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Woman gained 76kg for partner

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Representing Canada , Humphries is a two-time Olympic champion in the two-woman , , and is the Olympic bronze medalist with brakeman Phylicia George. With her victory in , she became the first female bobsledder to defend her Olympic title. Due to her repeat championship, she was named flagbearer for the closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games together with brakewoman Heather Moyse. Humphries is also the two-time defending overall World Cup champion. To date, she is the most successful Canadian bobsledder in history. In , she switched to representing the United States because of abuse and harassment that she claims she faced from the Canadian bobsled federation.

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Kaillie Humphries

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Representing Canada , Humphries is a two-time Olympic champion in the two-woman , , and is the Olympic bronze medalist with brakeman Phylicia George. With her victory in , she became the first female bobsledder to defend her Olympic title.

Due to her repeat championship, she was named flagbearer for the closing ceremonies at the Olympic Games together with brakewoman Heather Moyse. Humphries is also the two-time defending overall World Cup champion. To date, she is the most successful Canadian bobsledder in history.

In , she switched to representing the United States because of abuse and harassment that she claims she faced from the Canadian bobsled federation. Humphries received the Lou Marsh Award , given annually to Canada's top athlete. On January 9, , Humphries became the first woman to drive an all-female team against men in a four-person World Cup bobsled race; her teammates were Cynthia Appiah, Genevieve Thibault and Melissa Lotholz. Humphries did not start as a bobsledder but competed in alpine ski racing before the age of After breaking both legs in separate crashes, she retired from the sport.

In , Humphries was placed low on the Canadian depth chart and did not feature at the Winter Olympics. Opting to remain with the Canadian team, she gained a spot on the roster after signing up for a bobsleigh driving school. Following a seventh-place finish in Bobsleigh World Cup season series, Humphries ran well throughout the Bobsleigh World Cup season, finishing second overall with one win, two other podium finishes, and never less than a top-six finish in a field of 20 over the eight-race season.

Humphries —10 World Cup season prepared her for the first prominent achievement of her career—winning the gold medal in the Two-woman competition at the Winter Olympics , with her —10 brakeman Heather Moyse.

It marked the first time of the Olympics that Canadians had won two medals in one event. After the final run she said that "I don't think I can put it into words yet, we did our job, you know. The goal I set as a little kid, to have done it, is amazing. After the Olympic win, Humphries met with less success on the World Cup tour and in World Championship competition for nearly two seasons. She only finished on the podium once during the —11 World Cup season , though her consistent top finishes allowed her to finish in third place for the overall season.

Humphries slid to fifth place for the overall —12 World Cup season , though she did have four podium finishes, including three gold medals, by the end of the season. Humphries teamed up with brakeman Emily Baadsvik , then brakeman Jennifer Ciochetti , for the consecutive wins in the last two races of the —12 World Cup season.

This was also the first gold for any Canadian woman's sled team at the World Championships. When asked about what her result means on top of her Olympic gold she said that "It feels amazing. It is another goal accomplished. This means a lot to me. I feel like I'm still growing as a pilot and I try to learn from every experience. I have been working on my consistency and I'm glad it showed here.

Humphries' three gold medals to finish the winter of —12 was the start of a winning streak that would eventually break records for woman's bobsleigh competition. Humphries, with new brakeman Chelsea Valois , was the dominant pilot during the —13 Bobsleigh World Cup season.

The pair finished on the podium at all nine races that season, including a historic five straight wins from the start of the season.

Humphries' success in the winter of —13 included a repeat as World Champion, placing first while setting a track record at the FIBT World Championship race in St. Humphries would extend her podium streak to 15 consecutive, with a win in the first race of the —14 season and a silver in the second race — an unbroken medal-winning streak of 11 gold medals, 2 silver medals and 2 bronze medals from the end of —12 to the start of — Humphries ran well through the entire —14 World Cup series, trading podium positions with the American team of pilot Elana Meyers and brakeman Lauryn Williams throughout the season, with Humphries winning her second consecutive World Cup season title.

This close —14 contest between the Canadians and Americans carried into the Sochi Olympics competition.

Meyers and Williams led after Day 1 of competition having produced two runs built on track record push starts that uncharacteristically beat out the Canadian team at what was their strong suit.

Despite being beaten on the start times, Humphries made fewer driving errors and produced cleaner runs but was still just over two-tenths of a second back from the lead time. On the second day of competition, the Americans again won out on quick starting pushes but made several driving errors on the technical course. Humphries' clean piloting propelled the Canadians from second place into the gold medal position, allowing them to become the first female bobsleigh team to repeat as Olympic champions, the first female Canadian Olympians to repeat as champions since Catriona Le May Doan , and etching their names into Olympic history.

Humphries said of the record setting achievement: "How do you describe achieving a dream? This is a four-year goal of ours. This has been something that we've done together. Winning gold is amazing, but walking away satisfied is better. After the third run I knew that if we did the business we could be on top. On November 1, , Humphries piloted a mixed-gender team to the bronze medal in the Canadian four-man bobsleigh championships, allowing her team to join crews led by Justin Kripps and Chris Spring as official Canadian entries on the international circuit.

Humphries petitioned to be freed as it was a requirement from the IBSF, though she had no contractual obligations to BCS, in order to compete with the United States' bobsleigh team. Hays , Mr. Lebihan or Ms. The list consisted of five pages citing requests that would have cost tens of thousands of dollars to BCS' budget, including retroactive carding money that was pulled 2 months after she filed her initial harassment claim, an additional full time pilot coach, a part time push coach to become full time in an Olympic year , additional therapist, and a replacement high performance director through the Canadian Sport Institute Calgary to prevent further contact with Hays, Le Bihan and Storey.

BCS refused the conditions, after months of deliberation, although they were items that had previously been supported years before. Humphries is affiliated with three main causes, the "I've been Bullied" campaign; "Right to Play", a sports program for underprivileged children and youth; and with the Special Olympics. The "I've Been Bullied" campaign warns people of the long-term effects of bullying. She speaks about her personal experience as a victim of bullying, and she discusses the importance of avoiding bullying in any sports.

She is in this organization with the other Canadian Olympic gold medallist, gymnast Kyle Shewfelt. Humphries and Shewfelt brought equipment for sports and set up some sports programs for the underprivileged children and youth when Humphries and Shewfelt traveled to Liberia in April They want to give some of the children a chance to change their lives.

In the Special Olympics, Humphries speaks regularly at a few elementary schools at Calgary about the importance of physical activity, setting goals, and saying "no" to drugs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kaillie Humphries Kaillie Humphries in Vancouver Medal record. Moritz , 1st with Chelsea Valois — St. The New York Times. November 16, Retrieved November 20, The Wall Street Journal. Associated Press. January 9, Retrieved January 9, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Retrieved August 14, Retrieved February 15, CBC News. January 22, Retrieved January 22, CTV Olympics. Retrieved February 24, CBC Sports. February 18, The Vancouver Sun. February 15, December 14, Archived from the original on February 20, Global News. BBC Sport. September 25, November 3, November 15, Archived from the original on November 29, Retrieved November 29, Winnipeg Free Press.

December 11, Retrieved November 22, The Guardian. February 26, Parents rejoice! Canadian Living. February 20, Retrieved December 15, The Canadian Encyclopedia. October 16,

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Team Canada. In , she won 76kg bronze at the World Wrestling Championships. Among her notable victories were gold medals at the Commonwealth Games and World University Championships. It was the third straight year she had stood on the podium at the latter, improving on her silver in and bronze in

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By Claire Toureille For Mailonline. But Belinda, now 32, who is originally from New Zealand , has completely turned her life around - dropping an incredible 76kg 12st 2lbs and six dress sizes. And on her 10th wedding anniversary, the sales coordinator tried on her wedding dress again - and was elated to find it swamped her new 64kg 10st 10lbs , size 10 frame, even when she and her son Oliver stood in it together.

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Huggies Forum Forum Help. Welcome Active Popular Browse. How much did you weigh before getting pregnant, and what have you gained so far? I love reading the replies to these questions because they make me feel so normal! But, what did you all weigh when you conceived? I had terrible morning sickness, but didn't seem to lose hardly any weight, and I haven't been over eating.

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Women did not compete in boxing or most other sports in ancient times. In the modern era women boxers were often a novelty, competing in contests staged in London during the s. Not until the s did women begin to train seriously for the ring and to fight, although they had a difficult time getting matches and gaining acceptance by the boxing establishment. The fitness movement of the s, however, helped to make boxing more accessible to women. Lawsuits against such organizations as USA Boxing and the Golden Gloves Tournament, in which women sued to have the right to compete in amateur matches, opened doors of opportunity for women athletes, regardless of the outcome of the individual suits.

Apr 11, - Belinda Brodie, 32, from Perth, has lost 76kg in the past five years. Belinda said she put on weight after the birth of her son in The couple will renew their vows next year, and Belinda is excited at the prospect of new.

An engaged couple talks about their unusual relationship involving her weight gain as a consequence of her fiancee's fetish to feed her. During the interview Rosie reveals she had gained 76kg since meeting Jeff, her weight now standing on kg. I feel confident and beautiful and sexy as a woman. I had these interests before him.

Woman who dropped half her body weight could fit with her eight year old son in her wedding dress

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After meeting online on a specialist website, Jeff moved from his native Holland to be with Rosie in Australia after a year of chatting and video calling. Asked by Phillip what the appeal of a feeder relationship was, Jeff said: "She's quite a large lady, it's hard to put your finger on it, it's just a certain desire.

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