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Coronavirus lockdowns have radically changed the nature of missions overseas, but cut-off-from-home missionaries say they still have work to do. In the last decade this religious sect has expanded rapidly, and it now has about congregations in the United States. It has recently bought entire ghost towns in Connecticut and South Dakota. The Connecticut town will serve, among other things, as an educational center to train ministers. In New York City last fall, the Iglesia ni Cristo INC hosted oratorios at the famed Lincoln Center, and its members have banded together to do disaster recovery in the Philippines, to give to local food banks, and to break Guinness world records.

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Conflicts between Iglesia ni Cristo and Members Church of God International

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It was founded in by Felix Y. INC describes itself to be the one true church and the restoration of the original church founded by Jesus , and that all other Christian churches are apostate. Manalo—upheld by its members to be the last messenger of God —was an act of divine providence and the fulfillment of biblical prophecy concerning the re-establishment of the original church of Christ in the Far East [5] [6] concurrent with the coming of the seventh seal marking the end of days.

By the time of Manalo's death in , INC had become a nationwide church with 1, local chapels and 35 large concrete cathedrals. Manalo , became the next church leader and led a campaign to grow and internationalize the church until his death on August 31, , [10] whereupon his son, Eduardo V. Manalo , succeeded him as Executive Minister. During American colonial rule over the Philippines, there were a variety of rural anti-colonial movements, often with religious undertones, [13] and American Protestant missionaries introduced several alternatives to the Catholic Church , the established church during Spanish colonial period.

Felix Y. In his teenage years, Manalo became dissatisfied with Catholic theology. According to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines , the establishment of the Philippine Independent Church also called the Aglipayan Church was his major turning point, but Manalo remained uninterested since its doctrines were mainly Catholic.

In , he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church , [16] entered the Methodist seminary, and became a pastor for a while. Manalo left Adventistism in and associated himself with atheist , and agnostic peers.

On November , Manalo secluded himself with religious literature and unused notebooks in a friend's house in Pasay , instructing everyone in the house not to disturb him. He emerged from seclusion three days later with his new-found doctrines. He left the congregation in the care of his first ordained minister and returned to his native Taguig to evangelise; there, he was ridiculed and stoned at his meetings with locals.

He was later able to baptize a few converts, including some of his persecutors. He later registered his new-found religion as the Iglesia Ni Cristo English : Church of Christ ; Spanish : Iglesia de Cristo on July 27, , at the Bureau of Commerce as a corporation sole , with himself as the first executive minister.

By , INC had about 3, to 5, adherents in 43 or 45 congregations in Manila and six nearby provinces. This figure grew to , by The first mission to Mindanao was commissioned in Meanwhile, its first concrete chapel was built in Sampaloc , Manila, in Felix Manalo died on April 12, Manalo officiated the inaugural worship service of the church in Ewa Beach , Honolulu , Hawaii —the first mission of the church outside the Philippines. INC established its first congregation in South Africa in INC started operating a radio station in while its first television program aired in In , the 7,seat Central Temple was added in the complex.

The Tabernacle, a multipurpose tent-like building which can accommodate up to 4, people, was finished in Manalo died on August 31, Manalo , succeeded him as executive minister upon his death. Manalo led the inauguration of Ciudad de Victoria , [26] a hectare tourism zone in Bocaue and Santa Maria , Bulacan , where the Philippine Arena is also located. The Philippine Arena, a 55,seat multi-purpose structure owned by the INC, currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest mixed-used indoor theater.

On July 27, , INC celebrated its centennial anniversary at Ciudad de Victoria, with Philippine Arena as the main venue, and in about 1, worship buildings worldwide through live video feed.

The week-long celebration consisted of pyro-musical displays, worship service led by Manalo, oratorio, musical presentation, theatrical play, quiz show, and evangelical mission.

United States, and the Philippine Arena. According to the resolution passed by the Senate of the Philippines to commemorate INC's th anniversary, INC has already established more than 7, congregations in countries and territories throughout the world. Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that it is the true church established by Jesus Christ in the first century, and that its registration in the Philippines is the fulfillment of biblical prophecies that Christ's church would re-emerge in the Far East.

It is the sole basis of all their beliefs and practices. INC rejects the traditional Christian belief in the Trinity as heresy, [7] [19] adopting a version of unitarianism. They believe that this position is attested by Jesus Christ and the Apostles. Christ and the Apostles are united in teaching how many and who is the real God. The Apostles also did not teach that there is one God who has three personas who are also Gods.

It [Trinity] is not found in the Holy Scriptures or the Bible, and if [Catholic] priests ever use the Bible to prove this teaching of theirs, all are based only on suppositions and presumptions. The church believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God [36] and the mediator between God the Father and humanity, [19] and was created by God the Father.

God sanctified him to be without sin , and bestowed upon him the titles "Lord" and " Son of God ". The church sees Jesus as God's highest creation, believe that he is a Man and denies the deity of Jesus.

He is believed to have been "foreordained before the foundation of the world" and sent by God "to deal with sin". Members "are saved by Christ's blood " who died because of his "self-sacrificing love". The Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that it is the one true church founded by Jesus Christ [36] and was restored by Felix Manalo in the last days. They believe that the first century church apostasized in that century, [41] or in the 4th century due to false teachings.

Meanwhile, its reestablishment is seen as the signal for the end of days. They believe that the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the fulfillment of the Bible verse, Isaiah , where "east" refers to the Philippines where the Church of Christ would be founded.

The two passages often cited by INC to support this are Romans "Greet one another with a holy kiss. The churches of Christ greet you", [43] and the George Lamsa translation of Acts : "Take heed therefore Manalo is said to be the restorer of the church of Christ, and "God's last messenger" Sugo in Tagalog.

This is the start of the period according to INC being referred to in the Bible as the ends of the earth cf Is ; the time when the end of the world is near, even at the doors cf.

Manalo is also portrayed as the fulfillment of several passages in Isaiah and other books of the Bible. As the one who sent by God to restore INC, Manalo became the first executive minister and spiritual leader of the church. The church believes that baptism is done by immersion baptism or Believer's baptism by adults in water, and that it is necessary that people be baptised in the Iglesia Ni Cristo to become disciples of Jesus Christ.

Newborn children of members are instead dedicated to God through a congregational prayer, led by an ordained minister of the INC. People who wish to be baptized in the INC must first submit to a formal process taking at least six months. Once someone officially registers with their local congregation, the person is given the status of being a Bible student Tagalog: dinudoktrinahan and taught the lessons concerning fundamental teachings and its beginnings in the Philippines. This book is given to ministers, evangelical workers, and ministerial students of the INC.

Each lesson is usually thirty minutes to one hour in length. After hearing all the lessons, the students enters a probationary period Tagalog: sinusubok during which they are obliged to attend fifteen once-a-week group prayer meetings, where they are taught to pray and are guided in their adjustment to the INC lifestyle. When the sixth month comes, students who have been active in attending the twice-a-week worship services and whose lifestyles are in accordance with INC doctrines are screened before being baptized.

During the screening, they are asked questions about the teachings of the church. Members who are not living in accordance with the doctrines taught in the INC are admonished. Those who continue in violation of INC doctrines after being admonished are excommunicated or expelled from the INC and thus lose salvation , and therefore, the church does not believe in the perseverance of the saints. Certain violations, such as eating blood, [a] being absent from worship services too long without any solid reason, drinking alcohol , or marrying or having a romantic relationship with a non-member may result in mandatory excommunication.

INC believes that a person is composed of a body "vehicle" , soul "individual" and spirit "life" or fuel. Upon Christ's return, all dead servants of God, from the time of the patriarchs up to the last days, would be resurrected to join living faithful and loyal INC members. The church believes that God set a day where He will judge all people. They believe that this day is also the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. INC divides time into three eras: the era of the Patriarchs from creation to the birth of Moses , the era of the Prophets from the birth of Moses to the birth of Jesus , and the Christian era from the birth of Jesus to the Last Judgment.

The church conducts regular worship services, one during the week, and one during the weekend, conducted in the local languages providing sign language interpreters and translators in some congregations.

It consists of singing of hymns, prayers, studies of the bible, collection of voluntary offerings, and benediction. Deacons and Deaconesses guide worshipers to their seats and collect voluntary offerings.

They use similar lessons as the standard worship services taught using the Socratic method question and answer. The church encourages its members to make prayer a part of everyday life. Thus, prayer before various activities, such as taking meals and going to sleep, are commonly practiced.

Currently, about two - thirds of its pages are devoted to the English - speaking population. In , it had a monthly circulation of , copies. These programs are aired by about 60 other radio stations all over the Philippines i. These programs can also be seen in the Internet via the website www. INC holds religious gatherings called evangelical missions regularly which aim to attract more followers. On February 28, , INC held its largest Philippine-wide evangelical missions simultaneously on 19 sites across the country.

The program aims to provide relief goods, health care, and other services to the needy, especially those who are afflicted by calamities and disasters. It also provides seminars for disaster preparedness, first aid, and family planning. Other humanitarian activities such as blood donation and community clean up drives were also conducted in different parts of the world where the Iglesia Ni Cristo is established.

On July 7, , the INC Lingap sa Mamamayan was conducted in the slums of Parola in Tondo, Manila and was awarded three Guinness world records for breaking records in the most people involved in a dental health check, the most blood pressure readings taken in 8 hours and the most blood glucose level tests in 8 hours. On February 15, , INC bagged another two Guinness world records when they conducted a worldwide charity walk simultaneously on different sites scattered in 29 countries.

INC holds the records for the largest charity walk on a single venue when , members of the church finished the 1. The proceeds were used for the housing and livelihood projects of super Typhoon Haiyan survivors.

Coinciding with the barrio's 49th anniversary, INC bagged another world record after setting the record for the most number of hunger relief packs distributed within eight hours.

A total of , hunger relief packages were given. Langit, Alang-alang, Leyte. The project which costs more than one billion pesos includes at least housing units for the survivors of super typhoon Haiyan.

Garments and dried fish factories, and eco-farming project are also included to provide livelihood to the community. More than , hunger relief packages were also given which contains 3 kilos of rice, canned goods and instant noodles aside from the free medical and dental services conducted that day.

Iglesia ni Cristo

If you were a catholic, and fall in-love to an Iglesia ni Cristo member, and planning to court her?? Before doing that, things to know before engaging that serious decision. One should convert to Islam to settle the marriage and be together. By combining these 2 points above, we will see that it is just a tactic of their church administration to gain more members in, or to increase their membership, and to gain more money from their tithes. To cover their real motive of gaining more members, they insisted that this practice is biblical, they use some biblical verses that seemingly believable and somewhat correct for ignorant.

Whereas non-members of Iglesia ni Cristo are intrigued by the church's practices, believers say they are not as secretive as people perceive them to be. Just a quick search on one of their websites, Kabayan Ko Kapatid Ko My Countrymen My Brethren , and one can find answers to frequently asked questions:.

After years on the market, the abandoned 19th century Connecticut village called Johnsonville was purchased last week. According to the Iglesia Ni Cristo website, the group has churches in countries, including the U. The group has three churches in Connecticut: Bristol, Windham, and Stamford. Many of its teachings are considered outside of mainstream Christianity.

Witnessing in place

Thank you for the information. Let me add something. The rest of the countries not belonging to the Middle East have foreigners involved. If a brother has fallen in love with a brother, the brother should inform his Household leader for prayer of discernment and, so is the same with the sister. When the two decided to be formally in relationship, they should inform their respective household leaders and for the community to know. Since the CFC community is a Catholic group, Catholics are most welcome but we accept non-Catholics who wanted to know more about the Catholic Church and our community. The Catholic Church forbids "flirting" but they are allowed to exchange emails and numbers maintaining that holy desire to be chaste partners until marriage. Thanks for this post and may God bless you.

17 Things You Need To Know About The Beliefs And Practices Of Iglesia Ni Cristo Members

The signs may hence brought the travellers a curious thought on what is all about that and what do members do? Note that I am not a member of the church. I based all these things from research and from asking friends who are INCs. This is an independent Christian denomination founded by Felix Manalo, a Filipino who from his history said that he joined many different denominations in search for the truth about God and salvation.

It was founded in by Felix Y.

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Faith in action: The practices of Iglesia ni Cristo

Cult is kind of a perjorative term. It implies that the leaders of the group have some kind of mind or social control over the members. They seem to exist anywhere there are sizable numbers of ex-patriate Filipinos. They like to brag "If we build a beautiful church, the people will come.


But my parents are against to us, and I do really know that my parents won't allow me to convert in INC. And because I am Still in the hands of my parents, I must obey them. I wanted to fight for our relationship and I wanted us to suffer a little bit more until the time comes that I can convert in INC. But he is so tired and He don't want to hide anymore. Now, He wanted us to break-up even though we don't want but we need to do.

Account Options Sign in. Conseguir libro impreso. Anne C. The answers to these and other questions may surprise you. In this groundbreaking and meticulously researched new book, evangelical scholar Dr. Unlike other evangelical publications, Dr. Harper treats the Iglesia ni Cristo with respect and kindness, while being careful not to agree with or endorse their teachings. Thoroughly documented, yet highly readable, this book will go a long way to removing the false stereotypes that many born again Christians have of this group and challenges to rethink our attitudes towards them and respond in a biblical manner.

Iglesia ni Cristo is an independent nontrinitarian Christian sect that originated in the Philippines Members "are saved by Christ's blood" who died because of his relationship with a non-member may result in mandatory excommunication.

Through his program, he discussed biblical issues and "exposed" what he believes to be wrong doctrines of other religious groups, including those of INC. In , after 20 years of reticence, the INC launched its own program, Ang Tamang Daan , as a direct response for the first time to Ang Dating Daan , featuring video footages and recordings of ADD hosts as issues were tackled. Over time, the animosity between the two groups has intensified and the relationship has been severely strained. Their television programs contributed largely to the aggravation of their relations.

Members and Nonmembers are welcome to post comments. Only questions, opinions, and suggestions are allowed. Let us respect each others beliefs whatever it is. Let us all be nice in the best we can.

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