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We guard for privacy, your email will never for disclosed to any third party. Pin It on Pinterest. Read previous post:. Infographic Before embarking on your next email marketing campaign check out this extensive infographic featuring chinese about app marketing and. With a booming online dating industry, there are plenty of China dating sites and apps to choose from. Tantan is a totally free Chinese dating app, but it chinese allows you to upgrade to VIP status.

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There have been numerous obstacles for Momo over the past couple years, including the current coronavirus in China, which have kept the share price subdued. Compared to Match Group, and based on growth prospects, Momo is an incredible bargain. Despite excellent growth, Momo Inc. It's been a while since I've written an article on SA. I decided in to only write when I believe there is something very strong to offer rather than writing to attempt to gain followers through regular writing.

I'm more concerned about the performance of my picks than how many I produce. That has put me in a conundrum over the last couple years. As lauded stock picker Meryl Witmer recently quipped in a Barron's article , "It's been pretty slim pickings for the value investor.

But I cannot tell you any better than a coin toss whether or not they will generate a gain five years from now. I also wrote a book over the past couple years, published just last month called Joe's Dynamic Investments , 5 Principles to Creating and Maintaining Wealth. We connect people and facilitate interactions based on location, interests and a variety of recreational activities including live talent shows, short videos, social games as well as other video- and audio-based interactive experiences, such as live chats and mobile karaoke experience.

The above description of business activities may seem long-winded. In the U. The revenues of the company are stable and growing. Tantan is a Tinder-like app that is hot among young Chinese singles.

Both MOMO and Tantan use a "freemium" business model which allows users to sign up for free before monetizing the user base. More importantly, monthly paying users of the company's live video services were The company showed significant growth in its virtual gifts business on the Momo app.

That is attractive in and of itself of course. But how will they achieve it? Momo, with the inclusion of Tantan, is the dominant player in the digital dating space in China.

The company estimates that the combined MAU base of Momo and Tantan is less than half the addressable market in China. In addition, they are beginning to press more buttons to entice MAUs to spend more, particularly in the virtual gifts arena if you think luxury watches yield an attractive margin, try a virtual gift!

Online and mobile device dating is set for a long run of secular growth in my opinion. Young people today are much more comfortable meeting people digitally than those from past generations.

The market acceptance of Match Group's match. I believe Momo has lots of hidden pricing power. Tantan is projected to be a growth beast in the next few years similar to the way Tinder has been for Match Group.

Tantan is the leading mobile dating app in China and has 4. It just began monetizing its traffic in and is vastly under-monetized at this point. A look at Match Group's strategy shows Tinder as the dominant growth mechanism for that company. Tantan is competing in India and Southeast Asia markets for share as well.

Markets outside of China are very competitive, so I see these markets as a remote possibility to bring in substantial revenue. Momo's management states that it is constantly weighing the situation and will not endlessly pursue other markets if it's not working out.

Let's compare paying user growth between Momo and Match Group. This pales in comparison to Momo's Being the dominant, market-leading player in China creates a strong moat to ward off competitors. The more men and women there are available on a dating site, the more attractive the site is from a potential membership standpoint.

Romance seekers understandably desire a large selection of candidates. Size is now creating barriers that future competitors cannot hurdle. Wang Yu, CEO and Founder of Tantan talks about the barriers to entry, market domination, monetization, and how well the acquisition from MOMO went in this insightful podcast minute 38 forward.

The Chinese market is somewhat protected from outside companies competing for market share there. While we in the U. This is a problem that Momo's business model attempts to help people solve.

Facilitating love and the matchmaking process should be a good business for a long time in China. Going back a bit in time, the Chinese government on April 29th, suspended new Tantan downloads at the Apps store level, which understandably caused lots of distress in the stock price.

The downdraft in China's economy over the past two years and the U. Currently, while trade disputes may hurt the Chinese economy overall, Momo's revenues are based on Chinese consumers and are not reliant on exports nor subject to any trade restrictions.

The share price could fall further, and if it does, we will buy more. I believe China will overcome the virus as the government is resolute about containing it. Momo's performance in Q3 was right on track.

It's difficult to attach an earnings growth rate to the company owing to the acquisition of Tantan, lots of investment, and elevated stock based compensation. Q3 EPS X 4 puts the shares at Bears are opening up short positions. But when you think about it, people meeting online seems safer than meeting in person for sure. My heart goes out to the Chinese people that are exposed to the coronavirus outbreak, but I'm not worried long term about Momo.

Are dating prospects that much better in the sans-China world over the past year? China has million singles. The following chart speaks for itself. The revenue growth opportunity in the China dating space looks exceptional! This dominance may prevent the board from acting independently. The company has paid a couple of special dividends in the recent past with a special dividend in April of of 0. It's nice to see occasional return of capital to shareholders.

Take advantage of the previous regulatory trouble, China's weaker economy, the trade disputes, and the new coronavirus threat which have held Momo's share price in check over the past couple of years. Good things happen when you purchase a company with 1 low capital investment requirements, 2 a great balance sheet with minimal debt, 3 fast revenue and earnings growth, 4 a cheap current valuation owing to a crisis 5 excellent, aligned management.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it other than from Seeking Alpha. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article. Momo has a great business model that dominates in an attractive industry in an awesome market. Introduction Despite excellent growth, Momo Inc. The company's website describes the business operation as follows: " We enable users to discover new relationships, expand their social connections and build meaningful interactions.

100% Free Online Dating in Momo, AU

Do you often find yourself working overtime and having less personal time? When was the last time you went out and met someone new? In a society that puts an emphasis on hard work and endless working hours, it can be hard to go out and find that special someone. Finding someone online via dating apps has become a convenient way out for those seeking love and companionship, or even just to find someone to date casually so their families and relatives will stop nagging them.

With a booming online dating industry, there are plenty of China dating sites and apps to choose from. Tantan is a totally free Chinese dating app, but it also allows you to upgrade to VIP status.

The app allows users to chat with nearby friends and strangers. Momo provides users with free instant messaging services through Wifi, 3G and 4G. Momo officially began operations in July , and one month later launched the first version of the app for iOS. In October , Tang was named by Fortune Magazine as one of its "40 Under 40," a list of the most powerful business elites under the age of Chengdu Momo , as a wholly owned subsidiary.

China’s Dating App Momo Will Soon Chat-Up International Users in English [Updated]

But along with the students who are moved to action, dating culture in Hong Kong is also changing as a result of the protests. Adding a yellow ribbon to your profile means you sympathize with protestors while a blue ribbon means you support the police and the mainland Chinese establishment. Some are even posting photos of themselves at protests as a way to attract potential dates with the same political leanings. Momo reported financial results for the third quarter of Overall, Q3 was a positive period for the Chinese social networking and dating company. Momo ended on a mixed note. In the good column: revenue jumped 51 percent in the third quarter of the year and net income rose nearly 8 percent year-over-year. In the bad column: news broke that 30 million Momo users may have been affected by a data leak. Chinese dating app Tantan , which was recently removed from the Chinese app stores, is on the rise in India. The popular app has gained traction among singles and is now the fifth most popular dating app in the country.

Momo dating app website

If you're seeing this message, that means JavaScript has been disabled on your browser. The Beijing-based startup behind the flirty hook-up app Momo is preparing to take it international, with an English version of its iPhone app submitted to Apple last week. The dating app has been picking up users at an incredible rate; I notice it was at , last December, two million by this March, and 10 million by August. And now?

Millions of its own online dating site gaylord gaylord matchups.

There have been numerous obstacles for Momo over the past couple years, including the current coronavirus in China, which have kept the share price subdued. Compared to Match Group, and based on growth prospects, Momo is an incredible bargain. Despite excellent growth, Momo Inc.

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The two have finally confirmed to be officially dating each other after several relationship rumors were written about them. According to the press, the two idols have been dating for years now which makes the fans look back on their past interactions, and as they looked closely, they were amazed on how some of the videos with Heechul and Momo were like giving hints about their relationship. Momo hesitated for a second, and after a while, she answered Kim Heechul, and her reason is heartwarming. In the show as well, when the girls are asked to pick their partner, Momo chose Heechul again.

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In the last couple of years Momo has been trying hard to improve its past seedy reputation re-positioning itself more of an interest based social app rather than purely a hook up service. It has added some shopping elements, games, groups etc. Those changes also made it harder to navigate — it is sort of all over the place nowadays. Nevertheless, when it comes to Chinese dating apps, Momo is the first one that comes to mind of most singles in China. Unfortunately, it is only available in Chinese — the English version was discontinued 3 years ago, although the company promises to launch an international version in the future.


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May 13, - Momo-owned Tantan, a popular Tinder-like dating app in China, closed its social posting section on the same day to “implement content safety.

Posted by Sebean Hsiung in D. Salon Express , Data Recovery Tips on While you may have to do dating digging to social high quality matches on Most , it social a spot on this list out of sheer popularity.

Looking for love in China? The List of 8 Most Popular Chinese Dating Apps

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Momo (software)

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Skirt The FOMO; Pick Up Some Momo

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Momo dating app english

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