13 and I've experienced none of this. I've used it in direct tactics, possession tactics, all kinds of tactics and it's never limited anything in any way. Technically he's lacking, actually technically he has the attributes of a League Two player. However he is awesome in the air and beats almost all CB's in the Championship.

Help! Target man formation and Tactic needed

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The Poacher is a peculiar role. I have used it to some success in a couple of saves and I want to analyse what a Poacher is doing and how you can use the role to full effect. To do that, I use footage from my Dulwich Hamlet save.

While most roles simply give a player a set of instructions that tell him how he should behave on the pitch, if a player is given a playmaker role or a target man role then this will also affect how his teammates behave when they have the ball. Specifically, they will be more likely to pass the ball to him than they otherwise would, meaning he is likely to be more involved in the game. Playmaker and target man roles should therefore be used carefully and a player should only be assigned such a role if he is considered to be an important part of your tactic. Various factors affect what a player chooses to do when he is on the ball, such as his player instructions , the passing options available to him based on the positions and amount of space his teammates are in , the other options available to him, his mental attributes and his traits.

Football Manager 2017 wonderkids: 25 strikers you must sign

Rangers at the time were easily the dominant force in Scottish football and a packed Ibrox wanted entertaining football as long as the team won. It is also easy to recreate in Football Manager. To develop this tactic, I have taken over managerless Rangers on FM Touch the tactics are available to download for full game and touch at the end. This, in turn, requires us to find time and space on the flanks to get quality crosses in. The split central midfield pair will see the CMdef drop back to cover the defensive line whilst the CMsupp will be choosey about when to go forward to support attacks — often finding space at the edge of the penalty area. TM Support is described as so:. The TM will drop deeper and look to play in his teammates from deeper position — usually out to the right wing — before pushing forward. This is my default option. TM Attack is described as:. I like to use this to force the opponents d-line deeper.

Tempo Tactics The Glesga KISS: Big Man – Little Man

Or, I can go for goal myself. Sometimes I drop back to pick it up; other times I find space to help the team and draw a defender from his position. Then I might try to open space so that the midfielders have another option: me. It opens space for others. In a good partnership, the other striker would do the same next time.

Yes, this Irish midfielder or forward was on the transfer list at the start of the save but he became my key player for fifteen years.

Strikerless football is not a style that appeals to everyone. Some are set in their ways and feel forwards are an integral part of their team. Whatever their reasoning may be, there are plenty of people who would prefer not to play without strikers.

Football Manager Player Role Combinations and Duty Pairs

Since its introduction in FM, the Wide Target Man role always fascinated and brought out the tactical tinkerer in me. Most of the time it leads to a lot of wasted time playing around with the tactics screen. Even worse is the disappointment of watching game after game and seeing none of the hoped for results.

Wir haben erkannt, dass Ihr Browser auf Deutsch eingestellt ist. This week's Wednesday Wisdom comes courtesy of FMSamo who has created a guide for the formation. Here, he covers the main points you need to consider in the system while stressing the importance of finding the right players and attributes to fill those roles. If you think you're up to the task of spreading your own Wednesday Wisdom, get in touch - byline sigames. Three-defender formations have dipped in and out of popularity since their inception.

Football manager target man attack

Join FMB on Facebook. Subscribe on Youtube. Join FMB on Twitter. In recent years, many teams have transitioned away from using the formation and have embraced other formations instead. Nowadays we usually see a talented number 10, attempts of more complex formation, or strengthening the midfield by sacrificing an attacking player for another midfielder. But we, at the FMBrotherhood want to bring back to its glory days so we have a small guide for you. Every player knows how to play in it and the beauty of the formation is that there are clear roles and expectations for each player.

I'd suggest a formation where the target man has a partner who can either supply him

I like them to be all rounders that can score, create and assist in build up play. Having watched my team play incredibly boring football with Villarreal, I thought about doing something totally different to how I normally play. The Tactic. I want my defenders to stick deep and work as a flat back four. The midfield has my left midfielder cutting inside with a winger on the opposite side.

This is the purpose of this thread. To be more specific, I want to use the TM s role. So, the first question is: can I use the TM role in my base tactic or due to its specific mechanism and hoof the ball effect the tactic becomes too predictable, passing too direct, among other potential issues?

Deciding what role to pick for your striker s could be very tricky because there are lots of things to keep in mind. First of all you have to look at the attributes of the striker then think about how to fit him in your tactics and the role you want him to play in the tactic you may want him to be a creator or a finisher. What ever your objectives are for that player you have to be familiar with the stats needed to fulfill that role and how the role works within the match engine because sometimes the roles do something completely different from what the description says, an example is Inside Forwards in FMM15, the description said they would cut inside but they never did, they played just like wingers.

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