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Glee fanfiction rachel and santana dating

The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract. All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever. Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot.

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The first few chapters are the one-shots that I have already written. I want to keep all of my one-shots together. Declarations of Love one-shots will be together in Declarations of Love. Opposites Attract one-shots will be together in Opposites Attract.

All other one-shots will be together in this new collection of one-shots Together Forever. Rachel Berry waited behind the school near the practically empty student parking lot. She had recieved a text from Santana Lopez to meet her there ten minutes ago, though she wasn't surprised that her secret girlfriend was late.

Cheerios practices tended to run long due to Sue Sylvester's craziness. Rachel had spent many hours listening to her girlfriend of one year complain about Sue Sylvester. Even when they hadn't been dating and had just been friends, Santana had complained about the woman, not that Rachel could blame her. She'd had her fair share of run ins with Sue and well As she waited for her favorite cheerleader to arrive, Rachel got lost in thought. Isn't it time you stopped calling me by my last name?

Santana nodded. I'll stop. Looking down, she smiled. Hello, Santana. How are you? Santana rolled her eyes playfully. Rachel stared at her hands. Rachel shrugged. I mean, we've been hanging out for six months and we've gotten really close, but I've never really thought about you in that way.

Rachel nodded. I understand. Let's just forget this ever happened. All of it. Santana shook her head. I wasn't finished. I've never thought about you in that way until now.

The thought of being able to kiss you whenever isn't so bad. Rachel finally looked up to meet her eyes. Rachel smiled. Rachel was shook out of her daydream by a hand covering her eyes, an arm snaking around her waist pulling her backwards and into another body, and a pair of lips on the back of her neck. Smiling, Rachel removed the hand on her eyes and turned around to see her Latina girlfriend. Rachel grinned and laid her forehead on Santana's shoulder. Rachel craned her head so that her cheek was resting on the familiar shoulder and kissed her girlfriend's neck.

Santana laughed softly. Santana tensed, knowing how Rachel felt about Sue Sylvester. Rachel frowned and pulled back slightly. How was practice? Santana closed her eyes and sighed. The Cheerios were completing yet another impossible routine when Sue blew her whistle. What is your deal? Sue Sylvester was the only teacher she was respectful to. Its probably because of your air bags! Santana looked down, mentally telling herself to stop the tears from coming.

Only Rachel knew that Santana regretted getting the surgery and was self-conscious about it. All of you. Practice is over now. Santana grabbed her bag and rushed out of the gym, eager to find Rachel and forget about it. I hate how she treats you. You don't deserve that. Santana kissed her. You aren't going to distract me this time.

Santana ignored her and continued kissing her, gently pushing her against the wall. Santana placed her left arm between Rachel and the brick wall and her free hand cupped the future Broadway star's cheek. Rachel's right hand gently rested on the Latina's cheek and her left arm found its way around the girl's waist as she gave into the kiss. Breaking apart, Santana rested her forehead on the diva's. We can stop for a cherry limeade on the way.

Rachel smiled and nodded. Santana kissed her cheek and led the way to her car, opening the door for Rachel before getting in herself. When they were at Rachel's house, they went straight to Rachel's room. Its for you and I want it to be perfect before I sing it.

It'd be amazing if we ended up choosing it for competition. Santana grinned up at her girlfriend. You always do. Rachel smiled softly and kissed her. Sighing, Santana looked around and grabbed Rachel's laptop. She had time to kill, so she decided to check Jacob Ben-Israel's blog. She checked it everyday to make sure he wasn't still stalking Rachel. Santana stared at the screen as Rachel walked back into the room.

Santana remained silent, but shook her head. Santana turned the laptop toward her girlfriend. All it does is make you angry and-" Rachel cut herself off as she looked at what Santana was looking at and felt her eyes widen.

How did this happen? Santana looked at her with questioning eyes. Santana nodded and clicked on the link her cursor was hovering over.

Second in command Cheerio Santana Lopez and Glee Club Capitain Rachel Berry were spotted kissing and sharing an intimate conversation behind the school and in front of the William McKinley High School student parking lot this afternoon, less than an hour ago.

Sources confirm that Lopez has been notably nicer to Berry, so it can be assumed that the two are in a romantic relationship with one another, though it is unknown for how long The article went on to describe what Jacob assumed the relationship was about and underneath the article were nine or ten pictures of the two girls when they were having their conversation less than an hour ago.

Jacob had made sure to zoom in on the kiss so you could clearly see their faces. Santana turned to Rachel, who was silent. Santana shrugged. I'll figure it out. Let's just The next day, Rachel was at her locker, trying to ignore all the looks she was getting. When she bent down to get a book out of her backpack, the door to her locker was slammed shut.

Gasping, she glanced up and saw Santana glaring down at Rachel. Shocked, Rachel fell from her squatting position. I don't know what your weird Hobbit obsession with me is, but starting a rumor that we kissed is just sick! I don't know how the hell you managed to photoshop that picture, but its creepy.

Just knock it off and leave me the hell alone! They had both agreed that they would keep their relationship a secret. They weren't ready to be out yet. They didn't want their bubble to bursted. When Santana arrived at her house, Rachel was waiting for her in her living room.

Now the rumor is that I'm a stalker who's obsessed with you. Before people were just looking at me strangely. Now they're laughing and making cruel jokes at my expense.

Santana shoved her books into her locker and turned glare at the meathead clunking down the corridor towards her, his wavy hair glistening with grease and a glint in his eye that she didn't like the look of. I mean, really? Seriously, are you high? What part of this conversation gave you any cause to believe that I would ever, ever go out with you? And please be specific because obviously my rebuttal skills need serious work.

Santana raised an eyebrow as she saw Rachel wearing her Britney Spears outift. I think we've gotten the formalities out of the way. Santana laughed.

Santana Lopez walked into Breadstix to see Rachel Berry sitting in a booth by herself. Looking around the restaurant, she saw that if she wanted to get seated anytime soon, she either had to sit with Rachel or at Finn, Quinn, Brittany and Artie's table. After standing at the table without acknowledgement, she cleared her throat. I'd rather eat with you. Santana shook her head.

It had been just over a month since Santana and Rachel had started dating and, so far, things were going really smoothly. To her credit, Santana had mostly stopped making fun of Rachel. It still happened once in a while, but the tone of the teasing had become much more playful and, to be honest, Rachel didn't really mind it. Rachel, for her part, was becoming much more confident in her ability to stand up to bullying. Granted, she hadn't been slushied since Santana had made it crystal clear to the entire McKinley population that it wasn't to happen ever again. But, if something happened behind Santana's back, Rachel was pretty sure she could handle it herself. Surprisingly, Santana hadn't wanted to hide their relationship. In fact, the day after they had made it official, Santana went up to Rachel in the cafeteria, kissed her soundly, and then walked to grab a tray with a smirk on her face. Rachel blushed and looked around the table at the rest of the Glee club, trying to gauge their reactions. After a moment of processing, Puck high fived Rachel and conversation picked up normally.

It was Sunday night and Rachel was on the phone with Santana. She was trying to find an outfit for tomorrow. Her phone was on the bed and Santana was on speaker, "San, should I go with purple argyle or my maroon knee length dress? Either way I'll be wearing my black small heeled shoes with me knee high socks. Rachel laughed, "Who would have thought that Santana Lopez would be telling me, Rachel Berry, to wear argyle?

Disclaimer: Not mine. Dating Rachel Berry isn't what Santana thought it would be.

Disclaimer: Not mine. In a slight daze, Santana stares after Rachel, or more specifically, her legs before it occurs to her that it wasn't really settled. Santana and Rachel have been secretly dating for almost six months. Santana is worried about her reputation and Rachel is surprisingly okay with the secrecy.

She had to get use to it but now she's happy that Brittany has somebody that she loves. Brittany and Quinn were in California Visiting Quinn's older sister who was getting married soon since it's summer. Finn is going to Stanford for football and writing, Kurt is older then Finn and he's almost done at Julliard in New York.

Rachel was at her locker getting out her books for class when something caught the corner of her eye. A few lockers down stood the Latina cheerleader, Santana Lopez, with her back up against the locker and some jock standing over her obviously flirting with her, and by the smile on her face, she wasn't exactly discouraging him. Rachel felt her blood boiling at the sight. She slams her locker shut and storms away. Rachel and Santana have been dating for about 2 years. It all started after Sectionals sophomore year.

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Jul 9, - "Rachel Berry?" "Santana, we've been dating for eleven months. I think we've gotten the formalities out of the way." Rachel said.

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