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Best meet the team

We pride ourselves in making an effort in designing each page with a purpose. Feel free to comment and enjoy! For each member of the team, there is a unique testimonial which you get by clicking on the Read Testimonial link — genius! The profile pictures taken by their photographer were a unique landscape shape which makes this one a little bit different. Brilliant work.

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Write Awesome ‘Meet the Team’ Pages with this Interview Template

Enable helps small businesses grow by helping them with marketing strategies and websites. Mostly because we were so focused on helping our clients, we kept de-prioritizing ourselves.

But you and your team are key to your brand. They engage with the awesome people who give the brands meaning, personality and life. If some of them are your Type-A types, who answer the questions in perfectly succinct phrases, you might have to follow up with extra questions.

See, some of us are great at communicating, others need a little nudge to start sharing. Business exists to solve a problem, and help people live better lives.

Instead of starting the discussion talking about yourself, have a shot at resonating with your reader. What do you interact with clients about? Perhaps your experience comes from an unlikely source? Sometimes, in-the-field experience can give you an edge over book learning. Do you have an unfair advantage, or another discipline, that you bring to your position?

Archetypes are psychological themes of human behavior. Usually, we have a primary archetype, and often secondary and third. Take the free quiz. Where did you grow up? Share little details; pick a detail about your neighborhood, the kinds of people who impacted you, your favorite food growing up. What we believe filters down and inspires who we are and what we do. Think about what you believe as it relates to your position, and the work you do in your industry.

List the podcasts and books that you enjoy as they relate to your niche. One of them can be for fun, or any other topic.

Having other interests is critical, whether getting out and exploring, learning a different topic, binge-researching, cooking, or catching up on Netflix marathons. Like me. Optional: Provide 3 photos, e. What do you do at [your company]? What do you like about working at [your company]? What are the values that drive you? What do you enjoy doing when you are not working? Do you have a favorite question that nails your interviews? Drop us a link below once you get your interviews published.

Jeremy is a small business connoisseur who helps the little guys conquer big. I actually really like the way your bio is written. Based on your suggestions, and on the template suggested by your bio, I proposed 5 questions to my team: 1. If you could write your own job title that best describes what you do here, what would it be? What do you enjoy about the work you do? What are your hobbies? What volunteering or passion projects do you do outside of work?

He enjoys helping participants find their way through challenging times. His hobbies include binge-watching murder mysteries, and making and playing tabletop games. Outside of work, he volunteers to offer community and hope for incarcerated men. Your email address will not be published. Call: Most people are awesome in person. We love to talk about ourselves, just ask us. TL:DR — give me the template. So take an hour, shoot this template around to your team, and get them to fill it in.

More often than not, you might be surprised about what you learn about people. I know I was. Your Meet the Team Page Template This template is set up to hit a few key notes: Ask questions that highlight a problem in your industry niche, and how your particular team member responds to it. Express themselves as real people, and not drones.

What does it allow you to do? Who does it allow you to become? So, how did these questions work for you? What do you think about them? Share it! Jeremy Minick. Gordon on July 31, at pm. Dominic de Souza on July 31, at pm. This is a particularly awesome comment.

Nicely done! Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow Follow Follow Follow. Get A Demo. Pin It on Pinterest.

Awesome meet the team pages that you absolutely need to see

Ramona Sukhraj. August 1st, min read. Your team page is where people go to get a peek behind the curtain; to see who is making the magic happen in your organization, what makes them qualified, and most importantly, what makes them different. Whether yours exists for recruiting new hires or simply introducing the world to your employees, your team page requires a strategy unlike any other on your website. What do the best team pages have in common?

Enable helps small businesses grow by helping them with marketing strategies and websites. Mostly because we were so focused on helping our clients, we kept de-prioritizing ourselves. But you and your team are key to your brand.

Marketing software to increase traffic and leads. Free and premium plans. Sales software for closing more deals, faster. Software for providing first-class customer service. Content management software to power websites.

Coburg Banks

This tab is a small place where we dedicate a recognition to the individuals who make it possible for our site or company to prosper, and although it does not seem so important, the truth is that it helps a lot to create a positive image of your work. But beyond presenting the faces of workers, this tab teaches us much more about the company itself. Whether we only put pictures of the faces, or a large panorama of the entire group, team pages are there to show the quality and commitment we have with others. Not only do these pages give our clients and visitors a way of knowing who is responsible for completing their orders or bringing them daily news, but it also allows those who work with us will feel flattered that their efforts are being recognized, which will motivate them to continue working, and may even attract new employees. If you do not have one of these pages, in this article created by our team at Amelia , we highly recommend you see the following examples of some fantastic pages. Being a design studio may have had a significant influence on the way Lateral organized their website. Whatever the cause, this is a style that undoubtedly gives importance to each worker, since everyone has a personal photo.

Top 19 Inspiring “Meet The Team Page” Examples by Digital Agencies

When it comes to bragging about your team, you want to make the best impression possible so that people feel comfortable doing business with you. Amazee Labs has a superb team page that truly highlights not only their team members but their design capabilities. For each individual, their image is over-laid by their name in white, and when you hover over their name, you will notice that their position in the company appears. The team page equally shows the hyperlinks that group various team members, ranging from floor members everyone to various levels of hierarchy in the company. On the top right of the page is an icon that looks like a menu button, which switches the home page to a summary page showing all the links to their services, descriptions, and even their contacts.

Cameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 6 years of experience. Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX.

Blog Web Design. Visitors usually look for this page to get an idea about your agency. We see a lot of portraits and names, but the catchy pages are the unique ones that introduce their team proudly. Since the digital age encourages transparency, it is better to give more information about your business.

How to Make the Perfect Meet the Team Page

We all work with a team. Whether your team is 2 or 2, your clients want to know who you are. In a world where the trend has long been towards isolation, outsourcing, and efficiency what clients really crave is a personal touch.

It is not the latest buzz but yes, many organizations have come forward to showcasing it as their creative catalogue on websites. While there could be generous reasons for putting up the whole team so creatively assembled, the very first reason seems to be to draw users to your website. But, the second is to hang them on for a good purpose, I suppose. There have been quite a few innovative ways through which digital agencies are presenting their team before the online audience. When you represent your team in a unique way, it helps keep users engaged and triggers their curiosity.

Meet the Team Pages: Examples and Trends

This post was getting a little bit old so I decided to update it. You can find the original list down below — I cannot vouch for them all working anymore! I know that Hitreach have merged with another company now and you can no longer nosey at what is on their desks! Kayak might not think that they need those links but why would you just leave em hanging? But it fits the kickstarter brand.

Dec 4, - TL;DR. Name: Company Role: Favorite quote: Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books? What is something [people in your.

We decided it was time to redo our website this week. So I spent the week coming up with some new ideas. Click To Tweet. Go onto the website and have a go! Hover over and click on the pictures.

Why a Meet the Team page is important to your business

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Privacy Overview

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21 Best “Meet The Team” Pages Examples

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Enhancing The Usability Of ‘Meet The Team’ Pages

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