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What do guys look for a girlfriend

You have a career. The days when guys want to outearn a girl are, for the most part, over. Even a part time job can make a big difference in how he views you. You know how to stand up for yourself. You know how to have fun.


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What Do Guys Like In A Girl? (5 Things They Absolutely Love)

Ladies, listen up. If you have found yourself single for awhile, you may be wondering, what is a man even looking for in a woman anymore? This is especially true if are recently divorced or entering the field after a long-term relationship. It isn't easy to figure out what guys want sometimes. We women are complex creatures, and we have our own list of what we are looking for in the perfect boyfriend.

However, if you are seeking out information to figure out what qualities a good guy is looking for in the perfect girlfriend, you have come to the right place! This isn't a complete and comprehensive list, and of course, there are some guys out there that will disagree with some of the items that are listed. However, for the most part, a majority of future boyfriends will be seeking these qualities out in you.

Take a good look at this list and see how you measure up. If you don't think that you have one or more of these qualities, it doesn't necessarily disqualify you from the dating field; it just gives you a point of reference on where you can concentrate some of your efforts. We can all use a little improvement, and of course, there is no real definition of perfect. We each have our own qualities that men find attractive. However, after asking quite a few men what they are really looking for in a potential girlfriend, this is the list that was created.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, most men out there will say that a woman's physical appearance is at the top of the list of what makes them the perfect girlfriend. This isn't to say that looks are the only thing that men look at. You also don't have to be model perfect in order to land the guy of your dreams.

There are, however, a few key characteristics that men are seeking out in potential dating prospects. Taking the time to care for your looks goes a long way.

Sure, we don't want to have to put the effort in every day, and there are plenty of times that we will be caught in our yoga pants and pajama shirts. However, if you care about your appearance, you will look good even if you are just bumming around. Not too fat, not to thin, but just right. Taking time to take care of your physical body is not only good for your health, but it is also good for your dating life.

When you take time to workout, you bring the best out of your appearance. When you look good, you also feel good. Taking care of your physical body and keeping it at a weight within range is important to a lot of men. Ladies, if you don't wear makeup, that is great, if you are looking to attract a bohemian hippie for a boyfriend. If you are looking to be the perfect girlfriend, get to know how to use makeup correctly. It can make a huge difference in who you attract. A good guy won't tell you to your face that this is an important attribute, but when you wear makeup the right way, it really enhances your beauty.

You don't want to overdo it to the point that you look like a clown, but you don't want to under do it to the point that you can't even tell that you are wearing it.

If you need some real advice, there are plenty of videos you can watch online and local cosmetic dealers that have a professional staff that will show you how to apply your makeup. There is nothing like making perfection even more perfect, and it can be done. The days of liking a ditzy blonde are over. Sure, they are great for a one-night stand, but in order to make the perfect girlfriend list, you have to have some kind of intelligence. Intelligence is sexy. If a girl is going to college or has a great job that requires the use of their brain, it drives guys wild.

Plus, you will be able to attract a good guy that won't be threatened if you are successful. There are several types of intelligence. It doesn't mean you have to be a brilliant, rocket-scientist. However, acting like you have no interest in anything is a real turn-off. There is nothing like a person who can hold a conversation with just about anyone because they have a knowledge about a variety of topics.

Men know this, and therefore they are looking out for the ones who have a few smarts in their back pocket. You don't necessarily have to have a Master's Degree to catch a guy's attention.

You can know the hustle. It is like survival of the fittest out there, and it is a dog-eat-dog world. It is having common sense, and being able to talk to people.

You have to make the right decisions that will help you get ahead in the world. Street smarts is about knowing how to take care of yourself in a number of situations and applying knowledge.

Having some street smarts isn't something that can peg on someone, but you know it when you see it. When your parents get married Yes, ladies, you have a reputation, and you may not even know it. Loyalty is a trait that is easy to uncover, and men are always going to look at you to have their back.

Loyalty is something that is sadly taken out of today's society. People will turn their back on you for the most manipulative of reasons. A good guy is not going to want the woman drama that comes with you pushing the boundaries a little too far.

Loyalty is a definitive quality that men are looking for in a perfect girlfriend. There is a difference between past and present. If you cheated on someone in the past, chances are, either you learned from it If you have ever cheated on a good guy, you will have the reputation of being disloyal. Everyone makes a mistake in life, but making it twice is definitely a choice. When you are not loyal — who it makes you as a person is not what a good guy is looking for.

In the present, if you are considered the perfect girlfriend by your mate, don't mess it up with cheating on him. This will devastate him. If he thinks you are perfect and you ruin that by crushing his feelings like they don't matter, you will not only NOT be the perfect girlfriend anymore, you will be the enemy.

Don't do it. Break it off with respect and be a woman. There is nothing worse than a snake to a man. First off, you have to have your man's back, your friends back, and your family's back. Don't talk crap about anyone or get sucked into gossip. There is no way a guy is going to think that you are perfect girlfriend if one of your qualities is backstabbing. If you are not loyal to all those around you, you can't be trusted.

Keep your character proud and true, and it will serve you well. Have people's backs and treat them with respect.

Guys pick up on these types of things and are able to notice who will be by their side when they need it most. As stated before, there is nothing more a guy hates than a snake.

Right under loyal is trustworthy, because they are two completely different things. Trust-worthy goes well beyond just the fear of being cheated on. Good guys are looking for that perfect girlfriend that they can trust not to go through their personal belongings, rip them off or abuse them for cash, or that will go behind their back with their personal secrets. Guy's won't reveal much about themselves at first, while girls like to tell everything about themselves on a first date.

What is going to be important, is establishing a level of trust between you and the world. This doesn't mean you have to be naive. The best course of action when you want to know something is to ask.

However, don't ask based on the first notion that you get, about everything. If you seem too nosey, he may think that you have an alternative motives for the information. Even if you want to be the one that he can trust the most because you are that perfect girlfriend offer to not know information at first. You don't want to know the pin to his ATM card.

You don't want to know who he is texting. You will establish trust with him by gaining it. The first time you violate that trust, regardless of what it is, you are risking ruining your perfect image. Guys want someone who will have their back, but that won't stab it while they are there.

Trust-worthiness is one of the most important characteristics that you can have. If you are not a girl who can be trusted, and deep down you know that, don't expect to find the perfect relationship. Often, girls are attracted to qualities that they have themselves. You want to be able to trust your man, right? Well, don't you think the same goes in return? A post shared by Kristina With A K! Girls, I can't tell you this enough. You have to have confidence in yourself.

6 Ways To Be The Best Girlfriend He’s Ever Had

Now each individual man will have his own tastes and preferences when choosing a partner but they are all looking for the same fundamental qualities in a woman as we are in men. So here are ten of the basic things that guys look for in a girlfriend:. Nurture is one of the basic female qualities that guys look for in a girlfriend.

Right wish list. So we asked 12 guys what they really look for in a woman or, for the ones who are already paired up, what about their S.

Our mission: To find out exactly what men are looking for in a good girlfriend. Not exactly. We simply turned to Lisa Daily, syndicated relationship columnist and author of Stop Getting Dumped , who promises to help readers find and marry "the one" in three years or less. Daily followed her own advice and married her dream man, who proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower after a six-month courtship.

9 Important Things That Guys Want in a Girlfriend

What makes the perfect girlfriend? Is she the girl next door with gorgeous good looks and double-Ds? Well, not exactly. Contrary to what you might think, most guys aren't looking for a supermodel. They're just looking for their perfect match: a woman who's down-to-earth, sweet and sensitive to his needs. Here are 10 attractive traits that every man keeps in mind when deciding if the woman ie. Take it from the guys, nothing is sexier than a woman who's comfortable in her own skin. If you're guilty of meekly asking lines like: "Does this skirt make my thighs look fat? If you're constantly needing his reassurance that you're beautiful, he may start asking questions himself. Acting like a bimbo loses its novelty to men after high school.

12 Men Reveal What They Look for in a Girlfriend

But here's the thing: We men care a lot about our relationships. We think about them all the time. We talk about them with our friends. But that doesn't mean we've cataloged everything we want in a girlfriend—or figured out how to tell you what our needs are, for that matter. What if you take something the wrong way?

Before learning about this, men would always seem to lose interest in me relatively quickly.

There is so much misinformation out there on what it takes to be a great girlfriend. Understanding how men think and what they need in a relationship makes an enormous difference in the way you are able to relate to one another. The top prerequisite for being in a great relationship is to be your best self. A trap that many people in relationships fall into is blaming their partner when problems arise.

8 things guys look for in a girlfriend (as told by a guy)

I may have my peculiarities, but I think I speak for most of my sex. We love to touch your bodies, stroke and caress you… for days…. Just naturally-washed and towel-dried. We love to run our fingers through it.

Ask guys what they want in a girl and you'll get different answers. There are a few things, however, every guy wants, or at least should want, in the girl he chooses to date. It won't matter what his "type" is, a girl worth having is going to possess qualities he can't live without. A guy hates boredom. A girl who challenges him intellectually can be exciting. Exciting is good.

9 Ways to Be the Perfect Girlfriend

Ever wonder what guys really want in a girlfriend? AskMen has finally revealed the traits that all guys are looking for in an awesome girlfriend. Scroll down to see if you're the amazing girlfriend they describe! Maybe true love really does exist, you know? Despite the odds and everything. Maybe there's more to life than playing the field. Well, you can create your own relationship success by looking for the right traits in a woman instead of just swiping right on everyone on Tinder.

Nov 1, - For years, we've talked about finding the right woman -- someone we can ride the waves of life with, who will stand by our side for better or for.

What are the qualities guys look for but never openly talk about in a girlfriend? Here are some qualities many guys will look for in a girlfriend: Checklist! She takes an interest in your hobbies She knows that you play guitar, listen to a particular type of EDM music, play for a rugby team and asks about your hobbies, even if she is not particularly interested in them. She can be more fun than one of your best guy friends You can have just as much fun, if not more, with her as you can with your closest friends. He might have even mentioned to his daughter a couple of times that you guys would make a great couple.

Top 15 Qualities Men Are Looking For In The Perfect Girlfriend

As human beings we are all unique and we bring our distinctive perceptions, and conditioning, into every aspect of our life. So there can be no actual generalization on what guys look for in their girlfriend because it will differ from guy to guy. Some guys might just be looking to have some fun and prefer a casual relationship while some look for commitment and long term bonding.

9 Ways to Be the Perfect Girlfriend

For years, we've talked about finding the right woman -- s omeone we can ride the waves of life with, who will stand by our side for better or for worse. As a man, committing to The One is among the most important decisions we make in life; some may even argue it is the most important. Moreover, do soulmates really exist?

Ladies, listen up. If you have found yourself single for awhile, you may be wondering, what is a man even looking for in a woman anymore?

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What Men Want: 7 Traits Men Look For In The Lady Of Their Dreams

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10 traits men look for in a girlfriend

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