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Dating vz 24

The vz. It was developed from the famous Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. The carbine followed a similar trend in weapon design at the time, that a short rifle gave away little in ballistic efficiency at combat ranges, but was easier to handle on account of its shorter length. During World War II , the vz.

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The vz. It was developed from the famous Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. The carbine followed a similar trend in weapon design at the time, that a short rifle gave away little in ballistic efficiency at combat ranges, but was easier to handle on account of its shorter length.

During World War II , the vz. The rifle was also produced in nearby Slovakia , a German ally and puppet state during the war. Many of the contract rifles made for South American countries were chambered in 7mm Mauser or 7. About , vz. About 40, vz. The French freighter Gravelines , which carried all the material, managed to get the weapons to Bordeaux from where they were sent by land across the border, to Catalonia.

Despite arriving late in the war, the vz. After the defeat of the Second Spanish Republic , Generalissimo Francisco Franco kept the rifles that survived the battle until , when they were sold to Interarms. After the occupation of Czechoslovakia in , the Germans took existing stocks of the vz.

By the start of the war the Wehrmacht had equipped 11 divisions with the rifle. The Germans designated it Gewehr 24 t 't' being the national origin designator tschechoslowakisch , the German word for "Czechoslovak"; such national origin designators were German practice for all foreign weapons taken into service.

About , rifles of this pattern were produced in Czechoslovakia for the Czechoslovak army and some , for the German armed forces. After the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in , production of the vz.

The action was identical except for markings, and the overall and barrel lengths were very similar. The main differences were superficial; the vz. The Czechoslovak Armaments Factory started making specially designated vz.

Romanian vz. The Czechs made 25, rifles for each period roughly totaling , Romanian vz. It was not until that Romania joined the Allies. As post-script to the vz. Under Czechoslovak Army designation vz. Early post-war specimens were identical with wartime versions, and the use of existing stocks of wartime parts continued until exhausted.

The receiver marking reverted to a pre-war style Czech rampant lion symbol, although a specimen using a German style receiver code of 'tgf' and the date '' has been observed. The standard settled on was distinguished by a new magazine assembly made from steel stampings, with an over-sized trigger guard for use with thick winter gloves.

The locking screws, which stopped movement of the bolts securing the action and trigger guard to the stock, were deleted. Stocks were mostly solid not laminated beech with the German Kar 98k side sling attachments but no cleaning rod recess, and a German "Kriegsmodell" type late-war buttplate with firing pin dismantling hole in the side.

The most famous employment of these rifles was being purchased by Haganah arms buyers and smuggled into Palestine before the British Mandate expired on 14 May , and their use in the Israeli Independence War of Shipments to Israel continued after independence of both new-production Czechoslovak rifles, and German-era Kar 98k's [ citation needed ] , as Czechoslovak arms dealers sold a variety of German-pattern equipment to Israel.

In common with elsewhere in Europe, Brno also refurbished large numbers of German Kar 98k rifles in the immediate post-war period. These are distinguishable by a larger serial number stamped on the underside of the stock behind the pistol grip adjacent to the original German number. Czechoslovak-refurbished Kar 98ks were sold to other Communist states in Europe, and were used by military and paramilitary forces into the s, and were retained for some years afterward as reserve weapons.

The rifle found its way into Iran very quickly where it became known as the Berno , following the name of the city of Brno, Czechoslovakia, where the rifles were originally manufactured.

The Mauser rifle was selected for the Iranian Army during the reign of Reza Shah Pahlavi , however Iran never ordered any from Germany instead preferring the Czechoslovak variant. CZ produced two versions for Iran, a long rifle comparable to the German Gewehr 98 designated vz. Both were known in Iran as the Model of or , by the Iranian calendar , and the carbine was nicknamed Berno kootah "short Brno".

The Iranian version had a Pahlavi crown and lion and sun crest atop the receiver ring, as well as an inscription in Persian in Nasta'liq script on the side of its receiver giving the model and the factory name. Iran produced two models: the vz. Initially this was a copy of the Model of carbine, which was soon replaced by a slightly modified Model of by the Iranian calendar , also known as "Berno kootah". The only difference between the local Iranian version and the Czech version was the markings on the side of the receiver: instead of naming Brno as the maker, it was written "sakht-e aslah-e sazi-e artesh" made by the Army Arms factory.

The Brno remained as the standard Iranian infantry weapon until it was replaced by the more modern, semi-automatic, American M1 Garand rifle in Following the change, the Brno was confined to the gendarmerie and the game wardens for a while, before it was decommissioned from active use. In the s it was used mainly in ceremonial occasions. The Iranian Brno rifles saw action in a number of places from tribal uprisings in Kurdistan to the coup removing Mohammad Mossadegh from power.

During the revolution, the gun re-appeared in the hands of the revolutionaries and tribesmen, who had never abandoned their Brnos. Besides the rebels, the Islamic government too had a use for Brno. It was, and is, used in official Friday prayer ceremonies.

The speaker is required to have 'the weapon of the day' by his side, according to the tradition of the Prophet Muhammad , who carried a sword in this capacity. Sign In Don't have an account? Produced — Specifications Weight 4. Contents [ show ]. Retrieved Ball - Google Llibres. Weapons and military equipment designed in Czechoslovakia — Pistole vz.

ZB vz. OA vz. Weapons and military equipment designed or licence-manufactured in Iran. Service rifles. Submachine guns. Gatling guns. Akhgar Moharram. Sniper rifles. Self-propelled artillery. Raad-1 Raad HM 40 HM M40 SPG M68 L11A5 2A Short-range ballistic missiles. Medium-range ballistic missiles. Shahab-3 Fajr-3 Ghadr Ashoura Sejjil. Intermediate-range ballistic missiles. Surface-to-air missiles. Anti-helicopter missiles.

Qa'em Raad. Anti-tank guided missiles. Anti-ship missiles. Cruise missiles. Meshkat Under development Sagheb. Hoot Valfajr. Air to ground missiles. Air to air missiles. Fatter Sedjil Fakour Anti-ship ballistic missiles. Khalij Fars. Electro-optically guided bombs. Qadr Qassed 1. Besat Fateh Nahang Ghadir. Fighter Aircraft. Transport Aircraft. Bavar 2. Misagh rocket launcher. Categories :. Cancel Save. Pistols Pistole vz. Mortars 8 cm minomet vz. This page uses Creative Commons Licensed content from Wikipedia view authors.


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However, the Czechoslovakian designation for this bayonet was VZ— Many books refer to this bayonet as VZ—23 "Long. As this was the only Czech bayonet officially designated VZ—23, the "Long" suffix is superfluous. Approximately , VZ—23 bayonets were made for use by the Czech Army, before production of the VZ—24 bayonet began. The Army continued to issue the VZ—23 bayonets on hand until they were phased out in the mids. The receipt of export contracts for Mauser rifles from Persia Iran , Lithuania, and Ecuador provided an opportunity for the Czech Army to standardize on the VZ—24 bayonet by passing on the VZ—23 bayonets still in service to export customers. Once the supply of serviceable VZ—23 bayonets were exhausted, Zbrojovka Brno produced new-made VZ—23 bayonets to fulfill remaining export orders. Original Czech Army VZ—23 bayonets exported had an edge-up blade profile and scabbard with the same frog stud as VZ—22 bayonet. New-made VZ—23 bayonets exported to Persia had blades with a conventional edge-down profile and scabbard with a wire frog loop.

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This deal has expired. WWII era Czechoslovakian vz. One of the finest Mauser rifles produced utilizing the large ring 98 Mauser Action. No deals found for this data entry.

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The vz. It was developed from the German Mauser Gewehr 98 line, and features a very similar bolt design. Throughout the late s and into the s, Czechoslovakia exported hundreds of thousands of vz. Iran purchased vz.

Bayonets of Czechoslovakia

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CZECH VZ24 - Z7885

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