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Most of the softwares you write need implementing some form of date functions returning current date and time. Dates are so much part of everyday life that it becomes easy to work with them without thinking. Net also provides powerful tools for date arithmetic that makes manipulating dates easy. The Date data type contains date values, time values, or date and time values. The default value of Date is midnight on January 1, The equivalent.

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VB.Net - DateTimePicker Control

Visual Basic. In the previous lesson, Properties in VB. NET , we learned all about properties in Visual Basic. Today's project will require the use of properties, specifically, we're going to learn how. NET works with date and time. We use the DateTime class from the. NET framework to work with date and time. We use it as a data type for storing date or time. When we think about the date and the time, we know that they're both times elapsed from a starting point.

With that in mind, Microsoft set them both as a common type. The class is pretty ingenious and has many useful properties and methods. We'll be going over them today. Let's start by creating a DateTime instance. We'll create a project named DateAndTime and create an instance of the DateTime class using the parameterless constructor:. First, let's create an instance and only add the date the time won't be set and will remain at Let's specify the year, month, and day in that order :.

It's very important for you to know how to get the current date and time. The DateTime class has a static property called Now that returns a DateTime instance with the current date and time. We call it, of course, directly on the class. The time in this instance does not increment. If we were to use the Now property and needed the current date and time for once again we would have to call the Now property a second time:. DateTime also has a property called Today that returns the current date with time set to As a matter of fact, DateTime has many properties made for accessing individual date and time components:.

We can also call for the number of Ticks in which the date and time are internally stored. The number returned would be huge, seeing as how one tick represents one hundred nanoseconds, which is one ten-millionth of a second.

Still, they may come in handy for very accurate calculations. We isolate the date from a DateTime instance by setting the time component to and using the Date property which returns the DateTime instance formatted to only include the date. This can be useful when working with whole days because adding a time factor would cause inaccuracies. NET returns the current date in English. Results may vary depending on your OS' regional settings. This is nice feature because it relieves us from having to worry about whether the output will be displayed correctly in all regional settings.

Now let's take a look at the methods the DateTime class provides for us. Please remember that methods don't change the DateTime instance, they return a new one in which the changes have been applied! The inner date and time value can easily be manipulated using methods that add various time periods. They take periods of time as parameters, e. Then, if we want to remove them from the instance, just use a negative value.

Methods for changing the inner value are the following:. Let's say we want the user to enter a date, which would eventually include time. DateTime has both Parse and TryParse methods for these purposes. Date and time format depends on the regional settings. If we omit time, it would automatically set it to The table of possible values is rather extensive. Now, we'll go over date to text conversion.

We could very well use the ToString method, it has no parameters and VB. NET calls it implicitly. We can even add a pattern as a parameter to make it return a date in whatever format we want it to:. There are 4 preset formats, 2 for printing dates and 2 for printing time. We can print in the long or the short format:. Be sure to look at the date and time exercises for this lesson to put your knowledge to the test and get a taste of what a real-world program using DateTime would include.

Note: As you probably know, time can be expressed as local, your time zone, or international UTC format. For simplicity's sake, we will always work with local time in our courses. You can determine whether a DateTime instance is local or international by using the Kind property. To create a DateTime instance in UTC format, you would use the same constructor that we did in this lesson, and fill in one extra parameter with the DateTime instance's Kind.

The DateTime can also be changed using the SpecifyKind static method. TimeSpans store the difference between two dates. The main difference between DateTime and TimeSpan is that DateTime represents the entire date and TimeSpan represents a time interval which can be years or seconds. TimeSpan is also created when you subtract two DateTime instances.

We can access individual TimeSpan components using properties sort of like we did with DateTime, but their names are in plural form :. If we want to express the interval as a single unit, we use the properties with the "Total" prefix which return Doubles instead of Integers:. The methods that come with it are similar to the ones in DateTime. The Add method here adds a TimeSpan to another TimeSpan don't try to add DateTime instances to it, there are better ways of doing that.

We can create a TimeSpan using static methods from the interval expressed in different units:. We'll make one last example program to try and get a complete understanding of what was shown to you in this lesson.

Unfortunately, we can't determine years using TimeSpans because years don't have a constant number of days. Meaning that we're only able to get the total number of days in the interval. We'll divide days by , and then round them down. This approach might not work for a few birth dates, but you will still get to apply all that you've learned today we'll do a complete version in the exercises for this lesson. Now, let's get right into it! As you can see, subtracting two DateTime instances results in the creation of a TimeSpan.

It is a very common practice to store dates of birth instead of ages in User objects. We can easily calculate the age then and the value would be updatable. In then next lesson, Lists in VB. NET , we'll introduce a collection into which we can add and remove items as we please. What sort of collection, you say?

We'll create a simple database using List. Although I found the article interesting and recognize that the DateTime class is important, the topic felt out of place with the rest of the lessons. Login Register. More info. Only this week! Lesson 11 - Date and time in VB. NET Visual Basic. NET Want to work from home? We got your back! Discover more Critical situation! The industry lacks hundreds of thousands of coders, and wages keep rising. Be a hero! DateTime We use the DateTime class from the.

Creating an instance Let's start by creating a DateTime instance. WriteLine dateTime Console. Now Console. Other properties As a matter of fact, DateTime has many properties made for accessing individual date and time components: Day Month Year Hour Minute Second Millisecond We can also call for the number of Ticks in which the date and time are internally stored. Other than the aforementioned DateTime components,. NET allows us to access: DayOfWeek - Returns the day of the week as an enumerated type which we will cover in the next couple of lessons.

Let's just say that the output value would be, e. When printed, it is implicitly converted to a String depending on the system regional settings. DayOfYear - The numerical representation of the current day of the year. Meaning that it returns a value from 1 to DayOfWeek, dateTime.

Lesson 11 - Date and time in VB.NET

Account Options Sign in. Net Web Developer's Guide. Visual Basic has long been the language of choice when designing Windows-based applications and the Web. Touted as both the most popular and productive computing language, Visual Basic has amassed quite a following of devoted programmers, and is a sought after programming skill.

Visual Basic. In the previous lesson, Properties in VB. NET , we learned all about properties in Visual Basic.

Holds IEEE bit 8-byte values that represent dates ranging from January 1 of the year through December 31 of the year , and times from AM midnight through Each increment represents nanoseconds of elapsed time since the beginning of January 1 of the year 1 in the Gregorian calendar. The maximum value represents nanoseconds before the beginning of January 1 of the year Use the Date data type to contain date values, time values, or date and time values. You can get the current date and time from the DateAndTime class.

Date function

The DateTimePicker control allows selecting a date and time by editing the displayed values in the control. If you click the arrow in the DateTimePicker control, it displays a month calendar, like a combo box control. The user can make selection by clicking the required date. The new selected value appears in the text box part of the control. Gets or sets a value indicating whether a check box is displayed to the left of the selected date. In this example, let us create a small application for calculating days of leave. Let us add two DateTimePicker controls on the form, where the user will enter the date of going on leave and the date of joining.

Return a Random Date (VB.NET/ASP.NET)

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Date Data Type (Visual Basic)

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VB.Net - Date & Time

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This is the snippet Return a Random Date ( on FreeVBCode. The FreeVBCode site provides free Visual Basic code, examples, snippets, and.

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