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Sungkyunkwan scandal find out shes a girl

In the Joseon era, Kim Yoon-hee masquerades as a boy to earn a living as a book transcriber. Her family's dire circumstances and the encouragement of a noble's son finally drive her to attend Sungkyukwan University, forbidden for females. This is a historical drama about the girl Kim Yoon-hee who has taken her sick brothers identity to be able to work and fend for her family. By chance Yoon-hee is accepted into the Sungkyunkwan university and there she gets to know Sun-joon, Jae-shin and Yong-ha.

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In Sungkyunkwan scandal, who found out yoon hee was a girl first? and what episode?

Let me just start off saying that I absolutely fell in love with all the characters in here. Moon Jae Shin. There was so much character development that made me drawn towards them and of course they actors who played the parts were absolutely flawless.

Jae Shin really is the perfect knight in shining armor and I love his cause. His angry, angsty past and his recklessness hit just the right spot for me. I love that he kept going out and climbing on roofs and fighting the guards even though each time he knew he was going to get hurt and even have a chance to die. It just showed how much he cared for his cause of getting justice for his brother and for a morally decent society. He loved her and was constantly protecting her, but I knew there was so many of his inner demons that he hide to fight first, and that was really the importance of his story, not a love interest.

That friendship is what makes my heart flutter around in pure glee! This boy. His stance. All of it made me DIE. Yes I love little details like that. OH MAN. His lips were scrumptious and I found myself drooling over him ahlkajehlksjhsrh!

Oh and of course every angry look he had and the tears had me bawling my face off. Every time he bled or got hurt I found myself gasping and worried and my heart hurt awww : and him walking about with his chest entirely open the whole beginning section made me collapse on the ground with a bloody nose everytimeee.

Makes me kind of reconsider the reason why I liked this drama so much. I call dibs. Take me to hang out with you in a tree too, jae-shin bby! Anyways, his character just totally…floats my boat ; he was flawless and gorgeous and really just so REAL.

He was so much more than that and it made my heart siiing. He was Geol Oh. He was the Red Messenger. He was Moon Jae Shin. Goo Yong Ha. Hands down, my other favorite character through the entire series. He just somehow twirled his way into my heart with his flowing robes, smiles, flirting, smirks, fresh expressions, and the overall growth and development of his character.

Song Joong Ki did an outstanding performance. Really, he was just such a breath of fresh air to see and brought comedic relief that I always counted him on bringing to the scene. He was charming, and full of pretty lies and masks and webs that he wove to hide his true self which I thought was genius because inside, the truth was that he was scared and cowardly, but in the end, he found out that he could finally accept himself and he was no longer afraid of society and he was no longer a coward watching from the sidelines, but rather a crucial participant who brought everything together well in the end.

Class became no longer important for him and he was a perfect example citizen of the new society that the king dreamed off. Yong Ha truly became beautiful inside AND out ; and because he had a side of him that he hid from everyone else, it shows my point in saying how he was so much more than just a flirt or a playboy — he was silently hurting and fearful all this time too.

Really, just so much more depth than I had been anticipating. He deserved some real credit. He was always so sharp and witty and smart as well. He always found a way out of a sticky situation and I loved that he bribed random people all the time XD Ah, Yong-ha is just so worldy and street-smart…using his sharp tongue and frivolous ways to find out things. Smart boy! Let me tell you XD. The only thing I regretted about Yong ha was that I wish the resolution with his resentment and bitterness against his father would have been tied together more nicely.

It was just forgotten about or left hanging. I wish they resolved it somehow or found a breakthrough like they did with Jae Shin. That would have made me so much happier! But either way, he was still so delightful and endearing!

Always being so smart and saving the day, that Yong ha!. Always smiling and smirking and slhlsjfhshf so cute!! Now to flail about how amazing he looked. Oh my. Everytime on screen. I died again and again XD his eyes were so bright and charming! His lovely milky skin was to DIE FOR and the way he twirled with lovely flowing robes and the way the beads on his hat twinkled and reflected his diva-ish and fashionista self made me die slowly in bliss haaha.

Everyone should bow down and thank Goo Yong Ha for saving the day all the freaking time and for being such a surreptitiously smart person and omnisciently knowing everything that happened at every moment XDD There is just so much more to him that meets the eye and he pulls it all together so soundly.

Kim Yoon-Hee. Ah, our headstrong, willful heroine who was searching for equality and understanding of her father. She showed feminism and strength! Go girl power! I supported Yoon-hee the entire time and I felt like she was such a great, inspiring character.

I mean, Park Min-young did a pretty decent job but the constant tears and how girly she was some of the time made me grimace haha. The tears got a bit old after like five episodes though LOL. I mean come on, girl, where is your gratitude towards Jae-shin the knight in sexily ripped robes?!

Tsk, tsk. Still, she was quirky and sweet at times — even teasing and comedic and that balanced out well the dramatic depths in her character. Go girl power!!! Lee Seon-Joon. What a sexy, sexy nerd! Well I just want to say that I adored this character. He even found love from someone who opened up his eyes and opened up a new world to him.

He even made friends. That was just a big leap for Sun-joon: to be likeable enough to even have loyal and caring friends and this was only possible because he grew so much and accepted so many new things that he would have never even considered in the beginning. He just loosened up so much in the end and had an open mind to everything and that made me so happy.

I mean come on, he was even open to accepting that he was gay LOL! Love can really change a person! For a rookie, I thought Yoochun did a pretty okay job with the character! His smiles and occasional grins made me melt right off my chair and into a puddle on the ground, hehe! Even though in the beginning he was pretty stiff and showed about only one range of emotion LOL, he got it down pretty well towards the end!

Even to the point where he was able to smile through his eyes and look shocked correctly and even look angry and sad through the way his eyes brimmed with tears or became red through intensity. He did a really good job for a newbie! Cho Sun. Bad-ass motherfreaking gisaeng right here. One of my favorite characters. I have so much respect for her! Even though she found out she was in love with a girl the whole time, she still protected Yoon Hee!

I just worry about you getting hurt. I felt the actress portrayed her seamlessly! Amazing performance where she showed her depth easily as well and how she hid her fiercely loyal and determined self behind a composed, calm exterior.

Let me just throw that in there. And that fact that in the end when she showed up with that black outfit and without a mask and rebelled against the Minister of War, I flailed about her and fangirled just as hard as when Jae Shin jumped into the scene with a shimmering robe of silver and was a gorgeous knight lkdfjhklsjfhsfh!

She also had potential and hinting at a romantic bond with In-soo but that was left hanging as well which pissed me off to no end because you could tell she was pleasantly surprised that he took her side in the end. Ha In-soo. Anyways, he was a pretty annoying bad guy which means he did a good job acting and glaring his way through the series lol. Other characters. I really liked the king of course, he was a great character and his dreams of a better society were inspiring.

She was actually trying to help them in the end. I felt like there was something left hanging between her and Yong-ha though, as if something was hidden from us and it just felt like incomplete between them because I think there was potential to tie it up better between them. The other two turned new leaves and showed that they knew where to draw the line of going too far past their morals and so I thought that was interesting that they left him.

They were so immensely compatible together it made my skin crawl with the deliciousness of it all : they are the perfect foils, like I said before because they are always challenging each other to be more open about things and think of things in a different light. There was no epic shock dramatic moment when he found out and I was disappointed that it lacked that. They needed that angst to let Sun-joon fully realize their relationship and so that they could move forward together.

Still, I loved their characters together and how she showed him a new world and he showed her that there is hope in this world and someone other than her family cares about her and wants to challenge her mind.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Alyssa Osborn , Staff Writer January 22, During an era where girls were not allowed to be educated or employed, Kim Yoon-Hee did the only thing she could think of to help out her family, which is to disguise herself as her sickly younger brother, Kim Yoon-Shik. Kim Yoon-Hee is assigned a bunch of odd jobs at a bookstore before she is hired to be a substitute test-taker, which is illegal, at the most prestigious school during the Joseon Dynasty: Sungkyunkwan. The righteous, law-abiding Lee Sun-Joon, who is taking the entrance exams, catches Kim Yoon-Hee going against the law and sets up a plan to try and catch her or in this case, him. Yet, he realizes how smart Kim Yoon-hee actually is and gets her enrolled into the institute.

This episode is all about fan service. Locking your OTP up in the same room? Putting them in various suggestive situations?

Yoon Hee alias "Yoon Shik" takes various low paying jobs, including one at a local bookstore, and then she gets offered a chance to earn big money by becoming a substitute test-taker an illegal act for the upcoming entrance examination in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan School, highly regarded as the most difficult to enter school in the Joseon nation, where the tenets of Confucius philosophy are discussed and debated freely. The money is irresistible to her, but can she make herself do something illegal? She gets caught in a swirl of private emotions caused by the handsome and upright, but rather stiff Lee Sun Joon Park Yoochun , a student at the school, who confronts her on her behavior, and who later acknowledges her intelligence, not knowing she is a girl. He even encourages her to enroll in the university herself; with a degree from this school a person can then sit for the civil service exam and become a prosperous government employee. She passes the test of course!

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Withdrawal and overall Reaction.

Guys, is Song Joong-ki available to buy somewhere out there? To put in my little wittle pocket? So I can stop making gifs?? Or fall into attraction with each other at least. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. This is not the genre of dramas I usually like. There are definitely light-hearted moments, endearing moments, utterly cute moments, but at the heart of it, this drama is not about that.

Midnight Express

Let me just start off saying that I absolutely fell in love with all the characters in here. Moon Jae Shin. There was so much character development that made me drawn towards them and of course they actors who played the parts were absolutely flawless. Jae Shin really is the perfect knight in shining armor and I love his cause. His angry, angsty past and his recklessness hit just the right spot for me.

I mean in particular its overpoweringly addictive nature.

Watch ' Sungkyunkwan Scandal ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. When she realizes that there is good money to be made, Yoon Hee begins to take the entrance exams in the place of other students who want to get into the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University. During one such test, Yoon Hee is discovered to be perpetrating the illegal activity by the morally upright Lee Sun Joon Park Yoochun , who threatens to turn her in. Both pass the exam and get into the university and become roommates.

The Shield

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. A collective gasp!

Set during an era when society does not allow females to be educated nor employed, Kim Yoon-hee Park Min-young disguises herself as her brother, Kim Yoon-shik, in order to make ends meet for her family. She goes through a series of odd jobs, mainly at a local bookstore, before she gets offered a chance to increase her earnings by becoming a substitute test-taker an illegal act for the upcoming entrance examination in the prestigious Sungkyunkwan , the Joseon Dynasty 's highest educational institute. She gets caught by the upright Lee Sun-joon Park Yoo-chun , who later acknowledges Yoon-hee's talents, and even encourages her to enroll in the university. There, she must bear with the endless mischief of upperclassman Gu Yong-ha Song Joong-ki , put up with the constant mood swings of roommate Moon Jae-shin Yoo Ah-in , avoid getting in trouble with the strict student body president Ha In-soo Jun Tae-soo , keep her secret from being discovered, all the while trying to hold her growing feelings for Lee Sun-joon at bay. The series attracted a fervent fanbase that belied its modest mid-teen ratings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

And, just as importantly, should you be punished? Her father is deceased, and she has a mother and sick younger brother to support. Of course, she will eventually also fall in love with one of her classmates. His polar opposite and best friend is the mysterious Jae-Shin, who is a social justice warrior in the literal sense. He sees no reason for grey. Because Yoon-Hee is easily the tiniest student, the other young men give her a hard time at first, nicknaming her girly boy , pretty boy and flower boy.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Sungkyunkwan Scandal: the Korean verison of Boys over Flowers as my benchmark of a true 5 star show. one young girl, Yoon-Hee, who had to pretend to be a boy so she could earn.

В этом нет никакого смысла, - размышляла.  - Если он не знал, что мы его убиваем… Ничего не понятно. Слишком поздно. Мы упустили что-то очень важное.

Обхватил ее своими ручищами. Да еще хвастался, что снял ее на весь уик-энд за три сотни долларов. Это он должен был упасть замертво, а не бедолага азиат.  - Клушар глотал ртом воздух, и Беккер начал волноваться.

Сейчас переключит. Мне не успеть. Но когда шестерни разомкнулись, чтобы включилась другая их пара, автобус слегка притормозил, и Беккер прыгнул. Шестерни сцепились, и как раз в этот момент его пальцы схватились за дверную ручку.

Прижал ладони к стеклу и попробовал раздвинуть створки. Потные ладони скользили по гладкой поверхности.

ГЛАВА 79 Стратмор спрятал пейджер в карман и, посмотрев в сторону Третьего узла, протянул руку, чтобы вести Сьюзан за. - Пошли. Но их пальцы не встретились. Из темноты раздался протяжный вопль, и тут же, словно из-под земли, выросла громадная фигура, эдакий грузовик, несущийся на полной скорости с выключенными фарами.

Секундой позже произошло столкновение, и Стратмор, сбитый с ног, кубарем покатился по кафельному полу шифровалки.

- Что скажешь. А потом мы могли бы… - Выкинь это из головы. - Сколько в тебе снобизма.  - Хейл вздохнул и повернулся к своему компьютеру.

В этом вся ее сущность.

Бринкерхофф опрокинул директорский стул и бросился к двери. Он сразу же узнал этот голос. - Директор! - воскликнул он и, подойдя к Фонтейну, протянул руку.  - С возвращением, сэр.

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