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How to get a metalhead girlfriend

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During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what. Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Metal is a genre that is almost entirely dominated by men.

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Why Being A Female Metalhead is Hard

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Whoa Whoa Whoa What is wrong with me going with my husband to a metal show that I genuinely enjoy? I don't holler, I don't get in the way of the mosh pit even if I did, I can handle myself Thank You , and I don't act like an annoying girly girl. Well, I'm sure your husband knew what he was doing when he married an exception to the rule.

Congratulations to both of you. May you enjoy many metal shows together, arm length apart from each other, hands in your pockets, and directly facing the band.

I have to draw the line somewhere here. This is idiotic and sexist. I DO agree that nobody should be there who is going to talk through sets and show disrespect to the band or anybody attending. Write a new article when you get the pleasure of actually dating a woman into metal.

If one will even bother with you. It's not idiotic nor sexist because it's true. Women are the most prominent posers in every music scene. To them listening to music is just playing dressup and "hanging out with friends". No woman I've ever met, despite how "dark and cool" they try to dress up, knows shit about music, film, or literature.

They just like "that band that dresses all gothy and screams xD", "I liek horror movies omg so scary", etc. See, this article would be sexist if it represented an unfounded bigoted post about hate towards all women.

See, in our core, we all wish that women actually knew what the fuck they're talking about when it comes to metal, video games, etc. It'd be extremely cool if they were genuinely into it. But they don't, and they aren't. It's not a matter of biology as it is a matter of anthropology. There's probably 2 or 3 metal women in the world. This one time I met a girl that was really metal and knew a shit-ton about bands, but it turned out she was transgender and learned all her shit while she was a guy.

Why aren't girls like this? If anyone needs to change, it's them. And until then, expect these truthful observations. Going to a metal show with your girlfriend is as prudent as going to a porno with your parents. I am so sorry that you have met inferior females. Good advice. Me and my boyfriend met at Opeth. We talked breifly before the show but really got close in the mosh pit, and kept in contact after. Also what's the point of actually 'writing' an article, when the only thing I really have to do is google image search "pictures for goth chicks" and then post them on a daily basis.

Seems to work well for some people. I agree with the posts above chiding finally got to use that word in context! I hate when you get your buddy's year-old jailbait girlfriend who's never been to a live show in her life decking herself out in her best tank top and studded belt, throwing the 'hang loose' sign and mistaking it for the horns.

I'm not kidding, I have seen it happen. Chiding is indeed a very exciting word. With that said, I don't know what I'm being so sexist about. I'm just talking the "metal girlfriend". She is about as much of an accessory as any spiked gauntlet or studded belt.

She typically has no mind of her own and just latches on to her boyfriend's metal taste in order to appear hotter to him and inevitably his other metal friends.

If you're a lady who's metal in her own right, all the more power to you. What instrument do you play Sam? What about when a metal girl takes her non-metal boyfriend to a show? He wouldn't go in the pit, because he had his thick-rimmed glasses on. Not letting him wipe up my bloody nose, and knowing I can overpower him, is the most erotic thing there is. Same, I had a Boyfriend that I brought to tons of shows for bands he had never heard of.

I make this assumption about women at metal shows sometimes but it definatly is sexist. Turned out they were strippers who strip to hatebreed that came straight from work an hour away. The point here is, don't take your girlfriend to a show when she's not metal herself. It works both ways, but it is far more common to see the man bring his clueless sex object to the pit trying to get to the front of the stage where she cannot handle herself on her own.

No one should have to look out for their unaware and incompetent partner because it takes away from experiencing the show. At first I was like wtf? So madding. Hey now; we like to do the same things too. I'm prob. I love this site. It kinda sorta reminds me of Maddox. Philly is kind of a stretch from my current home turf, but its anybody's guess where I'll end up in that period of time. I'm always willing to travel for an especially epic show.

Who knows? Also, unlike Maddox I can be funny more than twice a year. Yeah, Philly is about 6 north of me; I live near Ottawa. IA about Maddox. This is one of the best sites I've come across period. I think you're overgeneralising a little bit. I'm a girl who's into metal. The last guy who went to a show with me was not, and I spent the entire concert worrying about him.

We saw Finntroll and Ensiferum. He only tried to like metal because I did. It also pisses me off when couples make out in the mosh pit Oh yeah, I saw the video on youtube where that girl was going on about how to be a "hot metal chick". She's obviously never been to a metal show, or at least, I hope not.

Girls like that annoy me. I agree! I'm a girl but I know you're talking about those girls that pretend to like metal just to make the bf happy. I hate those bitches that are close to the pit and once someone touch them they get all mad Dulce, you are kinda missing the fact that a totally sexist retard kicked off this post and is a woman hater on every level.

Kill it in the PIT! The truth is, the majority of chicks I see at metal shows ARE like this and the ones that aren't prefer to stand in the back looking hot in their retarded corsets and platform combat boots. Then there's the ones who think that they can handle the pit and the rest of us have to pretend to give a shit about the fact that you have a vagina and not shove you too hard.

I'm done now. I am a female. Fuck you I mosh! Metal dudes that have girlfriend's like the ones emntioned arer going to be listening to 'Katy Perry's greatest hits' In ten years time,with all their metal albums donated to bachelor friends. Idiot, go find a metal chick! We CAN be metal! You know when you're the youngest lone female, hell, the only lone female at Bonecrusher and you manage to dislocate as many jaws as you have?

Dying Fetus thought it was very cool. Shit, if you are lucky enough to be a black metal head then you are like pure gold in a young woman's eyes Nice to know, sir ;. And the hottest ones are usually the biggest posers Black female metalhead on the posttttt! And I mosh like a mother fucker. YOU might get hurt. I am a female black metaller and you sir are the biggest wanker I have seen in quite some time I do promotions run my own metal business and put on extreme metal events.

What's your issue? Did you get turned down by your mates woman when he wasn't looking? Women do actually like metal of all forms as much as guys so in short keep having sex with your hand and stop blaming your lame time on women because the chicks I hang with are as metal as the guys they date!

How I Met My Metalhead Boyfriend

Posted by Metal Injection on November 25, at pm. This year, it seems like the holiday season totally snuck up on us. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanza shopping for metal heads may not be easy, so we here at Metal Injection thought we'd throw in our two cents on suggestions for what to get your favorite metal head this holiday season.

Forgot your password? By guidedbyechoes , August 20, in Amps.

Login Register. Interviews News. Show more. Advertisement Advertise on MS. Ecxiting that they've become super unique now though, this is not "only" psychedelic black metal anymore, but something very unique - Opethian Any thoughts on Oranssi Pazuzu's latest release?

Ask a Bogan: Dating a Non-Metalhead

She likes indie shit music. I feel sad when I see other dudes with their girlfriends headbanging away at shows. So my question is, metalheads and non-metalheads, does it work? I dated two non-metalheads. So that was OK, but it was high school so it all fell apart in a majorly bad way. The second I went out with for three years — he was a musician too, and when I met him he was wearing a Metallica shirt and had long hair. As time went on, we just spent less and less time together as my interests went in one direction and his in another. I knew metal would always be a big part of my life and I wanted someone to share that with.

The Definitive Heavy Metal Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Top definition. Tends to wear band tees,and flannel. They usualy will play an instriment like guitar or drums. Metal chicks are very hard to come about, because most chicks now are trying to be emo or scene. This means when you find a metal chick, she is a true metal chick.

Whoa Whoa Whoa

It really is a funny story, Metalhead Boyfriend and I met under false pretenses. We met on Tinder. For the record I knew of Iron Maiden, not who they were.

Why You Should Date a Typical Metal Chick

We are the new independent Metal dating site. The Metal community for all Metal singles. For chatting, flirting and dating.

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Young women are typically characterized as feminine, cute, dainty, and innocent. The stereotypical girl in western culture indulges herself in Starbucks, owns a questionable variety of yoga pants, and spends way too much time on Instagram. She is a free spirit, a kind-hearted soul, and a redundant embodiment of the female youth. But there is one woman figure that destroys this image; this woman defiles the respectful representation of feminity and creates her own — and oftentimes offensive — idea of beauty and womanhood. These women are called metal chicks. A typical metal chick will want you to hold her while you listen to her favorite Morbid Angel album which is obviously anything except Illud Divinum Insanus.

What is your gut feeling about girl metalheads?

I just want to put the following paragraph out there before I get started. Anyone can like any kind of music and this doesn't bother me. Also, metal is a very odd genre of music It very much feels to me at least like the guys club of music. This is why i'm putting these thoughts out there.

Aug 20, - Then how do metal guys get hot women? if you find a girl who is truely passionate/obsessed with musicianship (yes, musicianship, not trends.

There's nothing worse than having a hot dude come up to me and ask "So, what kind of music are you into? That lie doesn't last very long when they see I have my earphones and they take one of the earphones without even asking and hear "Human Eradication" by Existence Has Failed blasting. Dating is impossible, too, when all the potential metalhead males aren't into the same level of heaviness as I am.

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