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The LOOK! The awards put the spotlight on women who through their unique accomplishments in their specific field have had a positive influence on our society and thereby have become role models for others. They are true ambassadors of inspiration and hope. Although women do most of the work in the world, they receive only ten percent of the pay, and just one percent of global wealth is in female hands.

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These awards — 18 individual categories, one group award for high-functioning teams, and one award designated for high school students — honor women from all walks of life, at various stages of their careers, from an array of engineering and technological disciplines, and the men and institutions who support them. The Society of Women Engineers took this sentiment to heart in its early years. These forward-thinking members knew the importance and value of recognizing women engineers in a public and profound way.

Doing so would not only draw attention to the women being honored, but also to the engineering profession, indicating it was a discipline worth pursuing and one in which women could indeed excel. What did SWE do? Shortly after its founding, the Society established what is now called the Achievement Award.

The concept may have seemed lofty when that first award was presented in And it was, with an impact that has been far reaching. The Achievement Award prompted many corporations to take another look at the recipients and other women in their employ.

It caused companies to promote women into leadership positions and establish mentoring programs for women engineers to ensure their success. It caused corporations to invest in training programs and initiatives to expand their recruitment efforts and diversify their ranks. It led many organizations to create their own internal awards and publicize the accomplishments of these women to broader audiences.

Major national and international corporations began to engage with SWE, setting up endowments and other funding sources for specific awards to guarantee their permanency. This was followed by corporate-sponsored SWE scholarships in , and a revived industrial advisory board in SWE also collaborated with select corporations to establish the Corporate Partnership Council in for guidance and expertise from industry leaders.

It was one of the few avenues of honor and acknowledgment women engineers were likely to have received. It is presented annually to a woman who has made an outstanding technical contribution over a significant period of time in a field of engineering.

Her academic training may be in either science or engineering. A woman who receives an Achievement Award is often described as a fast tracker, a doer, an achiever, highly motivated.

A person who gets things done. A research associate in metallurgy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, SWE acknowledged her for her contributions in the application of solar energy. The Hungarian-American physical chemist and biophysicist was credited with inventing the solar distiller and the first solar-powered heating system for use in homes and outer space.

Telkes also devised the first inexpensive and easily operated oven that could generate heat using solar power; it was used by villagers in poor arid areas around the world. Women engineers who started their own companies were recognized with the Entrepreneur Award. Women making their mark in the industry within 10 years were recognized with the Emerging Leader Award.

SWE brought men into the fold with the Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award in to recognize those who made conscientious efforts to promote gender diversity, equity, and upward mobility for women.

SWENext inspires girls to action through several challenges and an awards program geared to high school students. SWE members and groups with successful programs that promote diversity and inclusion are eligible for its Mission and Multicultural awards. These high-profile awards that recognize the contributions of women in engineering and technology specialties help SWE advance its mission as a global, inclusive organization, one that gives voice to and empowers women in engineering and technology regardless of age, geography, or career stage.

How difficult is it for women to be allies of other women, especially those within the same profession? These women stood out as advocates for other women. They used their positions within their companies to assist and support others. Their awards featured the following citations:. A chemical engineer, she joined The Aerospace Corporation in after taking time off to raise her family.

Throughout her career, Gleiter has supported STEM awareness and has launched programs to improve math education. Casee Eisele, project manager with the Enterprise Customer Acquisition Process Program Management Office at John Deere, was cited for her expertise in cross-functional team management, and product development.

Patty Lopez, Ph. She has spent the past two decades as a change agent, trying to understand and address how organizational structures can elevate or hinder women in engineering.

SWE commended Dr. Educators are instrumental in this process because of the direct influence they have in their roles as teachers, mentors, coaches, and guidance counselors.

SWE sought to celebrate educators who have made significant contributions to the engineering profession. Honorees needed at least 20 years of professional experience and 10 years of experience as full-time or emeritus engineering educators.

Andrews, Ph. Andrews was noted for maintaining excellence both inside and outside the classroom. Andrews was a leader in professional and technical societies and encouraged her students to set high standards. SWE issues 19 distinct awards through its recognition program to women across the globe.

Created in — the 50th anniversary of the Society — it honors a SWE member whose contributions have positively affected SWE at all levels; and a member who has demonstrated dedication and enthusiasm for the Society and its mission. This award recognizes up to five members each year, whose involvement has been focused in areas not recognized by other SWE individual awards or member grade.

The first recipients were innovators in their fields and especially in SWE, lending their knowledge to create budget and fundraising committees, membership campaigns, fund and career development programs, and national conference as it was called at the time programming.

Recipients of this first service award had devoted at least 20 years of active service to SWE or had been a senior member for eight years. Claire M. Shortall, F. Arminta J.

Harness, F. SWE Ret. Phillips, P. SWE; and Ada I. Pressman, P. Known for her fiscal acumen, she was treasurer for three years and helped SWE in all aspects of finances, including budgeting, analysis, cash management, and fiscal planning.

Shortall served on the board of trustees and held other leadership posts. She became a life member in Career guidance and fund development were important to Rogers, and her efforts led SWE to approve a fund development committee. She served the San Francisco Bay Area Section, later called the Santa Clara Valley Section, in various capacities — treasurer, auditor, and second vice president, among others.

She initiated a two-week experiential program with the local Girl Scouts that brought 70 girls from across the United States to a university campus and introduced them to science and technology fields.

The program required strong guidance, support, and funding. Rogers used her expertise to raise money, develop workshops, and document their progress, which laid the groundwork for SWE to incorporate these techniques in its work. Unable to land a job with an engineering firm after earning an aeronautical engineering degree, Harness took her skills to the Air Force, becoming the first woman engineer to join.

After 24 years, she retired as a lieutenant colonel with a number of awards and citations to her credit. She then took a civilian position as manager of laboratory planning with Westinghouse Hanford Company, retiring after five years. Her service to SWE included stints as Society president, vice president, leadership of several sections, and member of the archives committee, among others.

A former health and safety consultant, Phillips retired in from the Shell Oil Co. She joined SWE a year after graduating from college and held many leadership and committee positions on the section and Society levels, including the executive committee, Society president, vice president, and secretary, as well as on the board of trustees, which she also served as president.

Pressman, a mechanical engineer, went to work for the Bechtel Corporation as a power control systems engineer after graduating with her degree in , and joined SWE as a charter member of the Cleveland Section in Pressman excelled at Bechtel, becoming an expert in combustion control and burner management in power plants. She served SWE on the Society level, holding several leadership positions on the executive committee, nominating committee, Achievement Award committee, and advisory committee, among others.

SWE presented a new award in Emerging Leader. The award was created to honor any woman engineer who has been actively engaged in an engineering or technology profession, and has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as an individual that resulted in significant accomplishments.

Recipients were required to have 10 to 15 years of cumulative engineering experience. Considered a midcareer award, it was a direct response to industry requests to recognize women who have achieved and demonstrated outstanding technical excellence as an individual resulting in significant accomplishments in one or more of those areas. Names of specific fields changed slightly between and , and the criteria changed in to remove the specific fields as award recipients have diverse work experience covering many categories.

Semahat S. Demir, Ph. A native of Istanbul, Turkey, Dr. Demir earned her Ph. SWE may present a maximum of 10 awards in this category each year. In addition to Dr. Demir, others who received one of the first Emerging Leader Awards were:. Although these women represented different engineering disciplines, each shared a common trait: outstanding leadership that was reflected in their career advancement and acknowledged by SWE.

Deciding to pursue a degree in a male-dominated profession such as engineering can be daunting in and of itself. But to take that degree and choose to chart your own career path apart from the traditional corporate and academic arenas by becoming an entrepreneur is no small feat.

SWE honors these women with its Entrepreneur Award. Her expertise includes reservoir evaluation, project management, and consulting services covering the entire spectrum of upstream oil and gas activities. The Fellow Grade is an honor conferred on SWE members with at least 20 years of professional membership in recognition of continuous service to the advancement of women in the engineering profession.

SWE leaders determine the maximum number of recipients each year based on membership statistics. The inaugural Fellow Grade class in included eight women from a wide range of scientific and engineering backgrounds: consultant and instructor, architect, senior industrial hygienist, and program engineer, among others.

The recipients included:. Just five years old, the Global Leadership Award commends up to three women who each have a minimum of 15 years of professional experience and who have worked in and led an internationally based engineering, scientific, or technology-based business or organization. A woman in this capacity is deemed to be a role model to women engineers and technologists worldwide.

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These awards — 18 individual categories, one group award for high-functioning teams, and one award designated for high school students — honor women from all walks of life, at various stages of their careers, from an array of engineering and technological disciplines, and the men and institutions who support them. The Society of Women Engineers took this sentiment to heart in its early years. These forward-thinking members knew the importance and value of recognizing women engineers in a public and profound way. Doing so would not only draw attention to the women being honored, but also to the engineering profession, indicating it was a discipline worth pursuing and one in which women could indeed excel.

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The awards are handed out twice a year in the UK and here's all you need to know The decision about who gets an honour - and the type of honour they get - is made by a special committee. The committee's decisions go to the prime minister and then, finally, to the Queen to check it. Not everyone wants an honour and people are allowed to turn down the award, which occasionally happens for example, Roald Dahl turned down his award. People can also have their honour taken away from them if they are disgraced or behave in a bad way. The honours list consists of knights and dames , appointments to the Order of the British Empire and gallantry and bravery awards. Different people win different awards depending what they have done. The main awards include:. There are others, though, including the Royal Red Cross for those in the nursing services, and the Queen's Police Medal and Fire Service Medal for those working in these areas.

2019 Women of the Future Awards - Built environment shortlist

The book provides an excellent range of up-to-date audition pieces, usefully arranged in age groups, and is supplemented with audition tips to improve your acting, and to ensure that the best possible performance. London University and as a theatre director in America M. Boston University. Since his first professional production in he has directed more than stage plays in all forms of theatre, from weekly repertory to the Royal Shakespeare Company, from the National Theatre in Seoul to the Bob Hope Memorial Theatre, S. He started directing for the screen in , and has directed more than drama productions, from television soap opera to medical dramas to a feature film.

By Glenn Garner For Dailymail.

It has evolved to cover a broad spectrum of topics, including relationships, career, fashion, beauty, and women achievers who have left a mark in their chosen field. Femina India has 2. Femina was founded in Frene Talyakhan , after working as an editor with magazines like Trend and Flair , became the editor of Femina in , when Flair was bought over by the Times of India group.

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I was highly impressed with the lineup of beautiful and strong women that are contributing so much to the world! Such an Award is giving them opportunity to voice their powerful stories on stage. Hence I decided to write about three outstanding women that inspired me that night. In her book she describes her personal experience, going through a roller coaster of emotions during her teenager time, feeling insecure because of a negative body Image and so on.

They all made it on to the awards shortlist after a rigorous judging process which lasted for hours. We will also be revealing winners in lots of other sections on the day of the grand finals. Watch out for them in the Echo soon. In the meantime, thanks go to the wonderful sponsors of our first ever Wearside Women In Business Awards. Finalists will gather for a glittering occasion at the Ramside Hall Hotel. We will have a media team at the event to bring you full coverage of the proceedings, complete with interviews and photographs of all the winners.

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November ging zum bereits vierten Mal die look! "Women of the year" - Gala im Wiener Rathaus Dec 21, - Uploaded by Uschi Fellner look! into my life.

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