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Dont look for happiness in a man

When you realize that, there is a playful, joyous energy behind what you do. We have this strange need or conditioning to not take responsibility for our own happiness. We expect it to come from an outside source. Years ago my family and I took our dog to obedience school, and the trainer told us, if we have more than one dog, to never let them share a crate. Yes, they would become best friends, even inseparable. Then one of them would die and the other would be completely heartbroken.

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16 Behaviors That Are Hurting Your Relationships

In order to truly find happiness, not much is required. Happiness is found when you let go of expectations, desires, and negative thinking patterns.

Happiness is a choice, not an outcome of a situation. Your happiness relies solely on you and your decision in a moment and depends on your outlook on life. Happiness comes when you learn to stay in the now, rather than live in the future. Furthermore, happiness is simply a byproduct of accepting the present and allowing life to unfold as it should. Thus, it is not a destination, but a journey. Happy people know all of these things, but unhappy people constantly seek things outside themselves for fulfillment.

Thinking about traveling to a faraway place, seeing new lands, meeting the locals and learning about a new culture would excite anybody — but what happens when you get back? The problem with relying on a future trip for happiness is that eventually, the trip is over, and reality sets back in.

You have to get back to work, responsibilities, and daily grind. Of course, everyone should attempt to travel at some point in their lives, because traveling allows you to get outside your comfort zone and learn about new places and cultures. They find happiness in their everyday routines and love their lives in such a way that vacation is simply an added bonus to their already rewarding lives. Retail therapy is commonplace for unhappy people to look for happiness.

Our egos always want more, because they survive off of the acquisition of more stuff. However, the temporary high we get from attaining more material items quickly fades, and we are left with an empty feeling, needing more stuff to feel happy again.

This endless cycle keeps many people heading to shopping malls to fill a deeper void in their lives, rather than facing the problem head-on. Unhappy people cover up this void with the latest gadgets and clothes, thinking that happiness is found in material gain. However, happy people know that true gratification is found in lasting pursuits. Such pleasures might be following dreams, building relationships, and contributing to society in a valuable way.

Relationships can bring great happiness — you confide in your significant other and share a life with him or her, bond with your children over bedtime stories and heart-to-heart talks, and look to your friends for advice when you go through a rough patch in life. Relationships are essential to humanity, providing us with companionship, love, and joy.

However, depending on others to make you happy means that you place all your worth in how much attention others give you. Being truly happy means developing a healthy relationship with yourself first, and being able to share that happiness with others. All relationships in life are simply a reflection of your relationship with yourself.

Happy people practice self-love and have clear goals and dreams in life. Unhappy people look to others as a source of happiness, but when the person leaves, happiness does too. Find happiness within, and it will never leave. If it takes money to be happy, your search for happiness will never end.

The wealthiest people are usually some of the unhappiest people, so that proves that happiness does not increase with more income. More money usually means more to worry about, more taxes to pay, more bank accounts to monitor, more insurance to buy, and generally, more of everything.

Having more money usually creates less happiness, ironically. Happy people are thankful for what they have, and do not desire anything more. They understand that happiness comes from loving life as is rather than desiring more money.

Instead of placing value in having a large bank account, focus on having lots of memories and experiences, and take large doses of laughter each day. Money is fleeting, but memories last forever. The pursuit of perfection is never-ending, unless you choose to change your idea of flawlessness. If you always seek perfection in life and are never satisfied with how things are, how will you be satisfied with life in the future? What if life never seems perfect in your eyes? The truth is, the idea of perfection is relative.

Perfection exists if you wish it to, meaning that any situation can be perceived as perfect. But you can change your mind about them and find beauty in the imperfect. Unhappy people wait for perfection before they are happy.

However, happy people make the best of each situation, finding something positive in the darkest of places. They might be too busy, forget to reply to your text or email, or even refuse to recognize your accomplishments due to jealousy. Whatever the reason, looking outside yourself for approval often leads to unhappiness, because your ego needs others to validate your achievements constantly.

It is never satisfied and feeds on continual attention from others. Learning to pat yourself on the back without relying on others to fuel your confidence will teach you self-reliance, as well as show you that the most reliable source of praise comes from within. Unhappy people need others to give them recognition, whereas self-actualized, happy people give themselves validation and look at any compliments outside themselves as humbling reminders of what they already know.

Many people get motivated at the chance of getting famous; they think by gaining fame and attention, that their business will grow, they will be more liked, they will have more money, and life will be much more enjoyable. Celebrities glorify fame, making it seems glamorous and appealing for many reasons. People fight to take pictures with them, rush to stores to buy their latest products, and even want to be them.

What if fame never comes? You should learn to be happy with your friends and family you have now, who love and support you and want to see you happy. Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular today. For the family with children, a stay at home job means that yo One of the best ways to relieve stress is by taking a trip to the spa. Kindness is the way that everyone can change the world, without giving money or donating anything.

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How To Stop Looking For Happiness In Others

When you're in a relationship, it's totally normal and healthy for your partner to be a major source of joy and happiness in your life — but things cross the line into unhealthy territory if you depend on your partner for happiness. Your partner knows or senses this, too. Even if you consider yourself an independent person as an individual, that doesn't necessarily mean you're immune from exhibiting codependent behaviors within the context of a relationship. But if you want to build a healthy, stable relationship , it's so crucial to make sure that you and your partner both maintain some degree of independence — which includes having sources of happiness outside the relationship. If you're unaware of what codependent behavior looks like in a relationship, it can be tricky to recognize it, especially if you're the one who's guilty of it.

That being said what lies below is a collection of behaviors I need to stop doing immediately. So stop telling people what you think, and start asking others what they think.

Being in a loving relationship and finding that middle ground between completely depending on the other person and being entirely self-absorbed and absent can be the most difficult thing in your life. It's a balance to practice and acknowledge the areas that can either lead you into a trap of either hanging on to every little word people say or do in response to you, or becoming a cold robot that essentially has no feelings. Believe it or not, having the middle ground is achievable. Many people enter a relationship expecting it to make all of their woes go away and provide eternal fulfillment.

A Relationship Will Not Make You Happy (So Stop Looking For Happiness There)

Take a minute and step back from your man search. You have friends, family, co-workers and more. You have plenty of people to talk to, do things with, and be happy around. You can reach higher shelves, you can go out to dinner, you can support yourself. Hell, you can even please yourself. You can choose any career you want. Forget needing to date a rich guy to keep you up. You have the power to choose any career you want. You can have any job you want as long as you work for it.

Don’t look for happiness with a man

There is a substantial difference between dating a nice guy and a good man. And you always want to make sure that you fall in love with a good man. This is a message that goes out to every brokenhearted girl out there; and a woman who has had the unfortunate chance of being mistreated, abused, and manipulated by a man. This is an ode to you; the woman who has tried her hand at love and fell hard; without having anyone there to catch her. This is for you who have been bent and broken by the prospect of falling in love.

When I read or hear any variation of the above quotes, I cringe and die a little inside.

The search for a dream relationship where you find a soulmate who is exactly as you dreamed he would be and you think, act and want the same things may start out innocently, but depending on how attached you become to the search, can actually turn you commitment-phobic. What are you going to do when they have an off hour, day, week, month, several months or even a year? Cue constant validation, reassurance and emotional soothing. People that get happy within themselves connect with other likewise people who have happiness.

30 Things You Need To Let Go To Find Happiness

Happy people know that happiness is a choice. They know it is not a reaction to present circumstances. Instead, happiness is an available decision despite them. They have removed the thinking that waits for everything to be perfect before joy in life is experienced.

Relationships can be complex, messy, stressful, lonely, and hard work. They can also be fun, exploratory, engaging, loving, nurturing, and so on. We think that we want romance, so we must have to find a romantic person. We want happiness, so we have to find a funny person. We want sex, so we have to find a sexy person. The list goes on.

Don’t look for happiness in the same place where you lost it

If make a purchase through these links, we receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Please see our disclosure for more info. What do you need to be happy? All too often, we list the things we want: a bigger house, a cooler car, a trip around the world, money for retirement, a new friend or lover. Whether out of habit or because of peer pressure or family pressure, we often cling to poisonous thoughts, feelings, and individuals. Our unrealistic expectations set us up for failure, and our addiction to toxic people and activities brings us down. And once you let go of even just one toxic thing in your life, you will instantly get a boost toward greater happiness!

Happy people don't look for others to complete them, instead view their Unhappy people look to others as a source of happiness, but when the person leaves.

In order to truly find happiness, not much is required. Happiness is found when you let go of expectations, desires, and negative thinking patterns. Happiness is a choice, not an outcome of a situation. Your happiness relies solely on you and your decision in a moment and depends on your outlook on life. Happiness comes when you learn to stay in the now, rather than live in the future.

7 Places People Look for Happiness (That They Shouldn’t)

Some people came close to try to help her. Why are you looking for the needle in the street if you lost into the house? Often we act irrationally without realizing it, as the old woman of this story says. And continuing this way we end up in a blind alley where frustration awaits us.

Want Happiness? Science Says You Should Stop Looking for It

In a series of new studies led by the psychologist Iris Mauss, the more value people placed on happiness, the less happy they became. I saw it happen to Tom, a savant who speaks half a dozen languages, from Chinese to Welsh. In college, Tom declared a major in computer science, but found it dissatisfying.

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Your Partner Is Not Responsible For Your Happiness

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