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Dating traynor yba-1

Moderators: pompeiisneaks , Colossal. The Amp Garage A tube amp builder's community Skip to content. Quick links. General discussion area for tube amps. Well, the pots say '68 anyway.

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Traynor yba-1 dating?

Discussion in ' Ampage Area ' started by dinks , Sep 24, Log in or Sign up. Gretsch-Talk Forum. No speakers eh? Guess the best thing would be to get as close to the same brand as was original. Jensen, Celestion etc. You'd be surprised at how bad an amp can sound with a set of speakers that, although the impedance is correct, just were not intended to function well with that type of amp. Also Chris, what else is missing?

Good question. I haven't seen it yet. I might call you to come over to inspect! He said "it works and I have tubes. They work a bit but are going out. I just don't want to trade a working amp for a boat-anchor Also found this, if you are into identifying electronic parts. Left: The source-date code on a speaker. In this case, the speaker is made by Rola in the 9th week of The decade, though not directly shown by the source-date code, was easily determined because this particular amp was only made during the s.

Note the font style of the source-date code number always seems to be the same, for all speaker manufacturers. Right: Same thing here. Jensen speaker made in the 41st week of Fender Products. During the 's, Fender used mostly Stackpole pots. Then in roughly early , they changed to CTS pots. This supply lasted for over five years. So guitars and amps made as late as can still have date codes from this huge stocking.

Till about , Jensen was the only Fender speaker supplier. Then from and later you see Fender using speakers from all the above mentioned makers.

National, Valco, Supro Amplifier Products. Note the use of "" as a source code on these products. Actually, it's not a source code but is a manufacturers code for all National, Valco, Supro products. Found as second stamping on speakers as a date code XXX from through the 50's and 60's all the 's amps are generally field coil Rola spkrs.

Manufacturer Source Codes. Below are many manufacturer source codes which are the first 2,3, or 4 digits of the source-date code. Prior to the re-structuring of Jensen in ''72, Jensen quality had suffered terribly. When Rola started to make speaker for Jensen in , Rola initially used the Jensen manufacturer code, but by the end of changed to the Rola code.

The original speakers were likely Marsland, which aren't well liked. Last edited: Sep 24, Hammerhands , Sep 24, He just sent pictures. It's a YBA It has an odd "Eminence Inside" badge on the front that I haven't seen on anything else Looks like the head is in decent shape. I'm going to pick it up tonight to have drrohle give it the once-over for me. The cabinet is a 4x There's one speaker left in it, so I should be able to figure out what they were. Judging by reviews, I'll probably get something else.

Don't be afraid to crank it up. Age: 66 5, I have a new YBA-1 Mod1 that's just a killer. I'll bet our buddy Tony will be along shortly to give you the low down. He's the expert on these. I can tell you if you get this working properly you'll love it. What do you say Tony?? Robbie , Sep 24, I'm glad I asked! I'll let you know how it all progresses! Age: 63 12, Tony65x55 , Sep 24, I have the modern version.

YBA1 mod 1 paired up with a 2x12 cab with vintage 30's. It's considerably more amp than I need but I really like this amp. Definitely worth trying out and see if you like it. Tinman46 , Sep 24, Robbie , Sep 25, So he brought the head by last night, and Tony, it's not a combo, it's a head and a Traynor 4x10 cabinet.

The cab is empty except for one speaker. I haven't plugged in the head yet, but it looks like it's in pretty good shape. No significant damage to the outside at all. I'm really looking forward to testing it out and seeing how it sounds, but I'm going to have drrohle check it out for me Saturday so I don't blow myself up.

We should permanently archive Tony's post somewhere, so everyone can find it quickly There's more concise, practical, hands on info there than just about anywhere else on the interwebs. DaddyDog , Sep 25, Apart from changed tubes which seems reasonable, given the amp's age it's unmolested inside. It's built like a tank and sounds great. I agree with Hammerhands about the original Marsland speakers, although I'm sure some like them. Each speaker has its own character, but to my ears the amp sounds fine through any of them.

Dennison , Sep 25, So the speaker issue is something completely new to me. I've never modded my amps, as I've usually been happy with the sound when I bought them. However, I'm getting a 4x10 cabinet with this thing that has one speaker left.

Do you all have recommendations for what I should do? I honestly doubt I need 4 speakers, so is it possible to set it up with just 2? What kind of speakers should I be looking for? I'd be tempted to put a couple different speakers in there and wire it up so you could have options. Like brand A on one side and brand B on the other. Wire it up so you can mix and match, go stereo if you want. Or just sell off the cab and buy one of these..

Tinman46 , Sep 25, With this amp you'll need two of them, but as decent speakers go they are not expensive. You can wire two 16ohm speakers in parallel to give 8 ohms at the amp.

You'll get lots of other speaker recommendations -- you just need to listen and go with whatever you think is best for you. Like Dennison said, two Emi Legend 10s sound great. As well, the Emi Copperheads are terrific speakers at a great price and Celestion Greenbacks do very well too.

The Traynor accommodates speaker impedance from ohms with a yawn. Nominal impedance is 8 ohms. Of course, if you want to move away from 10" speakers, a Gretsch pumping through a Eminence 15" Legend is a choir from heaven. This is some unusual nomenclature that Traynor used to appear different from the pack. The Low Expander is a midrange control. The High Expander is a presence control.

how do you date traynor amps?

Discussion in ' Amps and Cabs ' started by hoyadoctor , Sep 13, Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Sep 13, 1.

Have fun. These amps have good transformers, but the rest of the components seem to be pretty basic. My bassMaster has the circuitry, and, except for a faint buzz, still works quite well.

What makes one vintage tube amplifier worth more than another? Is it purely tone, or have some amp makers been favored due to more successful marketing and famous artist associations? While the appeal of a classic Marshall or Fender is undeniable, guitarists and bass players seeking more affordable vintage tones have many other options to consider. One such brand is Traynor. The best known and largest Canadian producer of amplifiers since the mids, Traynor has never drawn the same interest as British imports among U.

Traynor Bassmaster Info

Telecaster Guitar Forum. Apr 18, 1. Posts: I have a I think yba and a 70's but would like to know what years exactly what they are. Just looking for more info on these amps. I love the amps and they are great sounding amps. Apr 18, 2.

Traynor YBA-1 ID

Traynor yba-1 dating? Apr 16, 1. Dec 11, Can't really find a serial number on the bad boy Yet again I haven't really tried.

From j-gkrog— at —arib-link.

Discussion in ' Ampage Area ' started by dinks , Sep 24, Log in or Sign up. Gretsch-Talk Forum. No speakers eh?

The Amp Garage

Traynor is a brand of bass amplifiers and guitar amplifiers , the first brand formed by Yorkville Sound. The Traynor brand, named for founder Peter Traynor , began in with the Dynabass bass amplifier, a rental product. Through experimentation and experience, Traynor developed a bass guitar amplifier that he called the Traynor Dynabass.

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Traynor Amplifiers

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Jan 28, - This is the Traynor Bass Mate YBA-2A http://i1 slatsmania. downright dinosaurian. Join date: Sep IQ. #1. Click to copy post link.

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