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Ideal partner for cancer woman

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Those most compatible with Cancer know it's not an accident the icon for this sign is a crab that carries its home on its back. Cancers need a home filled with a loving family, and this gives Cancer unique compatibility with certain signs of the zodiac. Water and earth signs are the best matches for the crab. Cancer's watery nature works especially well with other water signs when it comes to relationships. There's an immediate understanding between the two of you. It's almost as though you can read each other's mind because you're so much alike.


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Ideal Partner for the Cancer Woman: Sensible and Compassionate

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Her love runs deep. Her passions run far deeper than you might ever imagine, so you best brace yourself for their intensity. At the same time, you may find her a hard shell to crack. How can you impress the Cancer Woman?

Show her you are genuine and that you can provide her with emotional security, and you are well on your way to gaining her eye so to speak. The Moon governs the Cancer female, and its planetary influence is oh so clearly identifiable in the behaviors of your lady friend. Empathetic, soft, gentle, yet strong, independent, and a born leader, she is the epitome of lunar energies and their dualistic vibrations.

Her smarts give her insightful, innovative, and original solutions to any challenges she might face. You will find the Moon-ruled Cancer is one who is extremely loving. This is not unusual for the Moon-ruled since the Cancer sign also corresponds to the Crab. Her memory is exceptional, and this too can be a good thing. It allows her to have fond lasting memories, or it can prove a negative is she is one that ends up having trouble letting go of bothersome, hurtful memories as such thoughts can end up haunting her.

With the Moon governing this female, she may be prone to explainable mood swings. She loves with all of her being and gives all of herself to those she loves.

You will find the Cancer female is unselfish with her love. She continues to give of herself until the point where it seems like there is nothing more to give. Her unselfish nature has most assuredly got her in trouble in a prior relationship too. There are those who would take advantage of her deep kindness and need to nurture. She will, therefore, need a continual reminder of your loyalty and trustworthiness as her past may haunt her heart in a way that makes her emotionally nervous and fearful of intense intimacy.

It is in the most private moments where she prefers to express her most compassionate nature. She is an affectionate lover who prefers intimate exchanges versus the good old romp in the hay. She considers her environment her most sacred and protected space. Remember the Crab is her icon. So, the home serves as her shell, her retreat, and she is more than happy to spend a lot of time in the home where she is free to let down her guard without fear of her vulnerable nature being exploited.

She loves to do things in the home environment too. It is in the home where she can socialize safely with all her friends. Once she gets involved with someone on a romantic level, her love of this comfy home environment only serves to multiply.

A nostalgic soul for sure, her home environment will have photos of her family and little mementos from her past that continually bring a smile to her face. The sign of Cancer has rulership over the stomach and breasts, both of which are symbols of the nurturing nature of those born under this Sun sign.

This sign also rules digestive processes, so the people that are born under it are prone to issues with weight gain if they do not monitor their diet closely. Highly emotional beings, those born under the influence of this sign suffer from stress and anxiety to a degree greater than most.

They are likely to develop medical conditions associated with stress including cardiovascular conditions and gastrointestinal issues. The Cancer female is prone to conditions like gastritis, nausea, bloating, and gallbladder issues. It is too easy to turn to when dealing with mood swings and anxiety. Many of the health issues the Cancer female will deal with are based on emotional upset. She might demonstrate a form of flightiness from one job to the next.

But, this is simply the period where she is searching for herself and where her heart lies. The only thing that would have her turn her attention away from her work is if she must decide between work and her family: Rest assured family will win in such an instance every time.

Her cooking abilities make her ideal for the role of cook, cater or master chef. Her nostalgic self makes her perfect for jobs in the field of archeology and anthropology too. Her natural empathy and need for nurturing put her in the perfect position for being a doctor, particularly a gynecologist or an obstetrician. Finally, her need for security makes the Cancer Woman one who likes to save money and stick to a budget.

Anywhere you recommend for a date needs to be comfortable, cozy and not at all crowded. You can benefit if you invite her to your place to have dinner, but if you do that, make sure your environment is homey, comfortable, and in its right order.

When conversing with her, at least at first, never dig too deep as she has a fear of being too vulnerable. Allow her to unfold herself to you naturally without forcing the issue by simply being compassionate and patient.

You might find her dusting off her Hummel collection or her prized glass menagerie of animals. You might discover her even cleaning her pewter dragon and wizard set or the elephant knickknacks once belonging to her mother and reminding her of the importance of memory. If a Cancer woman experiences or witnesses emotional wrongdoing, it will make her angry.

The depth of the wrongdoing will determine her reaction whether it be to retreat or act out. Cancer females are also amazingly private individuals. The Cancer Woman likes things that evoke emotion, and she can be quite nostalgic. You might, therefore, find her scrapbooking and making her most cherished memories into a work of art.

To that end, her nostalgic nature makes her one that loves to collect things, particularly things of emotional value. She is not at all fond of financial insecurity as she needs security to feel comfortable in her home life and knows the importance of rainy day savings.

She also, despite her own moodiness, is intolerant of moody or negative behavior as she knows how quickly it can drag down her own mood. When the Cancer woman is a mother, she is all-giving, all-loving, and nurturing.

Her great compassion makes her immediate best friend material. Cancer-type females love nothing more than to take a stroll or two down memory lane. She also becomes quite attached to old memories and may long for some part of their return. For example, if the big hair moments and Madonna-style dress, once all the rage, reminders hers of some of her happiest times, she may secretly long for the revival of such trends in the present, thereby allowing a small part of her to relive her most nostalgic moments.

Taurus is an ideal partner for the emotive Cancer since both will be intensely true to the deep emotions that keep a relationship going. Both signs have the propensity for loyalty. They love of the arts, so a lasting relationship, one that is both practical and steamy in the passion department is most likely between a Cancer and Taurus.

Pisces makes for another exceptional partner whereas both get along on an emotional level and are all about bonding with others. Scorpio and Cancer can make a good match too. Of course, a Cancer along with another Cancer makes for an ideal relationship where there will be understanding and acceptance on almost all grounds. Gemini might seem like a good match for the Cancer woman, at least at first. But his twofold and extreme nature will cause difficulties later … his need to socialize, while the Cancer Woman likes the home front is like to serve as a source for future disagreements and potential jealousy.

While Virgo and Cancer also seem a good match initially, both can prove overly emotionally sensitive and critical of the other. Libras strive for balance. Works of art, music, something she can pass on as a family heirloom: These things evoke memories for the ever-nostalgic Cancer Woman.

In fact, the feeling you put behind the item you buy and the method in which is presented is far more important than its monetary value. Gifts that improve the home environment also make an ideal buying choice since the home atmosphere is one where the Cancer woman spends most of her time.

The mythological associations with Cancer the Crab have to do with the 12 Labors of Hercules. In the Greek myth wherein, the goddess Hera is furious about an affair Zeus has.

She swears revenge for the transgression. Hercules overcomes the monstrous crab by crushing the creature. Hera puts the crab in the sky as a constellation for being loyal to her. But, when it comes to the Cancer woman, it can also be associated with The Empress who is famed for her nurturing, loving and highly intuitive nature.

The Chariot can stand for the daylight and the Sun working in unison with the Moon to influence humankind. But, the same card can also stand for the black and white extremes in emotion the Cancer type individual might otherwise experience.

This sign aligns with the sacral chakra which has rulership over creativity, sexuality, and money. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Send this to a friend. Send Cancel.

Keeping Up With Cancer Woman: Who Can They Marry!

Email address:. A great match for the Cancer woman is someone who can show compassion and understanding even when faced with the challenging behavior of this sign. If she ever engages in conflict, her tools of trade will be irony and skepticism.

Vera Rose Leave a comment. How good are Cancer women in relationships with men of the 12 sun signs? Does a Cancer woman dominate or is she submissive?

Prove to them how much you care, and Cancer will love you forever. Cancers are the most loving and caring zodiac signs in astrology. If that happens, and even if you had no intention of hurting them, you will have to work hard to win them back. They can lash out if they feel emotionally sensitive around someone.

Sex with a Cancer

Mentioning the female Cancer, she is a type very devoted to her home, family, and partner. She is born with a great desire to protect her loved ones, though her clinginess sometimes seems smothering. This lady is quite sensitive, emotional and unwilling to share her feelings. According to several astrologers, her biggest weakness is the fear of making the mistakes from the past in the present life. Extremely careful and nurturing, the Cancer female is a picky gal in love ; only if she finds a true mate, her attractiveness and loyalty will outshine. How good is the Cancer female in romantic relationships with men of different zodiac signs? Is she the dominate type or submissive type? Read this article and get ready to find out more about Cancer woman love and marriage compatibility:.

The Most Compatible Zodiac Signs for Cancers, Ranked

To respin the old joke: What do two Cancers bring on a second date? Answer: a U-Haul. Cancer is the zodiac's nester, and you'll quickly set up a home with a fully-stocked kitchen, cozy furniture, a hand-wired sound system and eclectic art. This is a Water sign match that can work out swimmingly.

As the crab of the zodiac, a Cancer woman's love is so deep she wears it is as armor - strong enough to care for everyone she loves. She has the deepest appreciation imaginable for family, friends and home.

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Cancer Love Chart

This is a relationship in which someone will easily get hurt. Only with strong boundaries can Aries and Cancer remain in a delicate state of balance. Taurus and Cancer are the seed of a family, both of them true believers in intimacy.

M uch like the crab that represents them, Cancer natives tend to possess something of a proverbial shell themselves. They have a tendency to want to crawl into it and preserve themselves if they feel threatened, as they are one of the most sensitive and emotionally deep signs of the entire zodiac. They also have a penchant toward moodiness, and can be a bit indirect and crabby at times as well. However, Cancer is also one of the most loving and caring signs of the entire zodiac, and they are as wholeheartedly dedicated to protecting their families and loved ones as they are their own sensibilities. This makes them ideal homemakers and parents. They tend to be security lovers and highly nostalgic individuals with a great respect for the past and a weakness for objects like souvenirs.

What Signs Are Compatible With Cancer?

Cancer is a complicated sign. Cancer natives can be the most tender and loving partners in the zodiac. On the other hand, they can also be irritable and standoffish. In terms of compatibility, Cancer needs a partner who can provide stability and who can bond on a very deep level. This article is a discussion of the compatibility for someone with a Cancer Sun Sign.

Jul 5, - Cancers love being adored, and Aries love showing off their partners and RELATED: 20 of the Best Women-Run Restaurants in the Country.

If you're big into astrology, you're constantly looking into which signs match up with yours. You know, like which zodiac signs will make the best of friends and only friends? Or which one will give you the most passionate mate? Who will you clash with?

Every Cancer woman once in her life must have thought about which is the moon sign that they can marry in order to have a happy married life with? Well, let us simplify that doubt for you in the Vedic astrological way by letting you know of the prospective moon signs that will prove to best compatible partners for the Cancer woman for getting married. The nurturing and caring female like cancer can be really complicated at heart.

The Cancer woman is ruled by the Moon and her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. Fluid like water, she is both peaceful and passionate. She is a tidal force of perplexing emotion, and can be stubborn, compliant, furious, and docile, all in the same hour.

A cancer woman is no doubt a very resourceful and imaginative lady. But how about this female in your life - will she be creditable in your life, or will you repent seeing her as your life partner?

To discuss Cancer compatibility we need to look at Cancer in combination with each of the other sun signs. Each match has different strong and weak areas and its own quirks and unique features. This shows the typical scores for relationships between Cancer and each of the other sun signs. Click on any combination to explore that match in more detail. The most compatible signs with Cancer are generally considered to be Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces.

Her love runs deep. Her passions run far deeper than you might ever imagine, so you best brace yourself for their intensity. At the same time, you may find her a hard shell to crack. How can you impress the Cancer Woman? Show her you are genuine and that you can provide her with emotional security, and you are well on your way to gaining her eye so to speak. The Moon governs the Cancer female, and its planetary influence is oh so clearly identifiable in the behaviors of your lady friend.

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